Chasing the Sunset
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Sabre says:

Poor blue dragon, looks out cold. "Ewwy," there's a word you don't hear everyday.

odo says:

I think Feiht is going to confuse the dragons so much that our heroes can escape. The purple one appears to be asleep.
Thank you Mith and Alien for the continuing story.

trixingee says:

a pixie never knows when she'll need a fire-breathing dragon... probably always, cause fire's just fun! ^^

Shweta says:

I'm not yet convinced the big dragons have any intention of actually eating our heroes. But then, maybe they do, and they just like playing with their food.

Gunner says:

I can see why the lava dragon is surprised about Myhrad still being alive.

But somehow, I think Feith is about to cause yet another catastrophy... Pixies and fire cannot be a good match!

Rampant says:

Should I be worried that I can Imagine what a Pixie would need a fire-breathing-dragon for?

Machiavellian says:

I'm worried that I can both imagine and enjoy the thought of what a pixie could do with a fire breathing dragon.

Osk says:

yes, probably, extremely worried. I can't realy imagine it myself. please tell me what a pixie would need a fire breathing dragon for.

dragon: ewwy inside

4WindsWanderer says:

Hahaha ... no visor cause of eww.

sjon says:

Dragin tails a quite usefull for pinting.

Icy says:

It is a quite simple mathmatical equation.

pixie + fire breathing dragon = APOCLAYPSE!

Osk says:

i dont think a pixie can focus long enough for a full scale apocalypse

Moonclaw says:

I think it's scared. Great strip! Can't wait till the next one!

Furia Firelander says:

no indeed, just imagine all the pixies have dragons AND be organised, good by world

Qzole says:

Pixie and organised in one sentence? I think this is absolutely impossible, just read the two and a half minute war :)

The Azure Priest says:

The purple dragon looks sick. If you ate pixie, you'd be sick too.

MB says:

I think the purple dragon is actually sticking its tongue out at Feiht; she may have insulted it when she said the purple one was 'ewwy' on the inside.

straberi says:

does anybody else notice that in the 1,3,4 myrad eyes are red and in the 5 there are green ????

bookbook says:

"Ewwy." I love that word. :-)

wierdo says:

The "blue dragon" is blue in panels 2 and 3 and purple in panels 1,4, and 5.

docmortand says:

Mmmm...continuity errors. Gotta hate it when colors are slightly off between frames. Do you WANT them to go to B/W?

Altho then there would be whining that Myrhad just isn't the right shade of grey...*mutters*

Arya says:

"Ewwy" How often do you hear that? Well, at least Myhrad got off Leaf. It was begining to look like Myhrad was going to stay there. He looked comftorble.

Flaming Mono says:

How can you even tell what colors they are in 1,3, and 4? He's too far away to see. You can't see in 2 either. YOu only can see the color in 5 because its a close up.

Black Unicorn says:

a night with out a visor? wat an interesting idea. i forsee a crash!

Black Unicorn says:

also I atleast can see the colors in all the pannels.

Nahiayi says:

The colors are the same in each; the second frame is especially noticable as green. It appears red because he has those flame-shaped patches around his eyes. Check out the "Bigger" option at the top of the page for a better look. =]

Aside: I like the purple dragon's face. xD

emeraldcat says:

I am quite sure that the lava dragon eats them, and somehow Feiht makes it regurgitate them on the other side of the mountains, and they fall...

Bob says:

feight reminds me of King Pelinor (from The Once and Future King) with the visor and the uncommon common sense.

Machiavellian says:

Pixie with dragon ideas
1. Gold looks pretty when melted off of roofs.
2. Banks not only do you get the pretty fire, but you get the pretty
3. Smores, because you always need
4. Ever want to see a herd of nobles
running from a grass fire?
5. Sneezing powder.
6. Automatic barbeque.

im in power rangers mystic force says:

psh....lol i use that word ALL the time, psssssssshhhhhhhh heck yes u know it

Kieah says:

Anyone else notice that the lava dragon called Myhrad 'he'.
I guess this answers the old question of whether(sp?) Myhrad's a boy or girl.

wwolf says:

oooooo! this one is funny!!

Shadow Phoenix says:

You've gotta love Feiht! (Because you can't throttle her, she's immortal) Ha- a visor-less, dragon-slaying, pixie knight riding a flying seahorse and carrying a fire-breathing Myhrad...
You're right Bob, although I hadn't thought of it that way but she is a little like Pelinor.
P.S. The blue dragon's great. Oh, and you saw both Lava's eyes in this one.

PrancyPranceUnicorn says:

i agree with feiht. dragons need to breathe fire. come on! what else are they useful for?
THe lava dragon sounds like one of my friends. She talks that way about me a lot.

SuperCat says:

Pixies are pyromaniacs, right?

SuperCat says:


Einar says:

Mhyrad's so cute in panel 5,. particularly in the big version =)

Osk says:

Myrhad doesn't fly, doesnt breathe fire... That's not a dragon, that's just some overgrown lizard. Perhaps a bit more intelligent

Reinder says:

The blue dragon reminds me of the Universe in the webcomic Acid Reflux...

Silverwolf says:

Now that would make a good Livejournal icon. A la the Intel logo, "Eewy Inside." Hmmm...also, wouldn't Feiht pass out from oxygen deprivation right now? Or wouldn't the blue dragon be coughing up wallpaper?

Aklon says:

*Cackles* Flying Sea Horse

Bob says:

pixies are pyros, but more importantly they are prone to be arsonists:^o

Flaming Mono says:

Speaking of Myhrad getting off of Leaf, where is Leaf?

shineeeeeeyyyyy says:

funny saying he's not a real dragon I'm not llllloooollll

Blue River says:

Hi shineeeeeeyyyyy!!!!!

Blue River says:

'ewwy' lol! that dragon better be careful of what it says to Fieht :o

Arithon says:

I dread to imgane that to... the world would probably end...

JuneBug says:

I probably wouldn't be feeling to hot if I had just coughed up a pixie either.

spark flare says:

Mith and Alien i am kyle. try not to confuse me
spark flare out

d says:

she has x in her eyys the blue dragen dose

spark flare says:

that is weird d. wow

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