On ruling and the ever changing forest
Chasing the Sunset
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Ivellios says:

i dont like that last sentance also ooh first comment

Sesshi says:

Yay, first comment!

Sesshi says:

Erm, anyway, awesome episode. Ayne WOULD make a good queen! Hooray! *holds up Ayne For Queen petition signs*

Ivellios says:

i always find it annoying how some people just type first comment and dont actualy read the commic first

Sesshi says:

How do you know I didn't read the comic..? Whent he new comic came up, it was showing the new comic and the old comments, so I read it first then refreshed >.>

Mimir says:


Oh god... that's so funny! Gahhhaaaa!


JonMW says:

You know, the punchline seems a little... iffy.

Mithandir says:

Not meant to be effy. Merely a nod to discworld (and in some extend to the opinions of Reinder who draws Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, but those in itself are again partly due to discworld, I think) where messing with reality, unreality, causality and pretty much everything else tends to end up with a lot of tentacles escaping from the dungeon dimensions (one presumes the tentacles are attached to something, but all most people notice is the tentacles).

Killer Wombat says:

I totally understood the Tentacles line, being a fan of Terry Pratchett discworld ^_^

Ezekel says:

i like that how Ayne just goes "yes?" like that ^_^

Moonclaw says:

Good strip as always!^_^ I'm not sure if Ayne would make a better leader or not with her temper...

Pulsy says:

Tentacles eh? My first thought was: "Someone's been watching too many japanese cartoons". Good thing you explained it came from discworld. :)

Grog says:

Everyone loves tentacles!

Faticia says:

Yeah, I'm glad you explained the tentacles since I was thinking the same thing as Pulsy. anyway, great comic! Ayne's "yes" had me cracking up. ^_^

Ivellios says:

the main reason i didnt realise it was discworld is because the last one i think that had anything to do with the dungeon dimentions was either eric or equal rites though is still like the monster that kills its victims by showing it the pictures of its 1000 children wich was a play off shub-niggurath and Bel-Shamharoth who is probably the one wich the tenticles come from who is a parady of Cthulhu look Cthulhu up in wikipedia and you will see why if i worshiped any god it would be him aah to heck with it all hail Cthulhu who shall destroy you all

Lae says:

YAY! Discworld!
YAY! New Comic!

modus666 says:

"Didnt I see you at a party with Yog-Soggoth?"

patchwork zombie says:

she would make a fantastic queen not so good for social stability but a fantastic queen

Blik says:

Well, I guess I need to ascertain what in tarnation is Discworld so I can re-enter the Loop. Not that the joke isn't funny without background knowledge, but that makes it so much better.
Also, I like the King's point. You can prepare for the future in the present, but you can't always prepare for the present if'n you change the past.

Elemnar says:

I wondered if the tentacles came from Discworld :)
Great comic as always :)

Reinder says:

Ivellios: Tentacles get mentioned a few times in later sequences featuring the Unseen University Faculties. Ridcully often warns the others that the stuff they are doing will lead to tentacles all over the place...

Xander says:

Discworld is a series of novels written by Terry Pratchett. A great series, and one that usually doesn't take itself to seriously. Well, its more a collection of short series about the same world, in about the same time period. Some charachters show up in more than one book.

Actually, if Discworld were ever mad into a comic, it'd probably end up somewhere along these lines. Feiht, in particular, would fit right in.

Kumiho says:

::chuckles:: Tentacles huh? You'd think more people would have a taste for calimari in the comic then.

Ninja Girl says:

Tentacles...*giggles*. That's just funny all by itself, the connection to Terry Pratchett just makes it funnier 'cause then I think about diskworld itself. Which is halarious. Though I must admit that my first thoughts had nothing to do with Japanese cartoons... especially not that kind. Also I fully support Ayne for Queen. *joins Sesshi in Ayne for Queen petition*

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

I think Ayne isn't diplomatic enough. If she were queen, there would be wars. Mind you, she'll fit right in as an Amazon.

Ivellios says:

um 2 of the disc word novels were made in to cartoons about 8 years back they were soul music and one of the granny weather wax ones cant remember wish one though so does that count as a comic?

Chrinos says:

Wyrd Sisters was the other show. Also, Eric was made into a comic, although I don't think it is available in America.
I also wanted to throw in that only one of you seems to have recoginized that the whole tentacle thing came from H.P. Lovecraft, the father of modern horror, who realized that what you don't know can be so much scarier than what you do. Cthulhu ftaga.

Chrinos says:

Pratchett uses the tentacles a lot, but he took it from Lovecraft.

MB says:

Heh ... I notice no one's drawn a parallel yet between Morgane's apparently short attention span and another Fey's. That's right; she shares a trait with FEIHT. ^^

Pixie Slayer says:

I wonder if she does magic and if she does, does it fade with her attention span like Feiht's does?

Hey, is there any chance we'll meet the fey that done the Amazons blue?

Lady Issy says:

Mithy! I love the punchline. Zing!

toonsinator says:

Tentacles ... hehehe!
I loved the punchline before I realised where the reference came from 8)
And yes, life would definitely be interesting with Ayne as queen...

Queenie J says:

Haha! Tentacles! I understand an inside joke in a fantasy comic about a separate fantasy book! Wow, am I L33T...

Tallguy says:

Sure everybody loves tentacles... Except if your a adlescent schoolgirl in her school uniform then, it's a whole nothere story. Fortuneatly for Anye and co. short scirts are uncommon in this world

Silverwolf says:

Ia Ia, Falling Leaf Fthagn...

Bubbles says:

Wha? Why is the last comment saying first comment? And does that mean that this comment will be moved to the top?! Yay, first comment!
I like Ayne's face in panel 2.

Bubbles says:

Pulsy: Hey what's wrong with japanese cartoons? Hayao Miyizaki, Hiroyuki Takei (Mangas, not show), Masashi Kishimoto, and Osamu Tezuka are all L33T!

Bubbles says:

Not that anyone would know who those artists are...

Lone Star says:

What the **** is discworld?

Lone Star says:


Bubbles says:

Yes! Miyizaki is amazing! More Miyizaki!

tezmara says:

The look that Ayne gives the king in Panel Two is hilarious!!

JuneBug says:

lol XP

TheNextTaggerung says:

oh dear. tentacles *visceral shudder at the idea of tentacles*
I've only read The Color of Magic but me likee discworld.

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