Dragons! Panic!
Chasing the Sunset
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Chariset says:

Aaah! Fearsome baby dragon!

Ivellios says:

when this loded up it had newcomic now wich means i didnt get to see thefinal 10 second count down:(

Wildy says:

Where did Myhrad come from?

... says:

A short distance away, apparently...

Rampant says:

same sneaking ability as an avalanche huh?

Wolf says:

I dunno...those avalanches can be pretty sneaky...

Kiri says:

I love Myhrad. Dragons shouldn't be allowed to be cute. It kind of ruins the fire-breatheing, rampaging image. Not that I'm complaining.

Kieah says:

New comic,yay! Beautiful art, as always, love the shadows!

MB says:

Heh, delicious. ^^ I just hope we're not about to have another scene as with Ridder Mark, though ... And I have to wonder what will happen when the core group meets some real dragons. Quite apart from territorial issues over a strange dragon entering their turf, there might be some bother about Feiht plundering their hoards ...

Pulsy says:

Actually if i met Myrhad in real life, i'd probably be running too... :)

Sabreur says:

Oh man, this is just awesome. "They have roughly the same sneaking ability as an avalance." and "They ARE signal fires" lines are just too funny.

Darkwacky says:

Anyone else get the sneaky suspicion that the "dragons" that are a day away are Myrhad's parents?

Silverwolf says:

I kinda like the "wise warrior" image of dragons myself. Generally not attacking unless attacked first, sharing their centuries of wisdom with those who ask instead of drawing blades...now the pixie they should really be afraid of.

Ebeth says:

YAY! Good job! I love manfred!!!

And myhrad too. But that goes without saying. :D

How long does it take your dragons to grow anyway? Or are they the type that keep growing as long as they live?

Tallguy says:

Hey I was in a D&D party and we had TROLLS sneak up on us. Just because a thing is big, don't forget it wasn't always that size. It learned to be sneaky when it was small. As it got older it just got better at it.

Random Guy says:

Why are there two citys? Did i miss something?

Pixie Slayer says:

It's probably not two cities, but one city with two centers- for example the temple and the palace, or maybe the Council of Thinkers and the palace.

And yeah, I won't be a bit surprised if the dragons turn out to be Myhrad's parents. I think Myhrad is having fun with being a "big scary dragon." Look at him scary that poor jittery guard!

Queenie J says:

Like Manfred Mann! Awesome!

Love the guard outfits in this comic. Myrhad, Feiht, and I could pull SO many pranks...

Wildy says:

Didn't one of Myhead's parents die?

patchwork zombie says:

you'd think they'd see them sooner with that nice strait path

Qzole says:

Yay! First daylight scene with shadowing! Looks really great! Especially the guards cast shadow on panel 5. And the armor has some really nice detail on it.
One thing. On panel one there are mountains and rocks all over, on panel 3 there are grassy fields just beyond the gate.

Qzole says:

Oh, and the bard is out of date :P
Sry for me only criticize-ing

Chrinos says:

Ummm, the second view is closer to the ground and looking the other way so the drop off keeps the nearby grey terrain from being visible? Yeah, that's the ticket. They're consistency is good enough to cut them some slack anyway.

Culumeon says:

Sneaky as an avalanche!
I actually laughed out loud at reading that one!

Myst Runner says:

The avalance. Nature's sneak.

Irish Drinker says:

LOL, amazing as always guys. Love the lines, and the "big bad dragon" he is awsome, like what I picture a dragon like. sleeping unless they want or need something :P

In referance to the comment about the Grassy feild. The layout of the first panel is looking towards the gate, and also form a slgihtly more birdseye view. Panel three is from teh gates perspective, and it is quite psossible, that there is nothing impeading the view form the gate, thus, able to see the green feilds surronding the town.

Osk says:

why a straight (or curvy) road makes no difference to dragons: they fly...
except Myrhad, he doesn't
And its hard to be sneaky while flying
Though Feith manages quite well

Moonclaw says:

Moonclaw says:

Moonclaw says:

Awsome chibi dragon rules! Heehee great strip!

Nebra Reppalk says:

It's only a litle dragon, no need to fear. Why are good guards so hard to find?

Tallguy says:

Can't sneak while fling?
Tell that to thr rabit that the Hawk caught.

Lady Issy says:

Nice job, you two. Great to get the story moving again, too!

blazerflare says:

Rampant I believe that Manfred was making that statement about grownup dragons. I believe that it is very hard for a giant being that is flying to be sneaky.

Master_click says:

Six tons of organic matter. Well somebody hasn't see the D&D 2nd edition dragon page. The crystal dragon might hit .5 ton if it was a large one

Rampant says:

Ever heard of advanced dragons?

Yeah the gaurd was talking about an adult, but thats why its funny. Similar to the old saying "those who keep watch for giants will be eaten by the ants".

DMFox says:

YES!! fear the dragons even baby ones

nick012000 says:

Odds that the dragons in question are Myhrad's parents?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Pretty good, nick, pretty good indeed.

Narissona says:

They have got to be his parents. Who else could they be?
Myhrad is really terrifying, especially being a vegitarian in all. I can see the headlines: TERRIFYING DRAGON NEARLY SLAYED BY FEARLESS KNIGHT. Then they show a picture of the knight shoving mhyrad into a puddle then running off. Meanwhile, ayne is shown in the background brandishing a stick

Bubbles says:

Poor Myhrad always getting scared at but he's more s cary than a lawnmower.

Lone Star says:


JuneBug says:

Love ya, Myhrad!

JuneBug says:

It would be kinda fun to see what Rider Mark and his smart squire are up to.
They're funny!
(It could get dull after a while, though...)

f says:

No shinies?D:Too bad.

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