Chasing the Sunset
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harpersong says:

Gods I love that dragon! By the by...just curious, why does feiht wear such a plain dress? One would think she would shiny-fy it asap.

Jamya says:

remind me to make fun of you when it happens ^_^ hilarious!

Ivellios says:

because if she shiny-fied it then she would be distracted by it and would miss out on other shiny's

Reinder says:

She wears a plain dress because all that bling would only get in the way while trying to steal more bling. Also she doesn't want to be constantly distracted by her own dress.

Odo says:

"Food poisoning..." Heh.

Chariset says:

Explain to me why no one's taken a flyswatter to Feiht yet?

Romkira says:

No one has taken a fly swatter to Feiht because WE aren't actually in the comic. And she has her uses.

Black Mantha says:

A very important comic. Here we learn some/

Ivellios says:

yay i just noticed a zoom button wich has just been added will that be added to all the comics from now on and useable in the archives or will they only be available for the current comic due to bandwidth?

Lee says:

If Feiht wore a shiny dress all the other pixies would try to steal it.

Ivellios says:

baah i was trying to count how many mushrooms alien drew in the comics so far but i gave up after 50

Reinder says:

Oooh, I like the zoom button. Click it, it's shiny!

Reinder says:

Speaking of shiny... I spy with my little eye... a Thor's Hammer! I wonder where she got that?

Moonclaw says:

Hee,I love dragons. Myhrad is still in prefect pouncing range to catch Feiht too. Great strip, can't wait till the next one!

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

Elves can get wrinkly? Even the historian isn't wrinkly... maybe elves have to be a few million years old for that...

Silverwolf says:

Or elves have natural botox.
With regards to the flyswatter and Feiht, I think Ayne's already tried with the flat of her sword. Sooner or later she's gonna succeed. Or develop a pixie weapon...glitter-embedded flypaper.

bookbook says:

Dragons don't die from stupidity! They die from laziness.

bookbook says:

Elves are NOT wrinkly whe they're a million! They look about 45. Hair going slightly gray. When they're one BILLION years old, now that's when they get their first wrinkles. At one trillion they usually have reached a kind of age limit and they go boom boom kablooie and just so you can incorporate this into the story, Mithrandir, when they go boom boom kablooie all that's left of them is a white shiny stone that has magical properties. Unless the elf happens to ba an Amazon. Then the stone is blue. Pixies prefer the white ones.

Riverting says:

Man, it's been so long sense I wrote a comment here... I love the last pannel! And I don't know if this was just put up or I never noticed it, but I clicked the "bigger" button and I really like the bigger version. =)

Nebra Reppalk says:

Dwarves mistaking them for montains?!?! I resent that comment!! Has anyone ever seen a blue and orange striped mountain? I didn't think so. DEATH TO THE PIXIE, LONG LIVE MORADAIN!!!!!!!

Pulsy says:

Thanks for adding that "bigger" button on top :D Now it's SO much easier to see details ^^ (No clue how long it's been there already but i just found out like 30 seconds ago :P)

wolf demon says:

what is that bird in the fourth pannle

Queenie J says:

A new scientific study has shown that dragons react to pixie application of itching powder by eating pixies. Elves and small dragons used in the experiment were not harmed if they fled. The scientists promise to conduct further studies as soon as they recover their test tubes and clipboard clips. "Hey, give that back!" prominent scientist Dr. What said of the experiment. "It's mine, you infernal excuse for a faerie!"

Blue River says:

Is there a stream behind them?
FYI elves live to be a thousand years old.
Me like bigger button!!!!

Thecatteam says:

Ummm... Mith? If you are going to put up a thing on the side with the story so far for new readers, you might actually want to update it becaust Leaf and Ayne don't even meet the Amozons yet in the description!!!! :D

Thecatteam says:

Yeah bigger button!

Lee says:

Mmmm... big butt...on!

CryptoGirl says:

feiht's "research" proposition isn't very convincing if she can't even remember how to SAY research. why, of all species, are the PIXIES made immortal? there's no escape!

SuperCat says:

I think the pixies gave themselves immortality to play pranks for all of time!
you've got to admit it's a good idea...

Squeakers says:

That line from Myhrad is actually some how really cute.

sjon says:

How long till Feiht realises dragons won't eat her for fear of food poisoning?

Pumpkin says:

I love how Myhrad said that with such a straight face. :D

Ebeth says:

Wow! Me loves! This clears up a lot...and is hilariously funny. I love myrhad! And feiht! And leaf! And Ayne! and the birdy! And...oh heck i love everybody. Happy love peace drugs people. HIPPY TIME! w00T!
Ok you'll have to excuse my complete insanity. i sort of just got up... (have day of skoooool!!! sleeeeep! yesssss!)

bookbook says:

About the elfstone I-wait a minute gotta go

Narissona says:

funny white dragon spotting in panel four

Ryujin says:

hmm i wonder if pixies are actually food poisoning... *eats a pixie then croaks X_X*

Empress Catriona of the Cat-Elves says:

I'm going to hang around until I spot a wrinkly elf, and then when I find one, I'm going to ask it how old it is.

basic says:

is there an rss feed I can subscribe to for the news and stuff section below?

Mithandir says:

Sortof. is the rss for the news and stuff, but it doesn\'t carry the comic delay notices. I should change that sometime.

Silverwolf says:

You know, I wonder if there are any other fey species. We've only seen pixies, and Morgan Le Fay...

Faticia says:

I love Myhrad!

Aerinelf says:

Is that white creature with wings a bird? Its tail looks interesting. And Myhrad looks really cute in the third panel!

Aerinelf says:

Never mind. I can see the tail now. ^_^

CryptoGirl says:

yes, supercat, it was a good idea. but only for the pixies. not for the people who the pranks get played on. i should know!

Master_click says:

Is someone in the head department sick or sommething?

Bob says:

how did the pixies appear in the first place? are they born or just there kinda like gods or both

Rampant says:

Bob don't ever let them hear that. You think they're insufferable now.

Squeakers says:

Not only would other pixies try to steal Feiht's dress, she herself would either try to steal it from herself or be so involved in looking at her dress she would forget to do anything else!

bookbook says:

OK, I'm back. So about the elfstones I mentioned, basically what they are are the Amazon stones. Except the Amazons didn't realize all of their powers. More on elfstones later...

hkmaly says:

BOB: Comix 158: As a Pixie, Feiht is as old as world itself, but her short attention timespan keeps her forever young.

Bubbles says:

comic 158 hmph- Short attention span keeps you forever young, eh? I should try that!

Tournesol says:

Short attention span keeps you young? Better stop taking my ADD medicine then :-P

TheNextTaggerung says:

Feiht is thor!
She has hammer!

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