Nobody told the dragons
Chasing the Sunset
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Chariset says:

Ooooh, I hope that's not a Dragon Senior Citizen...

MB says:

Yipe! o_o; Look at the crazy gleam in its eye! And there's two of them - mated pair with hungry young?!

MB says:

Wait ... How'd it manage to snatch up Feiht? Was she just sucked along in the dragon's wake, perhaps?

trixingee says:

ooh, the firey one is so awesome! ^^ looks so nice and warm... ^_________^

Lady Issy says:

Maybe they'd be better off WITHOUT Feint this time. ;-)

Or maybe Feint is going to have to rescue them.

What is that reflecting in the blue dragon's eye in panel 3? Looks like lightning!

taltamir says:

feiht goes in the clenched fist without person parts sticking out.. And I think its more like a dragon council thing...

Odo says:

"We don't have to worry about ..." One of these days there has to be a list for would-be heroes of actions and words to avoid.
Feiht is falling right there in the last panel, so she must have gotten grabbed somehow. I hope she doesn't try itching powder...
I notice Ayne managed to get her sword drawn. Good work on her part.

Gon says:

>> "One of these days there has to be a list for would-be heroes of actions and words to avoid"

Such a list allready exists. I don't know where exactly but it has been created by roleplayers long time ago and people keep on adding stuff.

There are many things on it like "this passage is perfectly clear, I double checked it for traps" or "rest assured, those lizzards are nocturnal, we won't even see them during the day"

the list contains mostly sentences to avoid but some actions are written down there as well. I'll see if I can find the link

Mithandir says:

Re: List Well, you can just come to our IRC channel (#adnd on and do \"!lastwords\". My bot has over 1800 on file :)

Offski says:

It's great to see how well this comic has developed over time, great work Mithandir and Alien! The story keeps moving and the art is excellent.

And Odo, I'm not sure if Ayne's sword will be all that useful against two dragons.

David Argall says:

Darkwacky says:

Hmm one Blue one Orange..........

Dragonmaster says:

No, it's not Myrhad's parents. We've seen those.

Lightning and Lava dragons. The lava dragon is actually kinda similar to how I draw mine, only mine is more serpentine.

And Feight is in Ayne's bag. If you zoom in on the last comic, you'll see her feet sticking out.

Osk says:

dragon taxi... beats walking

Qzole says:

Well, we saw Myhrad's parents, but 135 years passed since then...
Could they change this much? Maybe becouse they lost Myhrad...

rhrobinson1 says:

Feight is not in Ayne's bag, look at panel 2

Pumpkin says:

Nice job. ^^

Silverwolf says:

Well either these are insane dragons, in which case we'll see just how much combat skill these elves really have, or they are going to interrogate them. We can only hope they're as reasonable as Myrhad...and Feiht doesn't interfere...
Oh they are so screwed.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Ah yes, Murphy's Law. Whatever can go wrong will, and at the most unoportune moment. When will intrepid explorers ever learn? WATCH YOUR BACK!!

Nebra Reppalk says:

Oh, and that metal armor I mentioned a while back, might be helpful right about now.

Faticia says:

The blue dragon looks insane- or at least his eye is quite wierd.
Nice drawings Alien!

harpersong says:

I'm one of those that's thinking about his parents, just 'cause it'd be cool lol...on the flip side it would change the dynamic of the group lots, myrhad's disposition and such...

Mia says:

Lookie! A "Bigger!" button o.O

... The blue dragon is scary =/

Mia says:

And Ayne looks great in that blue outfit, by the way! ^^

AnyaStyrzod says:

Great work!!!

Pixie Slayer says:

Feiht's the one who asked where the dragons were. Apparently she crawled out of Ayne's pack 'cause she's flying above Leaf's shoulder. (I only saw that when I biggered the picture.) She's seen again when the dragon drops the foursome. I have no idea how the dragon managed to carry her in those claws, but maybe she was trapped between one of the other three and the dragon.

dragonqueencr says:

honestly, I think that Feight just flew along for the ride. I love Leaf's expression in the third pannel. The strip is beautiful. and there is so much detail like the birds in the backround of the fourth pannel.

apparantly they LIVE in the valley

Queenie J says:

It's a beautiful comic! "They never come into the valleeeeeeeeeeeeeey" is almost as good as "I have here in this sack a few simple rats". Maybe even better. I'll get back to you on this later. Must. Know. What. Happens. Next.

Ebeth says:

*gasp* OH NO!!! lol
drawings are great...i love the dragon's mad gleam in eye thing there... :D lava's great too...this is amazing people. Amazing.

Shadow Phoenix says:

Beautiful. And scary. And funny. And dramatic. And it has DRAGONS! This is one of my favorite comics so far. A few things: Feiht was flying around in panels 1 and 2, and you can see the dragon drop her in panel 6. Looking at them in the backstory, the orange dragon could be Myrhad's mom, but the blue one couldn't be his father; he didn't have horns. Now watch me admire the pretty lava-looking dragon and the scary lightning eyes!

SuperCat says:

ok, it sucks for them, but...
is it possible to be a dragon and a pixie at the same time?

Trelweny says:

ooo! Plot thickens!

... says:

Faaaamous Laaaaast Wooooords....

Lucky there were just four of them. What would the dragon have done with a fifth adventurer?

Chariset says:


MB says:

@ Supercat: Yes. Yes, it is. Have you never heard of the AD&D faerie dragons?

bookbook says:

It looks like a Fire dragon and a Midnight dragon. They almost never mate and when they do, they have babies that are blue and orange and sleep during the day. Wait a minute...

4WindsWanderer says:

Awww. Not Myhrad's parents. I mean they couldn't possibly change that much, even if dragons do grow all their lives. The dad had only two digits on his miniscule arms. The lightning-eyed dragon has humongous arms. Oh well ... maybe they know his parents though, and his parents are still alive.

Nailo says:

Big Blue's not using a back leg.

Feiht is in Ayne's ear,panel 3. I didn't even need the bigger button.

Qzole says:

I think you see the end of the arrows...

Dragonmaster says:

Oops, My bad. Ignore my comment about Feight. I see her above Leaf.

Blonde moment there.... ^_^;

Moonclaw says:

Oh I love their shocked faces. Hee, spoke a little to soon...can't wait till the next strip!

Narissona says:

They could be Myhrads grandparents or something... I bet Myhrad is somehow closely related to them.
NEED NEXT COMIC!! I'm dieing (however you spell it) to read the next one! *sigh* I need more patience

Bastet says:

Oooh. Is the purple dragon insane or something???

Shadow Phoenix says:

Feiht is SO not in Ayne's ear, that's her bundle of arrows. The dragon has four legs, one per main character. ;)

Bastet says:

By the way, is Rhyme telling the story or something?

bookbook says:

Narissona-it's spelled "dying." Sorry, but I'm just a grammar freak. Sort of.

AnyaStyrzod says:

Patience is a virtue...Good things come to those who wait... Sorry. I'll stop now.

dragyn says:

Yes, patience is a virtue, albeit one I lack...

AnyaStyrzod says:

Lots of people lack that virtue, dragyn, don't worry...I do too :)

Dragonmaster says:

I see Feight!
The dragon got her in a back talon.
If you zoom in and look in the last panel, she's right above Ayne's head. Upside-down, too.

LiaFlame says:

excuse me, Dragonmaster, i'm blonde. please don't discriminate. lol, it's ok, i forgive you.

CryptoGirl says:

to all the people saying stuff about the lava and lighnting dragons, like what happens when they mate, how you drew them, how did you know? and even if you didn't, how could you have drawn them like that? just curious.
supercat, i think dragons and pixies have something in common. except that the dragons are considerably more evil about it. just think about the characteristics of each.....

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Comic 350 ========= Frame 1: 같같같같 * entering the valley Ayne: Hey, that's actually quite a nice valley. Frame 2: 같같같같 * A bit farther in Feiht: So where's the dragons? Leaf: Oh, we don't have to worry about those until we get to the second pass. Frame 3: 같같같같 * Dragon swoops down and picks them all up Leaf: They never come into the valleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Frame 4: 같같같같 * Dragon flies with them Frame 5: 같같같같 * Dragon flies with them some more Frame 6: 같같같같 * Dragon drops them in front of bigger dragon