Guarding dragons
Chasing the Sunset
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harpersong says:

He's as helpful as the wall...but I'm still in love with the wardrobe change :)

Mimir says:

Welcome to the workings of government.

Pulsy says:

Ooooh i want to see Ayne use that impressive bow of hers :D

Tallguy says:

dragon eat smoky, No......

Osk says:

when a dragon is starved, won't it just go to the city for 'a quick snack'?

Grog says:

its rather ingenius actually. it puts the idea into the minds of the plebs that dragons are no longer a thret, without actually harming any of them in the process.

egwene says:

they at least have a plan...!

wwolf says:

May I ask why they're starving the dragons?

Pumpkin says:

omg, that's great! I

Pumpkin says:

love the guard's last line! (seems my comment got cut off :()

Moonclaw says:

Don't cha hate it when you only have one plan option...Love the strip!

Windseeker says:

I like the new wardrobe....Leaf finially looks like a make a male a bit more.

Windseeker says:

Err...he looks like a male even.

demecowen says:

If you look close though, from a distance somewhat a girl :/

Nebra Reppalk says:

Yeah, here's my math, feel fre to check it. Hungry Dragons=Irate Dragons. Starving Dragons=Very, Very, VERY, Angry Dragons. And what do very, Very, VERY angry dragons do children?
Children:Burn villages!!!!

Kitty McKitten says:

Good plan how about they try having an illiterate guard to check papers. Oh wait they already did that!

Remmon says:

Actaully, they had a literate guard as well. Read the comic.

As he says, that's John's job. And John is scared of the widdle dragon.

Ebeth says:

fleeing for his life you mean?

*claps* brill. I LOVE the guards. :D

sjon says:

Yep, there is a manager involved there. With that sort of planning.

Queenie J says:

Maybe if we starve you two out you'll make more comics!


Stig says:

You know, the bard-lady has the best rhyme verse ever. Leaf's plans had better work is right. Otherwise our heroes will be path kill. Nice comic, and nice braids on Leaf. He looks shorter compared to Ayne in the last comic than anywhere else. The shadows are done very well.

Zelda says:

I like Leaf's hair like that, much less feminine than when it was in a high ponytail.

Lae says:

I love Leaf's hair!!!! :D

Aerinelf says:

I like Ayne in the last panel. ^_^ And I do like the poem, too.

Rampant says:

Wow I can't belive I guessed right abou it being th other guard's job to look at papers. Yay me!

One question; Are Ayne's arrows blue? or is that just the fletching? Thats an awful lotof fletching, even for a goodsized long-bow like Ayne's

Queenie J says:

You know, Leaf's hair is froody, but is it just me or is Ayne much taller than Leaf in the last panel? And Ayne's Amazon marks keep changing subtly. Leaf's ears are also REALLY big in this strip. You can see the things from the back. Leaf needs to assert himself like Ayne does-he's a little shy, don't you think?

Muz says:

Just read your comic from start to...err..current. That'll do. It's good. I like Myrhad, he's my fav char.

iloveayne says:

That guard has NO idea what's going on

bookbook says:

Is it true, that John is fleeing for his life? I haven't read very far.

PrancyPranceUnicorn says:

am i the only one who thinks the guard sounds like our old friend the vegetarian troll? same type of logic.

Mr. Tibbles says:

leaf looks like four years younger, in my opinion.

Mr. Tibbles says:

Kitty McKitten, do i know you? you sound like someone i know.

dragyn says:

Actually, I'm pretty sure McKitten sound like someone they know to pretty much everyone...
especially seems I was thinking the same thing...

Skreyola says:

There is nothing more dangerous than an idea, when it is the only one you have.

Clarkium says:

Stupid Question: Why is Ayne carrying her bow strung? That warps the bow and makes it useless to draw. Or is this something to worry about since it's an Amazon bow?

Maybe so she can keep her hands free . . .?

PsyMar says:

Will Rhyme's commentary over there on the right be added into the archives along with the story? If so, will there be any added for older strips?

Silverwolf says:

You know, I realized something...if Leaf is supposed to be the better archer, where's HIS bow?

Pixie Slayer says:

He forgot to bring it, but don't worry- he's got water balloons!

Queenie J says:

The bow is strung because unstringing it would de-charm it, meaning the Amazon magic would leave the bow. Which means that Ayne's shots wouldn't be as good.

Bob says:

leaf does look more male-like now.
i think he should get more dialog.

... says:

He can't read "as such"? Maybe he'd be better off stealing Myhrad's line...

"You can'tt read?"

"I'm working on it!"

CryptoGirl says:

no, supercat, i am not Kitty McKitten, if that's what you mean. and yes, he does look younger. ayne looks a lot older, too

K.B says:

A: no way!!
B: it’s true!!! one moment I am eating happily with my husband, the next he is transformed into a baby. Now who is going to put food on the table??

C: Why are all the houses pink… and why do people have blue spots all over them, just a few blocks away the spots where purple…

D: Do you think it’s a way for the king to lighten up the square…..?
E: no…. if it was him, the king would not look like an retarded ass

F: Its true!!!! One moment the domes where there, the next they turned into a huge statue of a farry with big shiny letters spelling “feiht”!!
G: that can’t be true, firstly, where would one get all that gold and secondly who is this Feiht?
F: it’s not made of gold… but of itchy powder and…bubble gum?

bookbook says:

This was the first CtS comic I ever saw. Sigh....

Bubbles says:

Itchy powder and BUBBLEGUM!! That was my old name!!

Bubbles says:


leaf+ayne =love4ever...not says:

finally!!!!! leaf is not wearing the dumb-ass tunic

Lone Star says:


JuneBug says:

It reminds me fo the gate they never closed.
It looks good and thats it.

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