When two dragons fight for an elf ...
Chasing the Sunset
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hkmaly says:

No small version of comix ?

eekee says:


Odo says:

"Hush, you fool..." LOL! It's sometimes hard to remember that "young" equals more than a century. Myrhad rocks!
Love the firedrake, just for beauty, tho.

Kaiou says:

hmm I can't see this

MB says:

Just click the 'bigger' icon.

Hoo boy, Myhrad is showing some real guts. And giving good advice; in the oldest tales, dragons had hypnotic eyes. That, and they might consider a direct look as a hostile act, making them strike right away.

These dragons seem to be rather nasty, by the way ...

Mithandir says:

Sorry about that, some errors in the scripts that run the site. Small version up too now.

Chariset says:

Uh oh.. These are not nice dragons

Ivellios says:

is it just me or does myrhad look alot like a cat in the 4th and last picture?

Mimir says:

Myrad: I may be small, but if you don't let me have them, I'll give the pixie permission to experiment on you.

Dragons: A pixie?!? FLY!!!

MB says:

Actually, these guys look more of the type to say: "A pixie? BURN IT!"

@ Ivellios: When does Myhrad NOT remind us of a bit housecat? ^^;

Martin Rudat says:

I wonder if we're about to find out what happens when you put itching powder on big dragons...

Pulsy says:

Myhrad ... jumped? Omg he's like not lazy anymore?

Shadow says:

Myhead: I'm faster than You Fatman

Silverwolf says:

And then the dragons decided to end the lives of the crazy ones...by dropping a magical nuke on them. The end.

Qzole says:

uuh... what's that x on the lava dragon in panel 2?
Martin: don't think so, Feiht is right next to them.

Pumpkin says:

(What, was I supposed to say more?) ^^

Nebra Reppalk says:

Yeah, that still leaves Ayne unaccounted for. She's armed by the way, let's hope she doesn't do something incredibly foolish.
I hope Myhrad knows what he's doing

AnyaStyrzod says:

"Don't look into their eyes?" Does this explain the really weird look in the dragon's eye in the last comic?? ;)

Flaming Mono says:

what x?

crazyninny says:

Awww... I love how Myhard has his tail up in protection.

Bastet says:


Kaya says:

I downloaded one of Edith Nesbit's dragon short stories (from audiobooksforfree.com) once about how a dragon turns into the first housecat. It's a great story. I think it might be "The Dragon Tamers."

dragonqueencr says:

I read that too. yup that story is called dragon tamers and it was a bout a iron dragon that was acctually a really big cat

Elzooi says:

Indeed, what is that X like thing on the dragons back in panel 2?

Queenie J says:

Oooh. Cliffhanger. Plot development, but it fits into the CtS universe. If Myrhad was separated from his parents at such an early age, how much does he know about dragons? Maybe it's genetic instinct. Or not.

Mithandir says:

Queenie: He\'ll actually explain that himself in a strip in the near future :)

Faticia says:

I have one word for this strip: Nice!

Sitara says:

Mr. Tibbles says:

awesome. dragons rule!

dragyn says:

Sitara, the easiest way to insert a URL so it isn't messy is to put it in your name, which is done by typing it in the "URL (optional)" box under it in the posting section. Mine currently links to my site, for an example of how it'd work.

Lee says:

A word about the bigger strips. I really appreciate the opportunity to see the art at higher resolution (and in this day and age of broadband and HDTV I just wish a lot more strips would do the same).

So far I've been able to access big strips going back to #328. It would be nice if the entire archive was also available in large format, but I realise that uploading 327 big strips would be a bit time consuming, not to mention the server space involved. Even so, if it was possible... (makes big puppy eyes)

Aklon says:

This one of the greatest comics ive had a chance to read. Loving the art

Mithandir says:

Lee: We\'ll add some more soonish. However we will only provide the shaded ones as bigger because before that the quality is too lacking to be blown up without a lot of extra work.

thewatermelon says:

goooooooooooooooooo MYRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PrancyPranceUnicorn says:

it seems thewatermelon is excited for some reason...
oh what the heck.
*joins in*

Aerinelf says:

Aww... Myhrad is still cute. And he still looks sort of like a giant cat... ^_^ I like the third panel.

Cerulean Lion says:

So how protective of "whelplings" are the adult dragons? And does "protectiveness" include adults respecting whelpling's property?

DragonFire says:

ohh! i know who these two dragons are they are Myhrad parents

if you look in the back story his parents were blue and orange and here we got a blue and a orange!


DragonFire says:

and the orange one is differnt because in the back story she got hit by lighting and that could of changed her

Shadow Phoenix says:

Sorry, that was addressed in the comments last time. The colors are right, but Myhrad's parents were "kangaroo-shaped" and the blue one (his dad?) didn't have horns.

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

Maybe they're Myrhad's aunt and uncle, or some other member of his extended family.

Is that blurry thin in the 'News and Stuff' Feiht?

DragonFire says:

oh... i didnt see that one

Ryujin says:

go myhrad hes going to get them out with not force but his intellect!^^

Squirt says:

I think I see the x. Is it just below the wing?

bookbook says:

Dragons are VERY protective of "whelplings." If you don't believe me try looking at that part of the comic where it tells how Leaf met Myrhad.
When Myrhad says, "they're mine," does he mean that they belong to him like they're under his protection, or that he has the right to eat them?

Qzole says:

2nd I think

Pixie Slayer says:

Argh, you people! Doth you delight in torturing your poor readers? Get us to a killer of a spot, and then make us wait...

Pixie Slayer says:

Not that I'm complaining, of course...

mewilliamson says:

it looks like the X is in the 2nd and 6th panel, and in the previous strip at the top of the tail about.

Janet R says:

I can't believe it! I finally caught up to you in the storyline!

Aklon says:

Woohoo I just figure it all out!


bookbook says:

Can the dragons hear what Myrhad is saying to Leaf?

bookbook says:

the red one is a volcano

Sabre says:

Honestly, that X looks very suspicious. It was there in the previous comic, so it likely isn't part of one of Feint's "plans". Maybe some human tried to "spot" for archers or something?

Moonclaw says:

Such a brave little dragon. Go Myhrad! Can't wait till the next strip!

Zela says:

I like how Myhrad has his tail in the air... I think it looks defensive, though. I don't think Ayne can hear what they are saying - she's almost as far away as the big dragons. That could be a problem. Myhrad looks so cool in midair, and his little wings and all. Leaf's hair looks great too.

I'm hoping these dragons turn out friendly... :) Cool.

Also, thanks very much to Alien and Mithandir for putting up the links to other comics - I even got my little brother interested in LinT! He normally doesn't care for that sort of thing.

Squirt says:

Why do they(the dragons) call him "whelpling"?Why not "drageling"?

Grog says:

Because the term for a baby dragon is, in fact, whelp :)

Mithandir says:

Why do you call them \"children\" and not \"humanlings\"? :) Inter-species comunication isn\'t easy, even when you all somehow speak the same language.

Faticia says:

Thanks for the links! I absolutely love all of them- especially LinT! :)

Squirt says:

Sorry Mithandir. I didn't realize that.

Squirt says:

Besides, "humanlings" sonds weird.

Bubbles says:

I liky all of the dragons

JuneBug says:

The red dragon is really cool looking.
Good Job!

MoonMinx says:

I like the skin ont he orange one. All cracked like cracked stone showing lava underneath

ultrainventor says:


ultrainventor says:

i agree with squirt. humanling sounds... strange...

myhrad says:


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