Chasing the Sunset
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Mithandir says:

My apologies for the crappiness of the clock look. Illustrator wasn\'t cooperating

Nemesis says:

There are things in the world that are far worse looking than the clock.
I mean really.
Youre Pictures are one of the few things that ARE looking good as they are ;)

Asanthai says:

eye of an artist, anything can be beautiful.
...that would suck, call everyone together for a party to see the thing bloom and it doesn't
...reminds me of the Dennis the Menace movie that was made about a decade ago - Mr. Wilson has a party for the blooming of a flower like that.
...woah this is my third comment in a row posted just after the comic... I really have no life

sleepyfoo says:

People do often fail to appreciate the beauty of things while they grow, or the wait for the blooming. Good comic guys, I love it.

Mithandir says:

Well the strip itself is drawn by Alien, as usual. I just do the writing and colouring. The only thing I \"drew\" was the clock. Just to clear that up :) (oh, and the rest of the drawing isn\'t done in illustrator, of course, but with paper, pencils and ink).

Pulsy says:

Oh i think the clock 'is pretty like this too' ^^

Lee says:

When I was at school they showed us a rare flower that they claimed would only bloom every 7 years. (Any botanists out there who can identify it?)

Now every 7 years I think of that flower and it reminds me what a rotten school I went to.

Moonclaw says:

Very good comic! Mesa likey!

Nebra Reppalk says:

Nature works not on the schedule of man, but rather on her own

SuperCat says:

aww... that's very cute. I agree! but of course the lad of the forest would appreciate nature in every form...
^.^ good comic.

SuperCat says:

that's lady, by the way... oops!

Pixie Slayer says:

hmmm... even though Feiht did not appear in this comic, we now know she never made it to Leaf with her message. Poor pixie! Always needing to go against her instincts.

Narissona says:

Hah, you should see my clocks. They really suck. Sometimes they aren't all that circular. I like the flower, it's really pretty

Trelweny says:

Love the strip! Though I am a bit disappointed... I was looking forward to the art for this flower in bloom. ^_^

Flaming Mono says:

Isn't the 7 year flower the one that smells horrible?
No, wait, nevermind, how could they have shown it to you, its like 7 feet tall. Nevermind.

Wolf says:

Yeah, that's the corpse flower...aptly named. It blooms every five to seven year and can be 12 feet tall. I think there may be a cotton tree somewhere that blooms every seven years. Sorry, I'm not a real botanist.

Irish Drinker says:

Awsome, awsome comic Alien. Great story all in all, I love it. :) Hope you continue to draw, you have a unique gift.

i_like_shiny_things says:

Aw, I'm disappointed. I wanted to see the flower in full bloom.
Somewhat on the anti-climactic side, no?

CryptoGirl says:

i wonder what feiht saw that was so shiny... knowing her, probably something that would be VERY bad to steal. what do u say, SuperCat? after all, she is your reincarnation.

hehe...i didn't say anything...

Bob says:

Corpse flower icky!!! it smell like rotting rino carcas

Bob says:

BTW bob likes the clock %^@

Lee says:

The corpse flower smalls rotten to attract flies which pollinate it. Pretty sure that wasn't the one I saw at school!

Ebeth says:

Me likes!

But why did the flower not bloom?

oooh...suspense. :D

I think the clock looks fine. Just no #s or lines...

where is feiht? Go feiht! lol me loves feiht...

Skreyola says:

There's nothing wrong with the clock. :)

... says:


Hey Dersil, it's past midnight! Technically "today" is now yesterday!

Maybe it will bloom "today" (in the next 23 hours) anyway?

Bubbles says:

anticlimatism is cool no_o

JuneBug says:

I realy like the last panel.
Good job! ;p

Sajen16 says:

although I wanted to see it bloom I agree with the lady of the forest it's pretty like that too

aj26 says:

aww can't i see it in full bloom.

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