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Chasing the Sunset
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Mithandir says:

A: No, that\'s alright, I like this house. B: It\'s OUR house. Somebody just changed all the numbers in the street! C: This is east street al right ... so how by the seven gods did it end up all the way on the west side of town all of a sudden? D: But if I go buy apples the rook will take the queen! E: We could have carrots, then if we buy fish later we\'ll take their knight. F: Look, they are huge gold-plated stone domes, I\'m pretty sure I did NOT leave them in my other uniform. G: Well if you have a better idea...

Mithandir says:

F: It\'s not my fault! They were still here when I went off duty! G: It must be emberassing for a guard when somebody steals part of the skyline.

Mithandir says:

D: Now I know what they mean by threatening a square. E: I think that horse used to be grandma.

Mithandir says:

A: No, I don\'t have three crates of explosives.... why do you need it? B: Just .. don\'t ask ...

Mithandir says:

C: I can deal with portals to other worlds suddenly appearing, but who was daft enough to make one to an underwater kingdom?

Mimir says:

Oooo! Oooo!!! Let me try!

A: No, I assure you, I'm perfectly alright.
B: No, you're not! Your foot has turned into a dog's head!

C: How did a tree get all the way up there?

D: Don't move! They've got us checkmated!
E: I never imagined the end would come this way...

F: Have you seen some Golden domes... about yay high and... er... golden?
G: My taxes fund *your* pay?

MB says:

F: I swear, it was a dragon coming from the direction of the town!

G: Yes, I'm just sure ... All the carnage and destruction here just screams 'a dragon came through', doesn't it?

Odo says:

A: Deliveries around back.
B: That's what we're trying to tell you, there is no back.
C: I'm sure the docks were supposed to be around here.
D: Walk slowly backwards, they can sense fear.
E: Then we're safe. I'm only bewildered.
F: Gold, about two stories high...
G: Sure...

Most excellent. I especially like all the different styles of outfits from low to high class.

Viking says:

C Now where did that cat go?

Lee says:

"Quantum mechanics stipulates that even the action of observing something changes it."

But I've been observing this strip for ten minutes and it's still the same.

Killer Wombat says:

Ha the things pixies do :)

A:- Sorry not interested.
B:- But its a bargin, three children for a few gold pieces.

C:- Where the heck did the Traven go? It was here yesterday.....

D:- Knight to take Bishop, thats checkmate.
E:- Damn now how much I owe you?

F:- Then I looked again and they were gone!
G:- A likely story Captain, now what really happen?

ShadowKatmandu says:

A: Howdy, neighbor!
B: Don't "howdy, neighbor," me! You stoll all our shiny things and the kids are really upset.

C: These are not the clothes I had on a few minutes ago. My old ones were shinier.

D. Didn't the Queen piece used to have jewelry?
E. Yes, so did the King. In fact, all of the shiny parts are missing. I'm sure it's a coincidence.

F. All hail the taker of the gold domes! Now I won't have to polish them anymore!
G. Right. Now you'll be on street cleaning duty. By the way, somebody stole your shiny brass belt buckle and your pants are about to fall down...

Faticia says:

A.There's nothing wrong with my street number.
B. Then why is it's gold plating missing?

C. Now where did my brass buckle go?

D. O my, that horse was grandma!
E. It's ok, she didn't get any uglier. (she promptly hits him over the head with her basket)

F. It was right there a moment ago! I swear! The skyline was gold!
G. Sure, and do all tourists believe your creative fibs?

Moonclaw says:

*giggle uncontroble for several mins.)Very funny, I love it!

Isis says:

A: I told you people, I'm sold out!
B: That's not what your wife says.

C: Now I know I had that pouch of gold a few moments ago....

D: That knight reminds me of someone...
E: You mean your brother after a night out?...

F: ..And then I woke up this morning...and the domes were gone!
G: ...You think a pixie stole the domes....right...

Silverwolf says:

A: Live long and prosper.
B: Um, is one of us in the wrong comic?

C: This can't be right...there should be a fourth wall here. I shouldn't see that chess set in the next panel!

D: There's something very wrong here.
E: I'll say. Black will be checkmated in four moves if he doesn't move this queen.

F: Look, I'm serious, something super-glued my thumbs together!
G: What a pathetic crime.

Gez says:

A: You stole these puppy shoes from Katie of Count Your Sheep!
B: No, I did not, mine aren't blue!

C: It's the third time today my wardrobe sent me here. I'll have to ask this woodworker to really fix it this time, or he won't get paid!

D: Don't move, Honey. You're checkmated.
E: Well, any idea? You're on the same square.

F: And the fish was big like that!
G: Too bad your line broke.

verie badd speler says:

yu'd think the shiny gold loking steet sine wouldnt b there

verie badd speler says:


Flaming Mono says:


Ebeth says:

w00t! Go get 'em feiht!
lol XD
I shall fill in the blanks...eventually...maybe...well there's a possibility.

The Nick says:

A: Uh, hello.
B: Sir, I don't mean to be rude, but your house is in our livingroom.

C: I could swear there used to be a way out of this alley.

D: Something's different here.
E: Yeah, but I can't put my finger on it...

F: Feiht, come back Feiht!!!
G: *Sigh* Another heart stolen by a pixie.

spider says:

D:now i swear that horse chess piece should not be made of a real horse

E: and the queen looks like a space ship wiht wings

D: apparently the person who did this was not very artistic

nadialy says:

Silverwolf, yours is the funniest!

Master_click says:

A: I told you this is not your house, a nice fairy named Feight gave it to me.
B: No, not the fairy anything but that fairy!!
A: whats so bad about Feight
B: oh you mean Feiht okay she not as bad she just steals from the which and steals from the poor

Myst Runner says:

A. Hey
B. Get out of OUR house!

C. How in the world did i get here. Last thing i remember is being passed out in a gutter in front of Ziggies.

D. 6.
E. Ehhhhh... I say 2.
D. Your on.

F. Dude! Shiney! There! Gone!
G. What have you gotten into?

Trelweny says:

All good. If I wasn't so tired today I'd give it a go myself. ^_^ Great concept, Mith & Alien.

bookbook says:

A: No, I will not lett you in!
B: Lemme in, Hey Give That Back vaporized my house and took my mother's heirloom priceless ceramic pot and turned it into a worthless chunk of shiny fool's gold!
C: How did East Street end up in Hawai'i- one of the most western, hot, shiny parts of the world?
D: I was going to sell the rolls in my basket, but to do that I'd have to move to B6, and I'm on C8, and I'm a pawn.
E: There's another market on C9. You could go there. Oh wait a sec, we're black. Going to C9 would be moving backwards.
D: I thought you didn't know how to play chess.
E: I do now.
F: Oh great lady of Our World, give me the strength to go to the evil kingdom of Yhellion and defeat the eeeevil dragon lords.
G: It's pointless to pray, buddy. Feiht stole the church and made it all go boom-boom bye-bye. Except the shiiiiny stained-glass windows.
F: D'oh!

verie badd speler says:

I lik them al!

Panitek says:

F: hey look, Shadow puppets! I'm a bird!

G: you ought to grow up or be arrested.

Pixie Slayer says:

D Tell me that horse isn't supposed to be a figure of me.

E I guess you're saying I shouldn't give up my day job?

Pulsy says:

B: Are you sure your house number is supposed to be 61?

A: Actually it said "L9" when i got home, but that made even less sense so i flipped it over.

C: I wonder which vilain put my cat in a garbage can...

D: What's wrong with that horse?
E: I think the winged pawn overhere just flew against it...

F: Really, the thing that stole my wedding ring was about this size and flew that way!
G: You're sleeping on the couch tonight...

Pulsy says:

By the way: why do "enters" skip 2 lines in staid of one after you post?

Narissona says:

A- Hello
b- We just wanted to tell you that a large herd of ostriches thatt are about run over this house...
c-I finally manage to corner that giant land fish that was floating down the road, and then what does it do! Sprouts wings!
d- Ooooh! Here comes a cart, lets see what happenens when it drives by the queen..
e- Ouch! The queen went for that little old lady instead...
g- nice try at making me look.

Wildy says:

The man in frame 3 has a larger than normal hand...

Lunasdarra says:

A: Come in! Come on back in! Why did I ever kick you out over money?
B: Good Job on paying the pixie the shiney object to help...

C: What happened to the gold Sign Post?


F: Please believe me Jill, had I know the pixie would appear and take the engagement ring I gave you-
G: Joan, and I never said what the pixie took...

Irish Drinker says:

A: I saw that the door was open, and then saw that my doggie slippers were in ehre, so I helped myself.

B: The door was open? and Those arre my husbands doggie slippers, yours were stolen.

C: Wait, I been here before. But, that building wasn't there... and their was this horrid stench..

D: My Pawn took your knight.

E: Ya, but my horse got fangs! And a pretty bow

F: I swear! A Troll!! All over the Town, just sitting there protecting it!

G: And this is why I siad I wouldn't marry you, and that you drink too much.

Lunarflight says:

F: Look, I'm really quite certain the gold domes aren't gold anymore!
G: Then what, pray tell, are they? Butterscotch?
F: I think so.

Chariset says:

Heh...I assumed Feiht just made people unable to speak except in letters of the alphabet. Which is funny too

Chrinos says:

A: Thanks for bringing them home. Where were they?

B: In a giant pair of pants outside town.

C: Someone brought all of the alleys in town to one place, but5 forgot to bring the exits!

D: Move only as your class dictates-peasants like you should walk straight across.

E: So I could become a king by moving as I liked?

D: That's what that horse thought. 2 steps in, he turned to the right and ...

F: Well. we've found your missing jewelry.

G: Why would anyone steal jewelry and then just pile it on top of the gold domes?

F: I don't know how everyone's jewelry got up there, but we'll get it down. All we need from you is proof of ownership.

Feomar says:

A:Morning neighbour, how is the jewellery store going?

B: Euhm it wend great but the shop seams to be missing, have you seen the building that was next door?

C: ok now i am lost. this is the 10th east street i walked through

D: are they going to move again?

E: I am not sure but maybe if we are quiet they won't think we are king and queen

F: look miss i don't know where your dome roof went or how i got stolen in the first place.

G: i told u a pixie stuffed it in her pocked and flew away. now are you going to look for it or what

LiaFlame says:

A: i was wondering if you would be interested in buying-
B: no, sorry, we don't give money at the door. ...
wait a second...
C: What an idiot! i give him the simple job of replacing the old east street sign, and instead he moves it to some godforsaken alleyway!
D: Don't move! that horse looks viscious. he could attack you!
E: no,no. it's a she. i can see the hair ribbon. i wonder if she likes movies...
D: *slaps E* hey! I was supposed to see a movie with you tonight!
F: ....and then she flew away!
G: was this the same pixie who stole the street sign, the gold lettering on your building, your first uniform, and your sword?
F: and the gold belt with jewels.
F: oops. you weren't supposed to know about that...

Lee says:

Pulsy wrote: "By the way: why do 'enters' skip 2 lines in staid of one after you post?"
Hmm.. time for a little test, methinks. It ain't quantum physics, but...
The above spacing is the result of hitting enter...
And the above is the result of hitting shift+enter. (It produces a line-break in MS Word, so in theory it should have produced a smaller space here. But as in quantum mechanics, you can't tell until you look...

Lee says:

...and it all ended up on single spacing anyway. A qualified success.

Mr. Tibbles says:

a. no, we don't want any.
b. hey, that's MY house! you're stepping on my dog!
c. I thought there were golden domes around here- where'd they go?
d. the poor horse!
e. yeah, it's ugly AND it's a chess peice!
f. really! a dragon! this tall! it was blue and ferocious! going out of the city!
g. so you come and tell us this NOW? after it's gone through?

PrancyPranceUnicorn says:

heehee... nice! my contribution:

a,b,c,d,e,f, or g: Darn those pixies!

Queenie J says:

A: Dude, relax. It's only a city, man.
B: Listen, buster, the day I take advice about morality from a man who's squatting in my house is the day the golden domes disappear into thin air! Oh, wait...
C: No domes? Darn! Quis custodiet ipsos custodes around here, anyway? The place is obviously riddled with pickpockets.
D: Stop horsing around! I knew I should have gone in for parcheesi...
E: Oh, don't be such a basket case. You said you were game for an adventure, didn't you?
F: And the other elf was tall and beautiful! And the pixie had wings and a short green dress!
G: And the golden domes are now wearing invisibility cloaks! This is a regular fashion show. What happened to your armor, anyway?
F: This is worse than prohibition!

bookbook says:

Hurry up, Mithrandir/Alien. I have a short attention span.
Unless of course Alien is sick again. In which case I offer my profound apologies, my good-well wishes, and a pixie to bring your shinies to me.


haha book book can i have some too? will you share?

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

A: I'm really sorry, but when I woke up this morning I was here, I'm not a squatter, honestly...
B: Yeah, yeah... I go away on holiday for one weekend and I come back to find a man with dogs for feet living in my house!

C: All the signs say 'East Street'...

D: is that a bishop, a rabbi or an angel?
E: Uh... a holy? I think it's a generic Holy.

F: And then this light made the domes float away, all magic like...
G: The next thing you'll be telling me is pixies made it happen...

verie badd speler says:

Hay, did lady Cinthia Forsith ever find out wat was rong with Leef?

Master_click says:

SUPER ATTACK PEA!!! haha book book can i have some too? will you share?
That says it all.

Blue River says:

A:No,nothing's wrong.
B:But that's my DOG on your FOOT!!!
C:Hmm,this alley used to be shinier...
D:The horse is screaming...or is it singing?
E:Sings better than you.
F:There was a big flash,and the domes dissapeared!

Dee says:

First time poster, but I HAVE to try this. :3

A - I'm not interested in insurance, sorry

B - We're selling key lime pies you twit!

C - I believe I have misplaced my thong

D - What happened to that horse?

E - Ssshhh! I wanna watch that rook pounce it!

F - I caught a fish THIS big!

G - You suck at storytelling ingenuity

... says:

B: Where do these ratty sets come from anyway?
A: Mithanidir got'em at the flea market.

F: The rain comes down like this.
G: Yeah right, and pixies paint the rainbow! Pull the other one Mister.

... says:

C: This used to be Easy Street but they changed the signs to make it harder!

Bastet says:

All of yours are funny!

bookbook says:

Poor H. All alone.... especially since Feiht vaporized it...

jose says:

a;shiny F:shiny
b:shiny G:shiny

jewellery india says:

any one who know about world famous Diamond 'koh-i-noor" tell me

Squirt says:

A: Who are you?
B: We're you're third cousins thrice removed!
C:Now where did that Pixie go?
D:We can either checkmate and be be checked by the Queen or check and be checkmated by the Queen.
E:Checkmate and checked.Definetly.
F:What was the pixies name again?
G:the common one or her real name?
G:Her real name is Feight and her commen name is Hey! Give That Back
F: Thanks

thewatermelon says:

my first comic *sniffle*

Bubbles says:

C: Oh, yes the paparazzi just keep on comin'. I rule.
F:I'm an elephant! G:And you'll be an unemployed elephant if you don't get to work!

the lone power says:

hfjdcvhdvd 9i loveegibberish

Ramani says:

A: Waitaminute... you aren't trying to sell pixie insurance, are you? You're the 6th person today!
B: C'mon, you know you need it. Even the shiny numbers on your house are gone!

C: Dead end. I have GOT to stop telling people I'm half pixie just to get in the news!

D: There's something different. I can't quite put my finger on it...
E: Last time it was Chinese Checkers.
D: Oh yeah...

F: But...The domes! They're gone!
G: Ha ha ha. Stop changing the subject. Now where is my horse? You didn't lose it did you?

Tensko1234 says:

A) I told you, This is my house!
B) YOUR house is 62, not 61!
C) Were is that stupid pixy! I what my gold back...
D) The king sucks at chess doesn't he..
E) *shhh* He might hear you
F) Really lady, I looked away for second, and they were gone!
G) Are you telling me that the huge gold domes just vanished in thin air?

Tournesol says:

Can't resist this heh

A) *waves hand hypnotically* This is not the house you're looking for
B)Our mistake. Do you know the way to 61 wagon street?

C) Nobody around, now's my chance to work on my pelvic thrusts. Unh! Unh!

D)I kinda yhink your mom looks better that way
E)Shh.. She can probably hear you

F) All hail the mighty pixie!
G) You can stop sucking up, it's gone and you don't have anything shiny left

Elkian says:

A: Look, I'm sorry, but I only alter bodies, and only on weekdays. Mind-swaps I'm useless at.
B: But Daddy needs his body back to work!
C:Why does the street interest with the inner half of a ladies dressing roo....*ogles*
D: Oh God it's horrible...
E: I know - even I can tie a bow better than THAT.
F:For the love of - lady, I do NOT have your clothes! Nor did I see your wardrobe run down the street, leaving you with only a robe!
G: Oh? The why can I see the edges of my negligee' under your armor?

Elkian says:

Queenie's were hilarious ^^

A: Cousin Lucas? How'd you get here?!
B: I dunno - one moment I was milkin' ol' Bessy, the next...
C: Okay, this is getting ridiculous. That's obviously moss growing on the wall...
D: Well?
E: Unless one of us magically grows wings, we're know I'm no good at chess...
F: LOOK! Right there! There's a banner made of ladies' clothes flapping in the breeze!
G: I'm SO voting on guardsmen training next council.

Kaysta says:

After reading all of these, my favorite is probly Silverwolf's :D
Wait... Lurkers aren't suppose to comment... >_>

l says:

A I'm sorry. I cannot save you all from the . dragn's wrath. I have sworn never to bear the . sword again.
B Hey! So did I! I'll go tell them that we can't . help.
C Ugh! Those people asked me to fight a dragon. . No way!
D Dragons? We are frightened enough of this . horse... and whatever that other thing is.
E Yah... And I have to... bite my nails?
F Young lady! You are the only one left who can . defend the city from the wrath of the dragon!
G Hey, nobody else was stupid enough to do that, . why do you think I am any different? Besides, . what dragon?

And they never did find out exactly what had happened.

Absconder says:

Silverwolf's were the greatest, but I like all these fill-ins.

aj says:

A:This is my house so, GO AWAY! B:No its our house, the nubers are just switched around. C:This isn't east Street! D:What is it? E: nothing that can harm you. F:AHHHHH! What happened to the gold tomes. G: you were on guard duty, not me.

lawoma says:

A:For the last time, this isn't the inn!!!
B:Sir, The number says this is 61 Alvery lane which is an inn.

C:Wasn't "Ye Old Drunk" over there? How am I gonna get wasted now?

D:That ugly knight gives me the creeps.
E:Shhh...she is quit sensitive, you know.

f:But look, The domes, gone.
G:I don't see how thats MY problem.

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