Knight Feiht
Chasing the Sunset
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Zyvorg says:

Hehe, pixie in shining armor, it's so wrong. :P although i do admit the seahorse thing is hilarious.

nobody significant says:

Silliest. Comic. Ever. I needed this tonight.

Hoazin says:

Seahorses are the natural steed of a a flying creature. :)

Chariset says:

I hope the poor seahorse doesn't asphyxiate...

or should it be as-pixie-ate?

Gon says:

Knight Feith
Pixie in shining armor ...
this made my day. .(^_^).

Asanthai says:

:-D I think that's one of the greatest yet... pixie in shining armor... seahorse...... :-D
I really needed that; thanks guys!

odo says:

I think that it is a pixie seahorse, not the more mundane sort. Not that that helps...

I notice that the lava dragon has regained its size (mysteriously less in the last posting) and that Feiht is returning to her "normal" size. (Inasmuch as anything about pixies can be considered "normal.")

(Note that in German "feiht" would be prounounced "fight", at least according to the rules I learnt.)

Machiavellian says:

I have just one thing to say, oy vey!

Pulsy says:

Whahaha that seahorse is hilarious XD. The Lava dragon has a bad smoking habbit by the way...

ShokBaton says:

So... The big feight in the last comic WAS just perspective.

MB says:

Hmm. That is one old dragon. I'm surprised he or she has managed to remain sane for this long.

ShadowDancer says:

I just can't stop laughing. Keep up the amazing work.

MB says:

By the way, am I the only one who got an uncomfortable feeling when the lava dragon mentioned having seen 'the wrath of the Lady'? What was she wrathful about and how terrible was it, for a dragon to specifically mention it among other momentous events?

Osk says:

I seem to have the same thoughts on this as Lava... Pixie knight? seahorse? ... Ah. Of course.

great one!

Lee says:

ShokBaton wrote: "So... The big feight in the last comic WAS just perspective."

Come on... when have you ever known Feiht to have a sense of perspective?

Mia says:

Heee...! I'm starting to like that dragon. =P
And Feiht looks really cute in panel 4. ^^

Ivellios says:

no just a sence of fate well that and a theif sence

Moonclaw says:

^_^ Excellent! I can just imagine Lava pacing, turning then looking down it's nose at Feiht.

Furia Firelander says:

pixie's that fight dragons, lady's that are becoming mean, if we don't look out we might get into a part in wich leaf actually has a GOOD plan.

Faticia says:

I love this one! Good work, it was well worth the wait. :)

Silverwolf says:

I've heard of faerie knights of varying sorts...but never had I heard of a pixie knight. Particularly one riding a seahorse.
I wonder if novel stimuli averts dragon insanity? Just seeing something new?

gelalshawr says:

beautiful strip, the pixie knight is wonderful, and Furia, just wait, leaf is coming up with a plan as we speak, you can see it in his face in the last strip

Icy says:

This reminds me of a quote.
The horse?
Of course!

Ebeth says:

YAY! Go sir feiht! This came at the perfect time too, i just spent the last hour charging round and stabbing people with meter sticks in science. (Yes i DID have a horse! It was just a pythonesque invisible type) Ah, good sir feiht, the horrors we knights face in these modern times. The incredulity and cynical outlooks of our fellow men. And there are no good monsters left either. Ah well. *kills all the cynics* Mwahaha. XD

Flaming Mono says:

nice... lol
nice seahorse
man, that's funny
good job people!

Squirt says:

I' about to cry it's so funny! ROTFL everybody!

zanarkrimshot says:

all i wish to say is .................... nice 0_-

dragon spartan says:


shineeeeeeyyyyy says:

Thats a seahorse not a horse

Bob says:

liked the color flash before the seahorse.

Queenie J says:

Silliest, most abstract comic ever. Thank you. I needed that. Totally love the rainboy rays in the fourth panel.

Queenie J says:

*reads Ebeth's post*

AnyaStyrzod says:

Hahaha!!! This pixie never ceases to amuse me :D

SuperCat says:


Draginladee says:

I don't think I'll be able to stop laughing for a good long while here!

Chevette Girl says:

EEEEE!!! Seahorsey!!!
a heck of a steed for a pesky pixie...

bookbook says:

Do you think that Feiht meant to make a normal horse but accidentally added "salty big water-dwelling" in her spell? She could. After all, it's only one extra syllable.

bookbook says:

Yep. She did. Second character in her spell. Note the above part-it specifically specifies that the horse is sea-dwelling.

hkmaly says:

MB: There is nothing terrible on rainbow refracted into a thousand crystals ... unless it was ruins of crystal city of course. So I think it's more like "most unusual things that happened" ...

4WindsWanderer says:

*ROTFL according to Squirt's most excellent suggestion* Silly Feiht ... a seahorse ... seems a little impractical ... why didn't she summon a horse from the island of the lily-somethings, you know those little people in gulliver's travels? but of course, it has to be a seahorse. :-D Ebeth's comment reminds me of when I was on Eragon withdrawal; I ran around the house brandishing a chopstick. lol

Bob says:

it's Liliputans
and "Heck of a" is pronounced, for those who don't know, as one word and as quickly as possible. i know this, for i have been to Minnisota

thewatermelon says:

OMG!!! NO pixie is dumb enough to ride a SEAHORSE!!!!! she is pretty cool though.

Moonclaw says:

Great strip, guys!
Also, I noticed something - Feiht is practically theif spelled backwards! All you have to do is switch the i and e around...

Something tells me you guys did this on purpose.

Soleil says:

can she fly with her wings incased in armor too?

Arithon says:

Heh I think in a battle if the pixie wore shiny armor they would get to distracted by it that they will lose. Of course they might win by luck...

Bubbles says:

luvs it.

Lone Star says:

lurves it.

Bubbles says:

lurves it?

JuneBug says:

Feiht: Fear me and my noble-steed of DOOM!

pixie girl says:

ha ha ha ha ha ha!

hkmaly says:

Soleil: Of course. Remember that in pixies case, wings are not needed physically, only psychologically. See comics #359 and #360 :-)

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