Pseudo-filler: new outfits
Chasing the Sunset
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maz says:

Fun filler. Love the Pixie Vision.
PS: Please don't follow Randy's path of advertising for MMO gold-sellers.

Killer Wombat says:

Ha! I loved the Pixie Vision.

harpersong says:

I want the pretty blue outfit. Wonderful art job btw, it may be filler but still so worth viewing.

Pulsy says:

Oooh i look forward to seeing these cloths in action ^^ Great use of font colors on the pixie vision btw :D

Moonclaw says:

Heehee I love pixie vision, sounds like they just gave Fieht a hole lot of playthings for the trip. I love that dress to. It's very beautful.(Did Leaf cut his hair? It looks shorter)

Pumpkin says:

ROFL - this is great you guys! Now I'm curious if these will really be their new outfits, or if they will at least take them with. :P

Chrinos says:

While it may technically be filler, it does fulfill a necessary plot point: How were they ngoing to handle mountains in the gear they had? It was beginning to look like they lived in an area of the world that almost never got snow. As such, they would have no idea how dangerous it could be without the intervention of the king. Plus, it looks cool to see them in detail.

SuperCat says:

haha i love it! this gives us insight to the burning question: how do pixies see the world? the answer? "SHINEEE PLAYGROUND!!!!!"

Nebra Reppalk says:

Yes, they have equipment, but where's the chain mail and armor. We dwarves never leave home without some decent armor, not just a piece of leather.

I like the art though, very detailed

augdog20 says:

i can not ever get over how smail leaf is :P

Rampant says:

Wow it has to be said again, mad love for the pixie vision.

Armor in mountains are you nuts? One armor is shiny, Two any armor the pixie doesn't hide or can be recovered will be heavy. Three it takes training to wear and fight properly in heavier armor.

Antalya says:

Pixievision! I love it! I love the entore series. I came over from the ads on Something Positive, and have stuck around. I love the new comic counter.

I believe I owe you all something for the influx of the word "shiny" and all permutations thereof into my vocabulary... especially my roleplaying rogue I'm currently playing. (Well that and a touch of Firefly)

Great comic, the artwork is eye-catching, and the writing is enjoyable! Happy (belated) birthday, and I wish you many more years of fun and pixies.

Antalya says:

hmmm... or should that be pixie mischief-free years?

Ebeth says:

Yay Pixie vision!

I like the art. Nice.

dragyn says:

Note that this is psuedo-filler, which means it probabaly really does serve a purpose.

Great work, as always.

Narissona says:

I Mith or alien finds this... Your site was recently listed in a mag (Muse (cricket publishing)). There was a contest for interesting html's (or something like that) and someone submitted it. It was published and that is where I found out about you. Just wanted you to know. If anyone found this site from Muse, let me know!!

Narissona says:

Heh heh. Its supposed to say "I hope Mith or Alien find this."

Xander says:

Yah. pretty clothes (well, not really pretty,but you know what I mean...). Although personally I would have put the gold in coins, and not on the armor. but yeah, ayne doesn't strike me as the kind of person who would wear heavy stuff anyways....

I am going to have to do something with feiht at some point.... Shinyeses!

Queenie J says:

And now, from the runway, the final results of the collaboration of Tom Ford and Feiht! It's all shiny, baggy, and bright, folks. Why is everyone wearing sunglasses? Itchy! *microphone breaks*

Yeah. No. Just, no.

patchworkzombie says:

at least pixies arn't like moths "one woolen undershirt=swiss cheese

Mithandir says:

Narrissona: Hey that\'s cool. Thanks for letting us know. I just noticed we were on linked from their site as a few people came in from there. I didn\'t know we were in the actual magazine :) Oh, and we read every comment, even tho we don\'t reply to all. The system we have tells us how many unread comments there are and then lists those, much like an email client.

Zelda says:

Hey! I also got to this site by reading Muse magazine. You guys are amazing!!!

Zelda says:

I want an outfit like Ayne's. Its so pretty!

Michelle says:

Nice new clothes. Though I'm honestly not too fond of Leaf's hat. It kind of reminds me of link or something. Or maybe one of those funny winter hats with the ear flaps. Maybe Feiht will steal it...

Ebeth says:

Ebeth is a Muser. Yes indeed. She's just that cool. :P lol jk

Abs says:

Hey Narissona, I found this from Muse too. :-)

Bob says:

I LOVE MUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

glad to see you found the site also.

Ebeth says:

Who sent that in anyway? Queen j was it you? Or Phoenix? Or somebody else i don't know?
Yes, it is vitally important for me to know this. This is a matter of national security.
Uh oh. *shoots everybody*
XD lol

Myst Runner says:

*snbickers* Shinny

Grog says:

Please, someone injure that accursed pixie!!

Remmon says:

But the pixie is fun and nice and fun and above all, you can't injure the pixie because they're fun.

And anyone who does try to injure the pixie will be... Robbed of all their shinies.

Besides, pixies are immortal. You hurt them, a while later they come back to haunt you. And they're a lot worse then ghosts.

Pulsy says:

>>Remmon wrote: And anyone who does try to injure the pixie will be... Robbed of all their shinies.

So will everyone else XD

Nebra Reppalk says:

That's why you don't carry alot of shinies with you, saves you ALOT of trouble.

Oh, and I found this site in Muse as well. Yay Muse!

Flaming Mono says:

I found this on Muse too! I finished reading the archives when Dersil was strring in the paint and describing the Gamun Fantasy. I'm so glad I get that magazine right now. :)

Flaming Mono says:


crazyninny says:

..... O_O

Why is Leaf so... Hott to me right now? O_O

Soo... Hott.... *drools*

dragyn says:

I know I'm repeating myself now, but the forums still don't seem to exist and the link still does.

Ringtail says:

Wee! Shiny!
Love the pixie vision. Still, get on with the comic will you!

Faticia says:

I want Ayne's outfit! please! I love the pixie version, I can almost hear Feiht saying it!

sister says:

I love the outfits. I love fillers. I love the comic. I love the pixie vision. I love the way Ayne puts a protective hand on Leaf's shoulder while scouting for danger, it really touches a big-sister's heart ;)

Wildy says:

I also found out about CTS from MUSE. MUSE rocks!!!!!!!! Leaf seems shorter...

Ninja Girl says:

I think the pixie virsion makes more sense. It's like how there are always a translation of directions into another language. Now I fully know what that is for.

Ninja Girl says:

Oh My...Leaf looks like a boy...o.O*

SayingNothing says:

I got this site from Muse too! Yay Muse!

AnyaStyrzod says:


Raisin says:

I heard about this from Muse too! Cool! When I got on the site I didn't bother looking at the rest listed, this was so good.

Queenie J says:

I found it by myself. Though I love Muse.

Mr. Tibbles says:

jeez, Muse sure is popular... although i must admit i got the link from there too.
remember, caches of shinees can't be stolen!

dragonqueencr says:

Um leaf looks ... interesting? Ok I am going to be turthful here... I hate Leafs new look. I think it is the cuffs and the boots... and the whole outfit is too dark a color. I do like ayne's look though. It is more bright.

P.S. hope the outfits are fireproof and hopefully dragonproof.

P.S.S. Are we going to see the flower?

Adae says:

Looks like everyone is talking about me though they don't know it... ^_^ I was the one who put the link on Muse's fan page (Not the official site.) I was also the one who sent the link in to the magazine for that contest. I have been subscribing to Muse for over 5 years. I heard about CtS from a friend on her message board. Mith actually found that message board though now I don't go there that often though I do talk to my friend over IM and things. I'm glad that all of you who saw the link in Muse seem to be enjoying the comic! I meant to tell Alien and Mithrandir that I had put that link in earlier but I think that was when the comments weren't working and then I forgot. Sorry

Also, on a completely different subject, I hope Alien gets well soon!

Puddingpie says:

I love the Leaf's new look, as opposed to the old blue pillowcase... he actually looks like a guy now. But it's still very elven and stylish. I like Ayne's new outfit too, but it's not an improvement so much as different.

Ryujin says:

ayne looks so awesome ^^

Bastet says:

Wow, this was in Muse??? Muse is really interesting!!! What edition was it in?

AnyaStyrzod says:

The one with Flo on the front... February 2006

bookbook says:


bookbook says:

c'mon people, guess!

Bubbles says:


Bubbles says:

wot's cts?

Flaming Mono says:

Cts happens to be the abreviation for chasing the sunset

Bastet says:

I didn't find this in Muse. A friend who also reads Muse told me about it.

Ajemii says:

yup i got this site from Muse too. Love the comic guys!

flyer says:

thank you Adae! I subscribe to muse also. It's awesome!

Hi Narissona;]

Thecatteam says:

Ya Narissona I was reading the first comic and found your "important message" comment. I also came to this site from Muse mag (refer to Comic #373)

Thecatteam says:

After I got guided here by Muse mag, my first comic was Comic #334.... *sigh* memories...

Bubbles says:

i luvs Muse! Muse owns! It's how i found CTS! I am so thankful I read Muse, or I would have never found Cts !

Bubbles says:

Yes! Luvs new clothes

leaf+ayne =love4ever...not says:

all of anye's letters should be things that make her look hoooooot

Blue River says:

Nice pixie vision!!
Also I'm gonna sound really stupid asking this, but what the heck is "muse" ???

raisin says:

Oh my i feel so sorry for you Blue River! To not have ever basked in the glory that is Muse Magazine... the best magazine in the world, published by Smithsonian, who also does Cricket (mentioned earlier, I belive...), Ladybug, Spider, Cicada (no, I don't know why they are named after bugs), Click, and etc. Additionally, you must immeadiately (i spelled that wrong, didn't I?)subscribe to the wondorously wonderful informative and funny magazine that is Muse. I am sure all my fellow Muse readers agree.

tezmara says:

I love seeing their outfits upclose!! I like Ayne's outfit and the Pixie Version!!!

Bubbles says:


JuneBug says:


TheNextTaggerung says:

YAY leaf has pants!

TheNextTaggerung says:


fieryonionofDOOOM says:

what's so boring about coats? Don't you know about the havoc they have wreaked?
Neither do I. But still. Beware the coats.

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