The Gamun Fantasy
Chasing the Sunset
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Kaiou says:

Very Pretty Strip. The overhead shot is very well done as well as the kings hand stirring it. Also I like the philosphy of this strip.

blarg27e says:

Love the strip great meaning and thought in it.

Odo says:

Nice touch in the last panel. The color pattern is the same as that in the second to last panel, just viewed from the side and cut off by the edge of the well. OK, I think I can visualize how you did it, but still well done. The depth of the narrative continues to be excellent.

Old one says:

This is kind of deep.... I like it very much. And the shading you guys've been doing for the past couple of weeks, it is amazing!
Thanks for writing this comic

Prestedigitonium says:

That is SO much better than the who cliche of "There is no such thing as good or evil. There is only power, blah blah blah." It comes up a lot. Thank' your trying something new for a change. Woot!

sjon says:

So we have here a bunch of beautifull swirling colours ... and Feight is still on the loose. I fear for the king. His lesson in Gamun phylosophy risks being cut short.

Moonclaw says:

Ooo, good philosophy.Great strip, I really like it

the watcher says:

Feiht's just a very bright squiggly color line that jumps from one color to the other, making the other lights brighter since they get lighter :P

nick012000 says:

So, he's basically a postmodernist.

At least he hasn't started rabbiting on about how not only is there no evil, there's not objective truth, just the constructions people create. *rolls eyes*

GI Jane says:

Very good strip, and an interesting perspective. I like it

Pumpkin says:

WOW! Such a thoughtful strip. The artwork and shading are wonderful too, you two are doing such a wonderful job! ^^

Chrinos says:

Very original way of explaining the concept of opposing views without being trite. This explains why his style of rule works so well.

True-Chaos says:

Nice Mith

I remeber you tell me about this strip... I think it must be close to a year ago now :)

Mithandir says:

True-chaos: Quite possible. This strip has been planned for over two years now, just waiting for the story to catch up with my thoughts :) Mind you, right now my thoughts have already strayed past the ending of CtS, and that\'s still a loooong way of.

patchwork Zombie says:

yep I wonder what the paint has to do with the flour

Laucian says:

Hmm...that's incredibly interesting. It strikes me as very Hobbes-ish.

Adae says:

OoooH I love that idea! I have always believed that noone is truly evil! That is an awesome idea!

Kariko says:

Eh? Why is Lady Morgane sitting nearby?

Feldar says:

When someone tells me that there is no truth, I like to ask "Really? Is that true?" I have similar responses for "Everything is relative," and "no question only has one answer."

Pixie Slayer says:

I wonder what Everything is relative to. Wouldn't that make for an interesting family tree?!

btw, how 'bout the old "it's wrong to impose your ideas on others!" one?

Sometimes, one just has to wonder if people are intentionally self-contradictory.

lilbakht says:

*Nicely* done! Excellent visualization and well executed.

And, hey, nice to know you've got that much of a plan going! I mean, the journey is the fun bit and all, but it's cool that it's actually going somewhere.

SuperCat says:

i am impressed. this is a really cool philosophy!

Queenie J says:

It is a Gamun fantasy. Nice idea, though. And nice shots in this strip. Someone should make a CtS movie.

Michelle says:

Oooh, very nice strip. *thumbs up*

dmfox says:

Nice philosophy

Emily says:

But if someone's goal is pure power, without thought for others, could that not be regarded as evil? To say there is no evil means there is no natural law, or absolute morality.

Ninja Girl says:


Pixie Slayer says:

That is correct, Emily. And there is no natural law or absolute morality unless there is someone or something that could put it there on the basis of something that isn't just power.

But I'll agree in one thing: nobody really wants to be evil. I don't think Hilter woke up one morning and decided, "Hey, why don't I become a byword for evil today?" At the same time, I still call him *very* evil, because whatever he wanted, he was still wrong. Killing people or "running over beggars" (as this strip once mentioned) is not acceptable.

xKiv says:

Pixie Slayer: careful, mind Godwin.

Also, Everything is related to Eerie Thing.

And as far as good end evil go ... well, even with the Gamun philosophy, say, red is blue's evil and blue is red's evil and ... umm ... were Imperialists blue?

Chrinos says:

They would probably consider Hitler and other examples we hold up as evil as being corrupt or insane. Evil cannot exist without an absolute morality, in which they do not believe. Hitler honestly believed bhe was right and that his actions, however deplorable, were necessary. He was @#$%#$@!@#^ nuts, but he thought he was doing good. Remembering tha all perspectives have validity makes dealing with them easier, and less likely to involve lots of death. War only comes when one or both sides is unwilling to see the point of view of the other.

Pixie Slayer says:

Godwin? Eerie thing? I think you're making up names to confuse me.

Ladyfox says:

No Pixie Slayer, the reference to Godwin is- in a very oversimplified-and I'm not sure if I understand it completely myself sort of way- called "Godwin's Law", says that whoever uses Hitler as a comparison or in a conversation automatically loses. You can find MUCH more coherent explanations online if you google it...

Ladyfox says:

Uses Hitler FIRST... I think is also one of the requirement for invoking that law...

Ladyfox says:

I don't get the "Eerie Thing" comment either.

Pixie Slayer says:

That's a ridiculous law! Hitler works only because he's recent and well-known, but he's nothing exceptional. If you really want, I could just say, "Antiochus Epiphanes didn't wake up one morning ect." It would have the exact same meaning, but is there anyone here who would have a clue what I was talking about? (Unless, of course, you happen to be Jewish or just very curious about the holiday Hanukkah.) Or we could run down a whole list of nasty mean old tyrants with genocide on the brain. Hitler's not an oddity, he's a representative!

Queenie J says:

It is not a ridiculous law. It makes perfectly coherent sense. Godwin's Law is a piece of Internet culture originated in Usenet in 1990 by Mike Godwin. Look it up on Google. The law is just a memetics study, and a tradition in many groups that once Hitler comes up, the discussion is over and the person who brought Hitler up has lost. Q.E.D. This also handily disproves those skeptics who say the youth culture does nothing constructive on the Internet.

patchwork zombie says:


Trelweny says:

Was it Einstein that said "there is no evil; evil is just the absense of good."? (not direct quote, more of a paraphrase)
I remember I once played in a evil villains RPG campaign. We thought we hd all mde true 'evil' characters. But as play progressed the GM discovered tiny 'flaws' in their evilness & used these flaws to manage to turn all our characters 'good' in the end. That boggled the mind.

As usual, wonderful comic. The more I learn of this bard-king, the more I like him.

Remo says:

I find that most of the (non mathamaticians) that use QED find that it is neither easy nor done. If the mention of Hitler loses the discussion, many Historians need to find new jobs.

Kaya says:

Ha. Einstein may have had a line about evil being the lack of good, but Augustine of Hippo definitely said it *before* him:

"Evil has no positive nature; but the loss of good has received the name 'evil.'"
-The City of God, XI, 9.

Silverwolf says:

The philosophy is sound, where evil is relative. But what if the idea involves malicious intent and a desire to do harm?

I think I could use the words of one Largo when I say p|-|33r t3h 3\/|1, t|-|3|\| 0\/\/|\|z0r |t.

Silverwolf says:

Crud, the tagboard ate my 133t...

gelalshawr says:

That's a good thing. All leetspeak should be eradicated

Queenie J says:

Leet can be useful. Codes can be fun. We don't want everyone to understand everything all the time. That would be just sad. No point in life, the Internet, secret messages? Ugh. The idea would probably cause a rebellion through the Internet.

... says:

Just a question, what does QED mean to you? The traditional meaning is "quod erat demonstrandum" which is Latin for "which was to be demonstrated" or something like that. It's got nothing in particular to do with things being Easy or Done, or mathematics.

Bubbles says:

it means Questionable Entomological Discoveries.
Evil is a curroption of the mind that occurs when you try to enforce your opinion and your mind becomes blurred of all thoughts (like ethics) until you are thinking only inside your box/ the box. It can result in suicide and is pretty much a form of insanity.
Great comic. How did u do the little blurry thing? Looks Cool.

tezmara says:

I love the comic above. It is very beautiful. I like the 5th Panel. and this doesn't have to do with this comic but Ayne is a good amazon.

JuneBug says:


Leinad says:

Brilliant comic. Awesome plot. Awesome art. Awesome characters. (Feith is still annoying)

Dungeon&Dragons NERD says:

I love the way he describes the philosophy, it really puts the problems of our world in perspective in a neutral way that indicates anyone could be right or wrong.

TheNextTaggerung says:

I know who Antiochus Epiphanes was! Yay me!
*does the I-Know-Things dance*
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