Pixie knight
Chasing the Sunset
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zonarius says:

How did she get so BIG.

Slovorg says:

it's perceptions.. leaf is just some distance away

Xander says:

No, she looks to be about Leaf's size (she is a pixie, she can do just about whatever she wants in this universe). The real size change question comes about that lava dragon - it appears to shrink a bit in the last panel.

I'm not sure which would be scarier to a dragon - a knight, or a pixie with a desire to move in...

Machiavellian says:

She did it before when she became Super Feiht back in the strips witht he furies

Flora says:

True, this is not the first time we have seen "Big Pixie Feiht" but this IS the first time we have seen her in full armor...

Rampant says:

My question is what precisly has kept the pixie race from driving the world insane before now.

Gaijin says:

^^ they're probably too scatterbrained to put any real, concerted effort into it.

I mean, they might try and drive everyone crazy, but then the light shines just right on the lake, and they sit and watch it for hours... giving the rest of the world enough time to leave.

Furia Firelander says:

Bad Feight is comming to atack ;), nice picture, but i think that the pixies aren't driving the world crazy because there is too mutch ... look, shiiiiiiiinnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

eekee says:

Oh, Feight! ^_^

I wonder if that spell or incantation or whatever was her giving herself the armour so she'd have some protection (of a sort) when she hit the wall?

Osk says:

or she imagined herself to be a dragon slaying knight and ecided to get the full set of toys any knight has, and then forgot a visor....

I totaly agree with Lava; "err. right."

Silverwolf says:

Well that's one way to get rid of a gallstone...

KmanCat says:

Riight...where'd the knight attire come from?! :?

Flaming Mono says:

... says:

What I want to know is why she's speaking German! :-P

Nebra Reppalk says:

Right...I'm not going to even try to explain this.

Ladyfox says:

Love the armor covered wings! - but won't that make it a bit hard for her to fly?

Kaya says:

A Feiht in flying armor!

Bastet says:

Did she also encase the sword in some type of armor? It looks like a silver carrot!

dragyn says:

I think it's a lance, actually.

Nadialy says:

haha, looks like she forgot eye-holes. lol.

Cerulean Lion says:

Feiht keeeps forgetting about Physics when she chooses her battle tactics. :D

smoak says:

did anyone else think she turned herslef into stone before the last panel?

smoak says:

and yeah lava dragon's head was way bigger in comparison to myrad's two comics ago if you want to look

shineeeeeeyyyyy says:

How is Feiht stone lol funny name for it Pixie knight

Bastet says:

Anyways, how can Feight see out of that helmet thing???? There aren't any air/eye holes and they wouldn't be able to hear anything that she said very clearly because it would be muffled!

Bastet says:

Just noticed this...The lava dragon on panel 5 looks surprised!
It must really hurt to bang into a stone wall...

Bastet says:

Anyways, isn't a lance sorta like a stick with a large metal point at the end? Or is that a spear? I'm confused. :P

Bastet says:

Actually, I think that the lava is the female and the purple/blue the male.

X-Kal says:

I'm personally curious how the form-fit platemail would feel. I was about to question where she got the suit, but then I remembered who this is that we're talking about :)

Trelweny says:

*giggles* she probably could have used her wings to stop herself from falling if they weren't solid like that.

Hey! At least she thought of armor at all!

dragonqueencr says:

in the third pannel you can see the blue dragon's missmatched eyes

trixingee says:

wow... i want's armour wings now! ^^ or is it wing armour? oh well, whichever i want's it! wheee! ^^

Sitara says:

How big is the blue dragon's mouth? Coming out of it, she looked about the size she was when swallowed. In the last panel, though, she looks big. That mouth must really be gigantic in comparison.

bookbook says:

Wow. In the last panel Myrhad looks as big as the lava dragon. The stone wall looks like a ripply brown shower curtain.

Moonclaw says:

Aww, how cute!

Osk says:

blue/purple is definately male.... eats anything he finds

Bob says:

noticed a couple of perspective problems

Bob says:

yes, it is a lance. i think it is the same type as the one that Ridder Mark's squire is using. i think that the Ridder's lance is a bit thinner though.
for those who don't know what a lance is; it is a weapon used to unhorse a single rider. a single rider because, it is stupid and cumbersome to use more than once and in a large battle.
the ones i am used to seeing are about a foot longer(?) up to about twelve feet in fact, and a lot skinnier.

Flaming Mono says:

Yeah,Feiht changes size when she gets out of the dragons mouth, or so it appears. You would think she would become bigger while inside the dragon, lol. And, why do people seem to think its stone just because its not shiny? Obviously she poofed up very dull metal armor so she would distract herself... of course, the lack of eye-holes negates this problem. lol. great comic.

Ebeth says:


smoak says:

do you think she gave herslef armor so she could appropriately yell chrage in full getup or because she somehow thought long enough to imgagine hitting the montain at high speed? one more thing, do you think she planned on going out the way she came in or did the dragon spit her up before she did something else?

dragonqueencr says:

hey Mryad got off Leaf!

Kitten says:

Feith looks really cool!

Kitten says:

and the blue dragon's nose and mouth on the third panel... looks like she's going to sneeze :D haha

Empress Catriona of the Cat People says:

LOL! I wonder if the lack of eye-holes is because she forgot armour is supposed to have them, or because she didn't want to distract herself with her own armour?

lalo! says:

i know what happened with the helmet having no holes!, im a medieval reenactor and it has happened to me to take a bnlow to the head and the helmet spins on my head and i end up looking at the backplate and runing in circles like a chicken with my head cut off lol, no im not a fat short nerd type im actually 6 foot 200 lbs muscle head that craves for battle and hates that guns have turned warriors into pussies,

Rampant says:

Now think what the next generation of personal armament will do.

Bob says:

yah, yah, guns are wonderful but the reenactor has a good point

SuperCat says:

*clusters around feiht* so feiht, as hte explorer of this new land, tell us about your travels!
Feiht: THey were dark. and Red. and smelly. and compelled me to speak german. Hey! is that a SHINIE camera?!? *.* ooh...

Bastet says:

Oh yeah! I never noticed that the purple/blue dragon's eyes were mis-matched! I really like the expression on the lava dragon in the last panel!

Pulsy says:

LOL armorred wings XD I wonder if Feiht can fly with that harness...

Flaming Mono says:

I meant wouldn't be distracted by her armor by the way.

Aerinelf says:

XD That's funny!

big ears says:

kinda funny looking for a dragon to have mismatched eyes but the crazy blurple color looks kinda cool on the dragon

Mia says:

Mith? Alien? You alive?

Aklon says:

Flaming Mono says:

Flaming Mono says:

Xander says:

Wait... is alien a boy or a girl? In your March 15 '06 blog you say herself, but in the community page under links you say him. which is it?

Flaming Mono says:

for some reason my nickname keeps coming up as xander automatically instead of Flaming Mono. So unless someone starts calling themselves Xander, it just means I forgot to change it back.

Flaming Mono says:

as in 2 posts ago

Flaming Mono says:

jacked you name ^_^

zanarkrimshot says:

poor dragons just met the little pixie feight and already scared looki at lava dragons eye in the last pannel 0_0 omg what is it aaahhhhhhh

Flaming Mono says:

hey, flaming monkeys are my thing. get your own!

Flaming Mono says:

Just for those who don't know, mono means monkey in spanish.

Flaming Mono says:

and now, thanks to an unknown name-jacker, people think I'm crazy and talking to myself...

DragonRyder says:

How did she get to be the size of leaf? Or is leaf far away? Cant figure it out.

bookbook says:

I have decided that you delay new comics because you have writers block. I sympathize. I have that problem a lot too. So I am going to give you ideas whenever this happens!
Idea-Feiht, while in the armor, has a sudden recollection of HER parents! So they have to search for THEM.

X-Kal says:

I'm not sure a search for Feiht's parents would last too long - she gets distracted WAY too easily!

bookbook says:

Good point.

bookbook says:

Soleil says:

how can you make rune-ish things on a computer?

Bubbles says:

Hello, everyone! I'm back! I haven't read Cts 4 months! What was I thinking? Anywho, did ya miss me? Or are you dissapointed that I've come back to bug you all? heh. Well, see y'all 'round!

Bubbles says:

guess not

Lone Star says:

Where's her visor?

JuneBug says:

lol XP

TheNextTaggerung says:

*heroic music*

ultrainventor says:

Feiht would have a field day with the TK-2008

d says:

where did she get the armer and why is she wering it

Rose says:

She made the armor appear because Feiht is magical! And well, who'd like to sit in a dragon's stomach unprotected? I mean, eww! xD

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