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Chasing the Sunset
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Mithandir says:

Can anybody spot Feiht ?

Remmon says:

Yes I can. Looks nice

Attilla says:


egwene says:

saying "hmm" wile looking at the paper's wuld at least seem right!

I found the pixie to, yey :P

Mia says:

I can't =/

Mia says:

... Ah, found you!

nadialy says:

nadialy says:

i think i see her too

Demanther says:

hrmm... one of these days they should make a Where's Feiht? in the legacy of Where's Waldo?

Random Guy says:

Is she in Leaf's Pocket? I can't tell.

Rampant says:

You would think a kingdoms with paperwork requirements for boreder crossing would have literate border gaurds, or was that the other ones job?

Tallguy says:

sigh. thing have gone down hill since they let guard litteracy standerds slip.

Chrinos says:

I also like that their orders are to let any dragons pass (not that they could stop them) and to only stop people who are dumb enough to enter dragon territory and stir up trouble.

Blik says:

As a vegitarian dragon (right?) Myrhad certainly eats his bean sprouts, so he's working on the big thing as fast as he can.
And what really impresses me is the shadows. It gives the image a depth and realism that would be lost otherwise.
By the way, why are the guards there anyway? To keep stupid people from provoking the dragons?

Romkira says:

Great job guys. I love the humour.

Skreyola says:

Feiht has stolen Waldo's place, too? Bad pixie. ;)

dragonqueencr says:

i appologise profusely. I though i would not like the new outfits but now that I see them, I like them a lot

dragonqueencr says:


Aerinelf says:

Ohhhh... I see Feight! ^_^ And I finally caught up with the story. Of course, I took a little break there in the three weeks.

dragonqueencr says:

and is it just me or is Myrad smirking in the fourth pannel?

Aerinelf says:

I really like how Ayne's and Leaf's clothes look. And I especially like the fifth panel, and Ayne in that one in particular.

Mr. Tibbles says:

jeez, these pixies will steal ANYTHING, now won't they...

Meow says Mr. Tibbles

SuperCat says:

i like the guard. interesting logic there... lol just like mine!

PrancyPranceUnicorn says:

I spy, with my little eye...
a liddle cutesy pixie! with itching dust!

Killer Wombat says:

I like to know why only Ayne has a backpack?

Lee says:

Maybe it's just my opia, but I really can't tell which pixels are the pixie.

Zelda says:

I like the clothes! I'm glad Leaf isn't wearing that silly hat too.

Squeakers says:

I FOUND HER!!!! Such a giggle. Cute comic today, good job!

thecatteam says:

Ha! I found her too!

trixingee says:

I SEE YOU, LITTLE PIXIE FRIEND!! ^^ very cute little detail ^^

Pulsy says:

Lol i thought the tip of Myrhads tail in the first panel was Feiht in a blue dress carrying a pencil or something. Then i realised everyone got new outfits except her.

Then when i realised i was being silly, i thought Feiht would be in the "pixie bedrooms" from last strip :P

Nebra Reppalk says:

I have to admit, the art is more realistic than it has ever been before, kudos to Mith and Alien.

Queenie J says:

*looks at comic suspiciously*

Gez says:

She's not in the pixie bedrooms from the last strip, but she's in a pixie bedroom.

Pulsy says:

Feiht is probably redecorating Leafs pockets or making holes in it or something like that :P

Pumpkin says:

^^ I finally found her, only *after* reading someone's (unintended?) hint. :\

Also, had it not taken me so long to get this, I had the perfect early post comment... "No, I can't spot Feiht... o.o did someone steal her?!" :P

Grog says:

"aren't you supposed to breathe fire and destroy small villiages?"

"I'm working on it"

Kitty McKitten says:

Great to see the new costumes in action! Guard=V.funny can he go in their group too?

Mooclaw says:

I can see Feiht, that's very clever! Now why have a guard who can't read guard a passage where you need papers to get pass, unless the logic behind that is(starts going off, tring to explain it to herself)Oh and very good strip, I like it!

CryptoGirl says:

i see feiht! wonder what she's doing there...nothing honest, i'm sure....

Lee says:

Ah. You gotta pixie pocket or two, boys... as Lionel Bart didn't quite say.

Trelweny says:

*giggles* I wasn't even looking for Feiht until you said something, Mith! & then I was all 'eek! what's she doing?' @_@ YOu got me all riled up for a bunch of cuteness. ^_^

Hmmm. Honest guard. Foolish perhaps... but honest. Poor guy. That could come back to bite him some day if he tells everyone that.

I meant to say this with the temporary image & got lazy: I love the elves' new outfits! Leaf no longer looks like he's in a nightshirt! *cheers* It didn't dawn on me until he got all spiffy for the party...

Peter says:

I actually laughed out loud on that one.

Xander says:

dang..... your artwork is good....

If you ever publish a book, I so am going to buy one....

Master_click says:

Queenie J says:

Yea! Publish a book. You could call it
"Chasing the Sunset: The Book Out of the Internet". I'd buy it. Hmmm?

Faticia says:

I'd buy a book as well! Good job Alien! I wish I was as good as you.
I love Feiht's new hiding spot- I would not have seen it if Mith hadn't pointed it out though.

Bob says:


Bob says:

Book Book Book Book

. ^ .

Ninja Girl says:

I like the guards logic.
Hehe, I see Feiht.

Osk says:

ofcourse, the guards logic is good. since people dont know he cant read untill they get there, they still go through all the trouble to get the papers first

Mithandir says:

Those asking for books might want to check out my latest blog post here

Lee says:

As an alternative (or parallel) to a book, have you considered a CD?

PS Now that the gang are leaving town it's probably time to give the Minstrel a new rhyme.

Pulsy says:

Woah that picture down below is pretty! Really, it's a shame how much detail is lost on the strip when it's resized into small format ...

Couldn't you like make it so that when you click a comic panel you get to see the original? Or would that cost too much bandwidth or something? I'd love to watch more panels in detail actually, they're amazing!

Oh and sorry for the spoiler in an earlier post >_

Mithandir says:

Pulsy: Well the comic \"master\" images (those we work on when colouring etc) are 4 times as big than the final comic in both dimensions (so 16 times as big in surface and thus file size) at 2824 by 1808 pixels so even if we did release them at that size, they\'d never fit on your screen. Even the first frame in the news post was substantially reduced from the master size.

Silverwolf says:

Ah, the illiterate nobility...just introduce a couple of wood elves and watch him squirm.

Queenie J says:

Wood elves wood be too much for the poor guy. He's got Feiht going after his helmet, armor and metals (SHINEEE!!!) after all. Is it just me, or are Ayne's Amazon markings starting to look different?

Flaming Mono says:

This has nothing to do with the comic, but did anyone else yet realize you can write in the,"New comic in... box"?

Flaming Mono says:

and am I the only one who writes his comments a few hours after everyone else?

Mithandir says:

Nah, lots of people do. Some people post weeks after other people :) As to your observation: It would be a lot harder to type in there had I actually told the system when to expect the new comic ... lemme quickly fix that.

Pulsy says:

Hmm i hadn't noticed it before, but in this comic (well mostly in the artwork below) it's clear that Aynes outfit matches her amazon signs perfectly :D Good fashion designers at Dersils palace :)

Mr. Tibbles says:

PrancyPranceUnicorn says:

oops... i was going to say that Aynes amazon birthmarks are getting more stylized... they look even cooler now! ^.^

Ice says:

hey, i have read ur blog post, very understandable terms. still, some form of possesable strips would b absolutely delightful, as lee mentioned a cd is a considerable medium, or some other such. also, i was jes curious, some comics have gone as far as to have a semi-animated go through of the comics on dvd, like sojurn comics (i think by crossgen).anyway i was jes wondering if yall would ever even consider something like that, or if it didnt fit with ur vision for the comic. btw, this strip was hilarious. later! - ice

Zela says:

I like Manfred... he may be illiterate, but he's intelligent in a sarcastic kind of way! :)

Bastet says:

I found Feiht! At least I think I did... Only after reading some comments/hints, though...

Bast says:

She's right there in the pocket!!!

HE CANT READ!!?!?!??!!?!? *gasp*

Bubbles says:

Leaf owns w/ his new clothes! But it must be harder to draw in that detail

JuneBug says:

"So unless you want me to look at them suspiciously and say 'hmm', there's really little point."
I like that guy already.

JuneBug says:

Leaf looks less like a girl in his new outfit.
I like it!

TheNextTaggerung says:

I see Feiht!
Book! Book! Book!
Manfred is funnee...

****SPOILERS**** says:

Feiht is in Leafs' pocket in the 5 panel.

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