The dragon's curse
Chasing the Sunset
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allevil says:

First comment? Yay?

smile says:

first comment, for me anyways, this strip was sad, the previous ones were funny. Wonderful comic!

Chariset says:

Awww....poor Myrhad

MB says:

Ouch ... That really sucks for the CtS dragons ... -_-; Poor Myhrad.

Old one says:

hope they run in to a sane one, I think it would become rather messy otherwise :(
great expressions though!

Silverwolf says:

So, what, dragons have this incredible midlife crisis or something? Geez...I wonder how much prozac a dragon would need to keep from going mad...

Rheun says:

Except, if they always get killed shortly afterwords, that makes it more of an end-of-life crisis.

Rampant says:

Well maybe they just get really anoying and smelly, and the other dragons just can't handle it.

Pulsy says:

Wow this really reminds me of a wonderfull short story i once read on this very site, about an old dragon that was about to die... I sure hope they don't run into an ancient dragon that needs to be killed, ima cry my heart out if they do :S

Mithandir says:

Pulsy: Yes, this strip is partly meant to tie that story into the World That Is universe ;)

Master_click says:


Master_click says:

poor dragons

Master_click says:


Pixie Slayer says:

I wonder if the reason Myhad is so gloomy is not because he's worried about the company running into an old dragon but because he's running low on time to find his parents? He might not be actively searching for them, but his profile says he hopes he finds them someday.

Arithon says:

HELLO!! Sorry it has been so long since I lasted posted.
This is why I wouldn't want to be immortal I would see my friends family everyone grow old and die while I stay young...

Nebra Reppalk says:

Losing your parents can be hard, very hard.... I won't bore you wih the details but I'm almost an orphan myself, so I can understand Myhad

Verie badd speler says:

I was wundering why fieht wasnt saying any thing until i soomd in on the sixth panal.Is fieht getting a litle cold? : )

Kitty McKitten says:

Where shes going lokks like a pixie mansion compared to the pixie flats (I'm British)

Kitty McKitten says:

By flats I mean the pixie bedrooms I forgot what pixie vision said!

bookbook says:

Elfstones can cure all madness except dragon madness. Are you listening, Mithrandir?

Adae says:

Hmmm.. this reminds me of the book Tuck Everlasting. Very interesting and thoughtful. I like this comic because it is both thoughtful and humourus.

CryptoGirl says:

no, feiht isn't getting cold, she's just looking for more shinees. too bad, i already stole all of the ones from Ayne's backpack. didn't hear/read that...

Ebeth says:

Awww...poor myrhad. *sniff*

AnyaStyrzod says:

Aww, poor dragons. This makes me depressed. I'm going to go mope now.

SuperCat says:

Cryptogirl, i'm sorry but i kinda spilled my itching powder in there... :( hope that rash clears up. XD

ArcticChicken says:

absolutely loving this "you have missed thus-and-such many comics" thing

MB says:

Hmmm. Maybe, if the CtS dragons took up the mythical habit of hibernating when the world gets to be too much, they could extend their lifespan without going nuts? Think about it; it'd be a long, peaceful break from all the dying.

Dimiana says:

A comment I would have made sooner, but only just now got up to date with my reading is..... Leaf -finally- got some decent traving clothes!
As for the dragons... Being one of a sort my self, you'd think after so many years dragons would learn to accept the cycle of life. Be thankdful for the friends you've had and what you where around to witness. How ever I can also understand how one living so long could just get tired of life and desire to move on. The idea of a long hibernation is also a good one When things start to get to be too much, take a long nap and when you wake see how much the world has changed... Though some times you might find it's changed for the worse. Anyhow, it's a really good story, keep up the wonderful work

Rampant says:

Never liked the hibernation soultion of Immortality myself. If you can't hack it now you won't be able to hack it 20 years from now.

bookbook says:

The problem for Myrhad isn't the madness, it's Feiht rubbing it in. Myrhad can accept fate, but not Feiht.

Silverwolf says:

Well the solution may be quite simple.
Dragon 1: So many years...I can't take it anymore! EEEYAAAHHH!!!

*Dragon 2 gives dragon 1 a hard smack across the face*

Dragon 1: Thanks, I needed that.

MB says:

Yeah, that'd be good. ^^; Sadly, if Dragon #1. really has gone mad, he would then proceed with an attempt to disembowel Dragon #2. ...

Narissona says:

sniffle... that was pretty sad

Queenie J says:

Depressing. But a good point. Poor Leaf, he's so sweet. And he actually cares about Myrhad. Ayne looks v. old from the back. And nice detail on Leaf's brooch. Or cloak-pin-whatever it is. You know what I mean.

nick012000 says:


So, over the long run, Shadowrun dragons would probabply pwn Chasing the Sunset dragons.

"Shoot straight, watch your back, conserve ammo, and never, ever deal with a dragon." :P

taltamir says:

well, its not that bad... beats dying at age 60 from a heart attack.

Silverwolf says:

So how did Leaf, who's supposedly older than Ayne, end up looking younger? And where is his bow?

ArcticChicken says:

it's well known that women mature sooner than men

Qzole says:

Strange somehow Leaf on the 3th panel reminds me of Frodo...
Silverwolf: and also the age difference is only 12 years (131, 143) and he didn't pack his bow (he instead packed games ^^), and we can see in the 7th strip that Leaf kinda neglected archery

Qzole says:

hmmm... when Ayne first appeared she looked MUCH younger :)

Empress Catriona of the Cat-Elves says:

Is Fieht sneaking into Ayne's back-pack in the last panel? Bad pixie!

Dragonmaster says:

To correct, Feight isn't looking for shinies. She's hiding from Myrhad.
Or maybe she is looking for shinies. Never know with a pixie.

Queenie J says:

I like the plant details on this strip as well, and want the next one! Waah! Poor Leaf, he's so sweet. And Ayne's hair is done v. well. It's hard to draw hair from the back!

Bob says:

going back to comic 158 (thanks hkmaly)took a long time there should be a button or speicial page or somthing to get to specific comics faster.

on the way back to the comic i was looking for i noticed that the artwork now is incredibly improved, with better lines, shadowing, color, and perspective. i choose to stop now because there is too much more to compliment on for now.


Clay says:

Hey I found this thing called ButtonMen, did you guys ever think of trying to make ButtonMen for that game out of your characters?

Wildy says:

Poor Myhrad... Oh, and beware the Ides of March (that's today)!

Bastet says:

Yeah, poor Myhrad... 'Beware the ides of March' is from julius Caeser! I'm not sure if that's how yous spell it...

AnyaStyrzod says:

Ides of March! Beware!! My day wasn't that bad but I know someone who keeps getting hurt...coincidence?
You almost spelled it right, Bastet. I take Latin, so yes I care. It's Caesar. Et tu, Brute? Cur me adhuc vexas!

dragonqueencr says:

Ok lemme try this, AnyaStyrzod said "and you Brutus?" which is what Ceasar said when he saw Brutus in the Senate that murdered him. I dont know the rest though

Moonclaw says:

Aww,poor Myhrad...
Is that a new coloring technich? It's very vibrent, I like it!

taltamir says:

Leaf = short for his age...
Anya = large for her age...

Its a very simple explanation, he is older, she looks older.

AnyaStyrzod says:

dragonqueencr, it is a kind of joke between us Latin geeks. To make a long story short, there is this extremely bothersome and cowardly character in our textbook. So we did a project to make fun of him because we all hate him. Hence, Cur me adhuc vexas?? Or, for those non-Latin-speakers out there, Why do you still annoy me?? :)

Bubbles says:

awww...issosad! Gimmea cleanx

TheNextTaggerung says:


hum says:

Why haven't dragons evolved a subconscious that sorts out those bad memories like humans I wonder.

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