Pixies are pests, not food.
Chasing the Sunset
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MB says:

Ehh ... Okay, I have to ask: which of those two is the female? o_o;

Poor Myhrad. It can't be good to hear your folks stopped looking for you, giving you up for dead. His parents can't be that happy, either. *sigh* This is what theft and revenge lead to; pain and suffering.

trixingee says:

"if there's nothing wrong with me... and there never is..."

is true, pixieses are infalliable! ^^

*flies off in giggling delight* ^^

Odo says:

Second comment! I suspect the lava of being the female, tho it isn't important.
We do know where Feiht is, for the time being.
Have to agree that a dragon's stomach is unlikely to be up to Martha Stewart standards. :)

Odo says:

dang...sneaky trixingee...

J-Anne says:

Pixies must not be Good Eats, eh? by the way..my first comic ever.. just caught up with the archives and i'm waiting ever so (im)patiently for the new one.. i LOVE this comic!!

Odo says:

Oh, yeah, I love the look on the blue dragon's face as his belly screams. :)

Maverick says:

So which one is the female now?

Irish Drinker says:

I am sure the Lava is female. However, I ahve to say, it is interesting to know taht Dragons DO get food poisoning form pixies :P

Sabre says:

Leaf sure seems resigned to his roll as rug...

Some kid says:

Well that solves where the pixie disappered to.

Cerulean Lion says:

Wouldn't most dragons have more sense than to eat a pixie? :p
Are we sure these two are a mated pair? Maybe they're parent and child, and the blue one is an immature specimen.

Aerinelf says:

;D I love that! Feight is in the dragon's stomach and she's talking!

verrie badd speler says:

So, lava dragon does have both eyes.
This is the first time we've seen the right side of his/her face.

Lee says:

PATIENT: Doctor, I've eaten something that disagrees with me.


(From The Viz Book of Crap Jokes)

verrie badd speler says:

The blue dragon in the sixth panel looks a lot smaller than lava dragon. Like the comic. :)

Moonclaw says:

O_O I'm going to asume that there is a certain pixie trapped in Blue's stomach. Great strip!

bookbook says:

straberi says:

i think leaf fell asleep in the third panel???

Lee says:

That's a good test of friendship: who do you trust enough so you can fall asleep while they're sitting on you?

Lachriel says:

I think it would be rather disconcerting to have things screaming inside your tummy... or considering redecorating it.

zanarkrimshot says:

hi all me again ehhh you have to remember myhrad is over 100 yers old o they gave up after only 93 seasons years of looking for him

Mithandir says:

Actually dragons don\'t use years as a measure of time, they use conjunctions of the planet, sun and its two moons.

Bastet says:

Is Feigh going to redecorate the purple dragon's stomach???
Is that a scar on the lava dragon's eye? How did the dragon get it??
I think that the lava dragon is a 'he' and the purple one is a 'she'.

Bastet says:

How can they hear Feight when she is in the purple dragon's stomach???

evil_angel says:

Intersting new dragons

dontmesswithme says:

you just can dont ? it

Faticia says:

I LOVE the purple dragon's eyes in panel 5!!!! Ok, today's strip is my all-time favorite so far!!!

thewatermelon says:

in the 5th palel, the blue dragon has a iris.


thaks for the nondelays, mith and alien.

Ebeth says:

Wow, haven't been on in a while.
So this comment's for the past three or four strips...
XD i love the fiery volcano type dragon there...Feiht's amazingly funny as usual. Pwetty feather too.
w00t go myhrad!!! Me loves myhrad just so y'all know. XD haha..."my food" *is slightly nervous* lol jk

Velociraptor says:

I always had this theory that pixies taste like candy...

splat says:

Since when has Feiht has been watching Star Trek? :)

Bob says:

very creative with the thought bubble conection in the first three panels.

Wildy says:

Myhrad certainly looks comfortable... How long is a conjunction (in human terms please)?

shineeeeeeyyyyy says:

Hey let Feiht back in the story

saeria says:

Lol, looks like Myhrad has decided Leaf makes an excellent cushion. He looks ever so comfy in panel 3 ^_^ Great job guys

Squirt says:

For the last time th dragon is BLUE NOT PURPLE!!!

wwolf says:

Feiht is really funny!!!

SuperCat says:

I'd freak out like feiht did if I was caught in a horrid place like that...

patchwork zombie says:

pixie eye fore the blue dragon

Tallguy says:

maybe there bnoth female? hym?

Osk says:

"My food isn't agreeing with me"

"this place so needs an interior decorator"


Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

This is my first time commenting...
Oh well! Myhrad is really cute in the third panel.
"Something must be wrong with the universe!"
*rolls eyes and climbs a tree to escape annoying pixies...*

Draginladee says:

This is PRICELESS! 'This place SO needs an interior decorator.' HEE HEE HEE!

Queenie J says:

"This place so needs an interior decorator." Feiht is the ultimate cool pixie. She rocks locked locks, too.

Lee says:

Draginladee's unbroken string of HA's has caused the board to go into side-scrolling mode :-(

Trelweny says:

*giggles* That's what she gets for foolishly eating a pixie!

Magister says:

Who says that they are a mated pair they could just be two ramdom dragons.

Zyvorg says:

but hten why would the one call the other Dear?

MB says:

Sometimes, mothers do call their children 'dear'...

Lady Issy says:

I call everyone 'dear'. Right, dear Alien and sweet Mithy?

tilyene says:

havent been here in a while.... schools been taking a toll on me. the comics just keep getting better and better. i want books. like, real books. :)

Silverwolf says:

You know, for pixie infallability, she sure forgot about the laws of physics (the axe when they first met) and there was the problem with casting vs. a unicorn...

(Unicorns pwn pixies!)

Meanwhile, we have a pixie doing redecorating. What happens when the stomach acids start chewing up the wallpaper? I shudder to think of what will happen with Feiht goes to work with the nailgun...

AnyaStyrzod says:

I'm loving this "you've missed x comics" thing :)

Thecatteam says:

ha so no red scar

Mia says:

Hee! xD Fun!
But... Where'd Ayne go?

Gemset says:

Nebra Reppalk says:

Oh no, first there was all the speculation as to if these dragons were Myhrad's parents or not. Now there's going to be all sorts of speculation as to how these dragons are related to each other. I don't know if I can take it.

Squirt says:

Mia, I think Ayne is somewhere over by the red dragon

btw Nebra Reppalk, lol!

thewatermelon says:

ooh! eelllleeecccttric!!



thewatermelon says:

oh mith.

i wont kill you this time. consider yourself lucky.


wwolf says:

Hi lightwing k' sheyna! It's me, wwolf!

Empress Catriona of the Cat People says:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Feiht is so funny!

RainShine says:

Here and I thought the blue was female and the lava was the male... And I thought Myhrad was a guy too.. Was that addressed somewhere?
I'm excited to see how this pans out. Love the comic. Take care, guys! :D

Nebra Reppalk says:

I forget where they said it, but Myhrad's gender is undetermined yet, (s)he's too young to tell.
Yeah! I got noiced, thank you Squirt!

Willow Firesong says:

Loving the "you've missed x comics" script here, too! I think it's one of the greatest features I've seen on any webcomic site, anywhere. :)

Thanks for the great comic, Mithandir and Alien! It's just about the only fantasy webcomic I read on a regular basis, because so far it's the only one I've found that has enough original, insightful, non-recycled content to be worth that kind of dedicated viewership. From a long-term fantasy reader like myself, that's high praise indeed. :)

You folks hang in there, keep real life working for yourselves, and don't worry so much about delays on the comic -- it's well worth waiting for. :) I (for one) would always rather have good than daily -- and you reliably deliver on "good", so whenever the next comic is up, I'll be by to read it.

im on power rangers mystic force says:


the "volcano//lava" dragon

does not

look so good

he looks well.....



Squeakers says:

lol, I didn't figure out who was thinking until the fourth panel! lol to funny though when I figured it out.

thewatermelon says:

imonpowerrangersmysticforce, you really shouldn't put so many spaces and sentence-to-sentence paragraphs.

i'm a grammar freak sometimes

Arya says:

Nice going Feiht. You got yourself trapped in a dragon's stomach. By the way,hey, Myhrad, where can I get one of those Leaf mats? He would look nice in my room.

Squirt says:

LOL Arya! But I think you need to talk to Mith and Alien for a Leaf mat. Or you could go pluck some green leaves and weave them into a mat.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Did anyone else notice this comic's title is taken fom Finding Nemo?
"Fish are friends, not food."

Flaming Mono says:

Why does Feiht make such a large bump in the blue dragon's belly? Did he eat something else too, or is she trying to bust out by growing bigger? That would really hurt the dragon...ow...

thewatermelon says:

yo mith and alien, what time is the new comic? just to be precise.

fiiiiiiiish aaaaaaaaaare frieeeeeeeends, nooooooooooot fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!

Shweta says:

I've been reading this since about a week and a half ago and it's kept me giggling from the first. Love the characters. I also love how the art's progressed; it's really evocative now.
And! I've got to say, I'm more worried about the blue dragon than I am about Feiht :)

Shweta says:

Bah, worried *for* the blue dragon, I meant. Not about what the blue dragon will do.

Alien says:

Yay for horribly mangled perspective!

thewatermelon says:



Bubbles says:

Oh dear god...

JuneBug says:

I almost feel sorry for the big blue dragon...
But I can't help laughing.
XD lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

Silk says:

im fairly certain the blue one is the female, as in the other strip she (im sitll guessing its a she) mentioned that they went to the wedding, most men would use something else to trigger a memory. sad but true

TheNextTaggerung says:

I think the red one is the female. It just seems more like one.

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