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Chasing the Sunset
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DMFox says:

But But...I want to see if itching powder works too.

Xander says:

I'd like to satisfy my curiosity as well.... unfortunately, I'm not immortal (nor invincible...) Link, as usual, actually does have a good point.... (as does, oddly Feiht...)

Blik says:

I think that the dragons aren't as dangerous as people claim they are. And, since they are in tune with magick (most likely), they will be able to see Feiht and perhaps aid our intrepid heroes in... dealing with her.
Anyway, I think we all know kinda what will happen if you dump 500 pounds of itching powder on a flock (?) of dragons...
As the bumper sticker says, "Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup."

.Dexter says:

Ahh But the real question to ask yourself is: Did ketchup exist back then??
and if not, are we good without ketchup?
also..are elves good like humans?

Odo says:

You know, it seems to me that an itching dragon would be only slightly more dangerous than a non-itching dragon. It would, however, be under significantly less control.
There are some thing fay were not meant to learn.
But why is the guard sneaking after them? Time will tell.

hkmaly says:

After them ? The guard was runing to the dragons, he realised that, wait after branch and after they went around, he is sneaking back to gate ...

Ivellios says:

Blik you read elf only in before it stoped updating because thats a exactly what one of the charectors said when they "found" a dragon
and on the topic of the update being late i found a way it could be blamed on alien instead of myth for once alien you put too much detail in your comic especialt for a fully coloured one for myth to finish on time :) but i love it but now im going to point out what parts you included in the comic wich most people don't notice unless its removed the waterfall in frame 1 the plant growing in frame 2 Ayne's clasp for her claok, the things in leaf's hair the colour of leaf's and ayne's eyes and the individual arrow plumes (though alot of that was lost in myths couloring bad myth :D) wow that was alot in that frame in frame 4 the clasp on the guards cloak Myhrads eye colour etc the thing is you probably drew alot more wich doesnt show up in the downsized version and other ones wich no longer apear after colouring oooh i just noticed that the clothing has the crease marks for were their arms are bending and the way its sitting on their bodies and i think you yourselves have started to notice that with the find feiht and with one of the previos ones were we got to see a close up of leaf before the finished comic was put up we saw that alot of detail was lost so alien stop being such a good artist and putting in to much detail

Ivellios says:

oh and im pretty sure myth and alien have noticed that when something happens to one of them that makes the comic delayed i always come up with a realy overly complex way of giving why its because of the other person but the thing is i can only find 2 other comics wich go into this much exessive detail and neither of those are downsized because they get unlimited bandwidth but not only that the one wich is colour only updates once a week and the b&w one updates twice a week and now people are probably going to complain about me complaining without reading the entire 2 messages and will then send you heaps of support etc but OOC why do you put in so much detail when other people dont i remember when you used to put in a mushroom in the background every so often

Alien says:

Alas, mushrooms don\'t grow in this mountain pass.

Tallguy says:

A group of dragon is known as a flight, Blink.

Moonclaw says:

I'm going to say that's the other guard right?Well at least he wasn't eaten. Great strip, very funny.Can't wait till the next strip.

Squiddhartha says:

Ivellios, the saying "do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup" is an old riff on Tolkien's "do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger."

Osk says:

a group of dragons is known as big trouble, more likely. anyway, if the itching powder doesnt work, dragons have lots of shiny things.

Qzole says:

Like lots of shiny scales, they are just sooo pretty in the morning sunlight.
I wonder how would a dragon look like without scales....ugh :P

Cerulean Lion says:

Feiht is immortal. Does that mean she's indestructable? If she's not indestructable, does she know that?
Am I taking this too seriously? :p

Pumpkin says:

Elves aren't immortal?! o.o
Oh, and who's sneaking around in panel 4? Was that the guard that ran earlier, or did I miss something? >.>

Ebeth says:

valuable rewatchamacallit! XD love it.
what's that in the first panel? A mini waterfall?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Pixies and scientific research? I find that a highly over-used excuse to do something you really shouldn't. Irritating dragons is not high on my list of priorities.
Maybe we'll get lucky and a dragon will try to eat Feiht.
And another thing, Tolkien's elves weren't immortal per-say. The could be slain in battle or die of chronic depression, more or less. One of a few useful things I learned from The Simarilion.

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

*Sneaks off with large bags of itching powder in the general direction of the dragons...*

AnyaStyrzod says:

I realize evryone's mentioned this already, but the art has really improved since comic #1! Keep up the great work ^_^*

Silverwolf says:

Even if the elves were immortal, they are certainly NOT invulnerable.

Mr. Tiddles says:

is there some test to become a pixie? cause i wanna be immortal too! *prepares itching dust for future use*

The small stalker midget says:

Yes, don't we all?

Also, invincible and immortal, under certain circumstances, are synonym. Ain't that just peachy...

patchwork zombie says:

preaty mutch all the elves in the simarilion died tragicaly

Auryn says:

Holy run-on sentence batman...

Aerinelf says:

Whoa. Looong comments.

Aerinelf says:

I like the corner of the map that I can see, by the way.

Ryujin says:

Myhrad fieht & most pixies are theifs.... Fieht: are not!

sister says:

I love the details! And I have never problems to see the comic because of the details... Keep up the fantastic details! Details is such a beautiful part of your art and artstyle. Have I mentioned the details by the way? They are lovely!

Zelda says:

Good job you guys! I absolutely love this comic. The map looks a little too much like cloth though. Unless it's SUPPOSED to be cloth ...

modus666 says:

i believe the proper plural term for a group of dragons is a 'flight' of dragons. but i coudl be mistaken.

taltamir says:


Properly spelled "there"... I never thought I would see the day when someone correctly spells that word.

the raven says:

wot is the guard doing?! XD love this comic!

*Skittles* says:

Hiding from Myhrad! ☺

Bubbles says:

how do u do smileys ? hahaha "valuable whatchimacallit". Why do u hav 2 hide from myhrad?!

Lone Star says:

"valuable rewatchamacallit" bwahahaha

Lone Star says:

oh and a soldier is sneaking around for no apparent reason!

TheNextTaggerung says:

One of my friends had valuable rewatchamacallit conducted on her when a boy in her class dumped several cockroaches on her desk. The teacher did not buy his excuse that "it was all in the name of science".

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