The dragonlands
Chasing the Sunset
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Gunner says:

Oooh... She's drawn her sword, will there be slain dragons?

Mia says:

I have a feeling the big dragons have figured Myhrad out. About the "food", I mean.

Gon says:

Her sword was drawn all the time since they were dropped of. I think she didn't grasp the sittuation at it's total complicity. Those dragons are no longer a thread to them if they do not act unwise. They accepted those 2 elfs as his "food" saying that they looked through his lie and with this sarcasm seem to make fun of them. If they behave like I think they will they might have a little bit of fun with them but knowing Myhrads parents maybe won't hurt Myhrads friends for he has to stay in this lesser world with all those lesser races (like elfs) ^^

just my 2 cent

Blik says:

Why am I so sure that the Terrible Quad will without hesitation plunge into the Dragonlands? Meh, I dunno. Either it's something I ate, or I'm psychic.
And I'm actually suprized that Feiht hasn't... wait... Is she still in the dragons mouth? ... ROFL!!!

Pulsy says:

Leaf looks like he's really comfortable laying down on his belly with Myhrad on his back... Just talking n relaxing :D

Gon says:

I think Feiht might be in his stomach by now. The way he's holding it ... might be an indicator but might be just me.

dragonqueencr says:

i think leaf is hideing from the dragon's bab breath in the 5th pannel

Some kid says:

Go alone?! that sound scary

Irish Drinker says:

Ahhhh... Its good to know his parents are alive and well. I guess these dragons don't want to be out of mortals lands just yet. Too scrumptious. As for Feint.. she never got out of the Dragon that I saw.. and the dragon did seem to like the taste. After all, he had his tounge licking his lips.

Aerinelf says:

^_^ Myhrad is so cute! And I like how the purple dragon is lying down in panel four.

Aklon says:

Yeah going to have to say this is my altime favorite comic, and i cant spell or type...Feiht on know she'll be digested.

*quickly lays out Pixie bait*

bookbook says:

So now we're looking for Leaf's dad AND Myrhad's parents? Heck, soon we'll be searching for Feiht's old lady too!

eekee says:

Hehehe... I think the dragon swallowed, and given misgivings about digesting an immortal being I'm not surpised it looks uncomfortable in the 4th panel. :o

Erie says:

That lava dragon SO knows that Myhrad isn't telling the truth about Leaf and Ayne being food...~rubs chin~

Silverwolf says:

Well we can hope that Feiht hasn't seen "Alien," or that blue dragon is going to have some serious hurt. And as for surviving the dragons? Hell hath no fury like an angry Ayne, as we've seen many times. Although is she getting angry in the last panel, or having stomach problems?

Remmon says:

Bah, the dragonlands aren't that bad... Really, they're not.

Squirt says:

And how do you know abou the dragon lands Remmon?

MB says:

'Nameless ones'... Dragons too saveg to even have draconic civilization? Now there's a disturbing thought. Hmmmnn ...

Sly Eagle says:

Alas, is the poor blue dragon being tickled from the inside, now?

Bob says:

The navy blue dragon is developing a distinct personality.

Just a thought to muse on(pun intended), what if feiht met koko?
Iching powder pies perhaps?

Faticia says:

Right now I am worried about two things: what Feiht is going to do (or has already started) and what Ayne is going to do. Both are going to be incredibly reckless and Ayne is not pretty when she gets mad.

Faticia says:

Ok, am I more or less the only person here who had been using html tags? (ok I know one or two people have but that is it)

Queenie J says:

Feiht and Kokopelli (c) could rule the world if their attention spans were longer and they had self-control.

thewatermelon says:

ooooooooooooooh...Ayne's angry.

REALLY angry. does she not like food?

thewatermelon says:

Faticia, ayne's not pretty anytime. Don't you know?!?

Celurean Lion says:

I don't think Ayne is angry. She's just moved closer to Leaf and Myrhad, that's all.

shineeeeeeyyyyy says:

What happened to Feiht

wwolf says:

Love Ayne's face in the last panel!

Bastet says:

If Feight met Koko, it would by a recipe for disaster. Imagine that you are being chased by 100 itching-powder pies!
Why do some dragons have names and the others not?
The purple dragon seems nice.At least nicer than the lava dragon. And I thought that it would be crazy!

Just opinions..

Bastet says:

And questions.
Did Myhrad's parents have names? If they went to the dragonlands where the savage dragons live, would they die?

PrancyPranceUnicorn says:

does anyone here read Inuyasha? cause Leaf in the fith panel is as smashed into the ground as Inuyahsa gets when he makes Kagome mad...

Trelweny says:

Yes, Bastor, Myhrad's parents do have names; at least the dragon named them in the last strip. *forgotten already, silly me* The backstory didn't tell them, probably because a)Backstory was done without words & b)Myhrad might not have known their names being young & probably calling them mom & dad or some dragon equivalent.

Loved the last two strips guys! *hugs* The comics just get better & better. Though my favorite is still "How to get a dragon across a stream in 7 easy steps." ^_^

Tallguy says:

Let's hope fieht doesn't have to go the whole way through.

Dragon poop...... ick.

Some kid says:

Ayne should put away her sword so she doesn't upset the dragons

rhrobinson1 says:

Fieht after the mouth closed: "I can't go back out the way I came, where does this path lead?"
Dragon: "yeah, that will happen when fairies come flying out of my butt........WHAT WAS THAT?"

Silverwolf says:

I'd be more worried about the dragons angering Ayne, personally. "ELF SMASH!"

Nebra Reppalk says:

I've been warning you all since early on, Ayne is still armed, go ahead, check the archives. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Let's hope Ayne does not do something incredibly rash

Zela says:

Well, by now I'm convinced of at least one thing... the blue dragon and the red dragon are married, and the blue dragon's a girl. Ayne's sword looks fantastic. I'm not convinced about Feiht getting swallowed, but it doesn't seem that there's anywhere else she could be. I guess that experiment in "Pixie research" failed. I wonder if Ayne's happy about that? She probably hasn't noticed. Feiht'll survive.
Itching powder pies would be really bad and annoying and stuff! :) With Koko's aim, people would only ever get itchy in their faces! Unless they were Crraw, or another pixie, and then they'd be itchy all over like normal.
Great comment, Silverwolf - "Hell hath no fury like an angry Ayne..."

Qzole says:

Zela, form what did you assume that the blue (or navy purple) dragon is the female, I think just the opposite, but don't really know why...

Bob says:

assuming that the dragons are 'married' and/or male and female, i would have to guess that the purple one is a male by observing 'his' general movements and how 'he' speaks. 'course the purple dragon did remember the wedding... but asuming things in this comic is not always wise, remember people having a hard time figuring out that Leif is a male?

btw, has anybody noticed that you still canot see the lava dragons right eye?

straberi says:

i think ayne about to beat the living crap out those dragons

EdorFaus says:

Me, I think Ayne looks more worried/afraid than angry in the last panel... Well, a bit angry too of course, but more of the former. As if she noticed by the way the lava dragon spoke that (s)he had seen through Myhrad's lie...

SuperCat says:


Squirt says:

WHY IN THE WORLD do you want smitten dragons SuperCat?

Thecatteam says:

Sorry, just seeing what all the html tags at the bottom do. My favorite is the h3 one. Hey I guess a lot of people

do read muse!

Thecatteam says:

Is that cool or what I love


Thecatteam says:

I've got pink bunny stickers too all you got to do is send a letter to them... My favorite muse is Koko too. But itching powder pies? Koko will resort to super-smart pies from Chad, but what if the itching powder gets on Koko? No, I do not think Koko would like getting tricked by a trick that was meant for another muse.

Empress Catriona of the Cat People says:

Whoever was trying out their HTML should have done it in all one post... Ayne has a pretty sword... I want it! I think the navy purple dragon is about to find out what Pixies experimenting do. I hope he doesn't get too bad indigestion, other wise we might find that dragons do other things than breathe fire...

Squirt says:

Oh. Yeah, that could be scary Empress Catriona of the Cat People

Squeakers says:

anyway. Wow a twist. Will Myhrad go in search of his family alone, or will they all go together, or will they just forget about it, so many options and you just don't know which one!

AnyaStyrzod says:

last panel is COOL!!

Ajemii says:

as long as Koko doesnt throw a pie at me...
*begins throwing pies at random people*

the raven says:

*Muse is the greatest, Muse is the best! All the Muses, just as Larry Gonick planned!Would you like a pie?**wa-wouw** Would you like a pie?* sorry, but Muse is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPLAT SPLAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the raven says:

PIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!*drools* *gets splatted by angry Kokopelli* MMMMMMPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

the raven says:


Bubbles says:



Lone Star says:


fieryonionofDOOOM says:

augh, box stretching!
But I must agree- Muse roxtehsox! Woop woop!

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