Butterfly Collection
Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

Ayne has a definite evil streak.

krazzy says:

and is probably unstable

krazzy says:

feihts immortal right? does that mean she'll forever be alive with a nail though her gut?... that would be... unpleasent...

Pav Lucistnik says:

Immortal doesn't equal unkillable.

King of Shadows says:

immortal most usually means unable to die from old age, but sometimes people say that means they can't die, invincibility means that you can't be hurt or die from wounds, but you can die from old age. Now a combination of both is good.

Feldar says:

or God, as the case may be.

ivellios says:

immortal means you cannot die and sometimes dont age but you can be send into little death wich means until your body heals your pretty much dead so to effectivly kill an immortal being you cut it into little pieces wich is what i think ayne is planning on doing

Blazerflare says:

I believe Ayne is planning to nail the pixie onto something, not cut the pixie to pieces.

Shadow Phoenix says:

What's that thing in Panel 3 next to Myhrad's tail? It looks like roadkill.

Lee says:

Krazzy: look up the legend of Prometheus sometime. Eww.

Lone Star says:

Yes, Lee. The tale of Prometheus is ewwy.

Goldenear777 says:

very eewwwww

Lokitf says:

Immortal is a band!

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