Chasing the Sunset
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Asanthai says:

woot... got to the page with only six seconds remaining
Oooooh, Shiny!

Ninja Girl says:

Spying on Leaf isn't nice. I say Feiht has a good grasp on moral implications. Though what I want to know is why isn't Feiht distracted by the Witches belt, cause I am.

Reinder says:

Are Feiht's antennae getting longer?

Odo says:

That's OK, I suspect that she's going to be distracted by the pile of gold that she had already piled up... :)
And now I'm going to have to wait for a whole week because I'm going to be away on vacation for that long. *cries crocodile tears*

Moonclaw says:

She really has a one tracked mind...She's changed alot...what happens when a pixie changes like that? Great strip.

DragonRyder says:

who here wants to strangle Feight?


SuperCat says:

lol I hope the witch lady doesn't walk too fast... I bet she arrives right as leaf gets angry and flames something, and feiht (having been distracted) is behind her. I wonder what is shiny?

Pulsy says:

Gotta love a pixies attention span ^^

Pumpkin says:

LOL! Feight's heart was in the right place for... what, 3 seconds? That's got to be a record :P
(Dragonryder, why would you want to strangle feight? She's just being who she is! ^^)

Jolly says:

Did you notice?
Feihts wings look like a blue frog with red eyes in the last Panel, was that intentional?

Queenie J says:

You're right-they DO look like a blue frog with red eyes. Toad cool...

Feiht is really destructive for someone with an attention span like that. I mean, come on. I quiver to think at what would happen if you released her in a middle school. *shudder* *quiver*

patchwork zombie says:

I think she cast an enchantment on that belt that makes it invisible to pixies

MB says:

I think Feiht might still finger the Witch to her traveling companions ... When something really important is happening, she CAN overcome her pixie instincts; like when the Furies first infested Leaf.
The witch woman's a bit nasty, using general pixie rhetoric against Feiht, isn't she? I doubt she used an argument that would appeal to a pixie by accident. Imagine, manipulating a creature inherently incapable of malice. (C'mon, what Feiht does, she doesn't do out of malice. She may tease and filch, but she never really harms or terrorizes.)

Trelweny says:

The thing tht hs me wondering is... why hsn't Feiht been totlly distracted by the witch's uber-shiny belt? O_o It nearly distrcts ME when I see it! & I'm not THERE!

Nebra Reppalk says:

That belt must be enchanted or something. Normal gold doesn't glow like that. Always trust dwarf instinct

Master_click says:

I found out something so awesome today, it turns out that the ancient Egyptians are like fairys, they like shiny colors.

CryptoGirl says:

ya, why hasn't feiht stolen that belt? it can't be respect for witch lady, can it? i mean, respect is practically a swear word for pixies. it's the dreaded "R" word. lol

SuperCat says:

I don't know, cryptogirl... respect isn't really relevent to pixies. Maybe she is oblivious to that particular shinee like most people are oblivious to her.

Osk says:

or maybe she doesnt like to steal from someone who can see her? There are much easier and funnier and less dangerous things to do

Flaming Mono says:

She steals from Leaf and Ayne all the time, and they can see her.

Chrinos says:

But never while they're looking. Maybe she doesn't steal from someone who is talking to her because attention is another form of shiny. At least, until they get boring.

merlinangel says:

i was reading the old blogs (nothing better to do) and I just wanted to mention to Mithandir in reference to the Misc. category: you just have to finish stuff. Even if it's crap, as long as it's finished you can fix it once you have something to work off of.
I know that this is really out of date... but I just thought I'd mention it.


PS: heh heh heh... shiny!

Bob says:

Fyi, in comic #270 panel 6 feiht is spelled incorrectly.

Faticia says:

Why doesn't Feiht notice the witch's necklace (and yes, the belt as well) is what I'm wondering. I'm impressed with Feiht, she tried to do the right thing- until she was distracted. How much do you wanna bet that the shiny is her pile of shinies.

Wildy says:

I'm new... Does anyone else think the king is a little like the king in Shrek2? I really like the glowingfrom the lights.

Bubbles says:

Gaah, shinies! The corruption of all pixiekind! For thousands of years they have distracted pixies from the moral...ooh, shinie!

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