Arrogance in the eye of the beholder
Chasing the Sunset
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Qzole says:

Can't see the comic, nor the comments aahhh :'(

Qzole says:

K, then can't see only the comic...

Qzole says:

hmmm... Mine is the first two comments... and what stupid comments.
Well, there aren't many ppl, but the the Lady is here :)

Ivellios says:

no one in the actual commic have noticed her i wonder what their reactions will be when they see her

Lena says:

All my Fantasy Novel and Comic senses are tingling, telling me that whatever Dersil's up to, it might be really bad for Leaf and Ayne. T.T where's Myhrad when you need him?

Trelweny says:

Oh, it won't be bad. The Lady is there afterall. I suspect it will be truly beautiful. In a most natural way.

Celurean Lion says:

I like Dersil's comment in the last panel.:)
Where's Feiht got off to?

Cerulean Lion says:

..arg. C-e-r-u-l-e-a-n,

Moonclaw says:

??? But if they raise the pot up to the top of the pillars how will they see the flower? Hee looks like Ayne is going to just watch. Great strip

Moonclaw says:

or is that the lady?

PAN says:

I’m one of those who came here via the S*P ad. Even if I don’t consider myself as one of the “target reader” (if such a thing exists) of this comic, I must admit that I like it. There may be a little too much shiny/pixie jokes for me and I may not appreciate the “cuteness factor” of some pictures as others seems to do, I still have read the whole archive and had fun doing so. Good job everybody.

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

Am I on the only one here who's wondering what will happen when Feiht sees a beautiful, shining flower of great rarity glowing against the evening sky...

Pumpkin says:

Not any more your highness. ^^
...wait, should it be your majesty? How do you address an Empress? >.>

Pumpkin says:

Not any more your highness. ^^
...wait, should it be your majesty? How do you address an Empress? >.>

Pumpkin says:

o.o gah! sorry for the double (now triple) post...

USGP says:

I'm a new reader also. Came from the S*P website and have read all the comics up to this point. Great stuff.

Ninja Girl says:

There is nothing like watching a flower open to make you appreciate nature. It's up there with luner eclipeses and sunrises.

dragonqueencr says:

I wonder what the flower will look like. Can you guys make it into a backround picture or a filler sketch please?

creepy blondie chick says:

this is sooo weird...... but so am i... who cares?

patchwork zombie says:

I love the light effects on the rock

dragyn says:

Heh...Since you asked, Mith:
The link to the Forums no longer seem to work. I figured I'm the only one who goes there, so I'm telling you.

GI Jane says:

I found this link on the S*P site as well, and am very impressed. I'm enjoying it very much, the artwork and story-line are both supurb!

Pixie Slayer says:

The Lady would definitely be there to see the flower open. To be honest, I couldn't picture her as the partying type. But I'm still wondering why she said she was there "for the same reason as everyone else." After all, she can't possibly not have realized, as Dersil did, that most of the party goers would ignore the flower.

blarg27e says:

blarg27e says:

Sorry for the blank comment.
Good strip, leaf looks really short in panel one, almost humorestly.

smitty says:

I don't think that's Ayne sitting and watching. That looks like the Lady's leaf-garments, thought it's hard to tell from the distance; at that angle, Ayne could simply be hidden behind her respective pillar

Tallguy says:

I read S*P myself, but got this link off keen spot.

Ivellios says:

its the lady i checked the previos comic and you can see her in panel 4 walking towards were she is sitting in panal 6 of this comic

Elzooi says:

Wow I finnaly got here. I also got here through the S*P link and just finnished the archives. Eventhough parts of this comic are not realy my taste I still like it and will continue reading. So just wanted to say great work.

Auryn says:

It's the hair color that makes me think it's not Ayne.

Pixie Slayer says:

Well, if you want more reason to prove it's not Ayne, the woman's garments are too light a green and not really full enough. Besides, her arms are bare.

contumacious says:

Even the best of the human's in this comic appears to have some major faults that he blames on being human. I like him anyway.

Random Guy says:

But where's Ayne? If she where behind her pillar we would be able to see her elbows and some of her dress.

Newbie says:

Hard to Lady Morgana propping her chin on her hands, or has she covered her face with them? Crying, maybe? Ominous, if so...

Supercat says:

OOH!!! i'm a newbie, and i must say, this strip is awesome. ^.^Maybe Ayne is behind the wall.

Kaiou says:

I don't think she is Crying it looks more like she is watching intently.

Somebody who is in disguise as someone else but really is Bubbles says:

I just got back from my week long vacation! Didjah miss me?
Awesome comic!
I agree with Kaiou.

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