The mechanics of flight
Chasing the Sunset
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Killer Wombat says:

I see trouble ahead!

Odo says:

Another universe... Sounds like a good idea if you don't like a lot of change.

Old one says:

And what trouble :-) Go Feith!!

Pixie Slayer says:

Finally Lava begins to get the idea!

Gunner says:

That lava dragon should learn to watch it's mouth.
The best thing everyone can do now is to get away ASAP! Staying with a pixie that can do wathever she wants to just doesn't seem like a very good idea....

Gemset says:

Uhm... Why has Ayne got her sword out?

The Azure Priest says:

Let's hope she just forgets the entire conversation by seeing something shiny.

Qzole says:

She will :D

DragonFire says:

like ayne's sword? :P

Machiavellian says:

About time Lava caught on.

Chariset says:

Good thing pixies have short memories...

Mithandir says:

Note how this also explains how Feiht can make air-tracks (the screeching like in Comic #271) etc. For more \"info\" on dragon flight, check this ancient glog post.

Pulsy says:

And just like that, we know why so many dragons go to a place without other species.

Osk says:

"we can ignore gravity, but gravity doesnt return the favour"

I like it, but it seems a bit familiar

Pulsy says:

Paradox here: if you could get a pixie to believe she can die... would that kill her? Seeing they're supposed to be immortal and all?

Lone_Woulf says:

don't worry, she's a pixie, she'll forget about it in a minute or two

Lee says:

The dragons' explanation of how it can fly sounds quite similar to something Anne McCaffrey once wrote about Pernese dragons.

sjon says:

Na, she won't forget. More likely she will turn everything around her into 'shiney' and get completely 100% permanently distracted.

At least the lava dragon will teleport itself out of the way and the blue one is still out blank so that solves the dragon issue for the moment. :)

Chevette Girl says:

That's an awfully dangerous revelation to a pixie...

Rhea Hiryuu says:

Heheheh, love Lava's expression in the fifth pannel.
Also, Ayne's had her sword out for a while now, the elves are just being ignored for the time being. Heheh.

Arya says:

Lava, zip it. Thou hast said to much. Going to another universe sounds like a very good idea, and with Fieht having some new ideas in her head,you might say that the world is done for.Lava should take the BLue dragon with her/him, or at least try to wake Bluey up.

Moonclaw says:

Much trouble is in the future of all for a pixie has discovered she can do anything when she puts her mind to it...Great strip! Can't wait till the next one!

Gon says:

Do you know this feeling of impending doom?

Aklon says:

Yarg sweet...Pixie are a level of awesomeness that not even a dragon can defeat.

Rampant says:

Lava you have doomed us all doomed I say.

Furia Firelander says:

Good bye world, and to all the world, thx to lava

Silverwolf says:

I think you may be confusing what she said about flight with what she said about teleportation. If a McCaffrian dragon believes they can carry something through a teleport, they can. Once in realspace, they're constrained by physics.

Pumpkin says:

Nah... she'll forget. She's a pixie, and they're easily distracted (thank the gods). :D

Empress Catriona of the Cat People says:

I wonder if I can convince Feiht she's an elf, and not a pixie, and what that would do.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Knowledge is power, unfortunately the Lava dragon has given this knowledge, ergo power, to Feiht the Pixie. We are sailing into dangerous waters now.

Sitara says:

In the last strip, is Lava giving Feiht the idea to go to another universe?

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Oh Lady bright... A worried dragon- NOT GOOD... :)

Dragonmaster says:

I love the random Ltin in the strip. Ergo!

Dragonmaster says:


Flaming Mono says:

Still no sign of what Leaf is doing with the bow...

Cerulean Lion says:

So her name is Feiht, or is it...
Feith, or is it...
Faith in her own magic, so that she can do what she has faith in her ability to do?
If someone convinces her she can concentrate on one thing for a long time, she can do it?
Maybe *that's* the real reason Pixies aren't allowed to remember?

Squeakers says:

Oh no the pixie has learned something new

emeraldcat says:

Oh no!!!!!! Feiht is going to explode something any minute now....!

emeraldcat says:

Goodbye, dear, cruel world.... Lava, have you know sense? Now thou hast doomed all us poor people. Oh, woe are we...

shineeeeeeyyyyy says:

Blue river a.k.a Aubrey please respond.I wonder if that saying is tr ue if you think you can you can?

Shweta says:

BWA hahahaha
I am so going to start ending conversations with "I should go now. Maybe to another universe."

Zelda says:

What is that blue/yellow thing below feiht in panel 5?

Zelda says:

I thought dragons were supposed to be wise ...

Erie says:

It's the top of the blue dragon's head! Took me a few minutes to figure that one out too...

Gunner says:

I think the blue dragon might have died, see Comic #348. At least i fear that the blue one is indeed suffering from food poisoning...

Qzole says:

Cerulean Lion: It's defenietly Feiht, this was once disccussed earlier, try to read it backwards... :)

Ninja/Pirate Aklon says:

When did the dragons get names? Anyways Lava hasnt doomed us yet...

Pumpkin says:

o.o omg Qzole.... I never tried that before! Never, EVER occurred to me. Yet, now that you point it out, it makes SO much sense! ^^
(After rereading, I realize that might sound sarcastic, but it's not. Not even close.)

Zela says:

Hee hee... I LOVE how Lavaboy's eyes went wide in panel five! Lava looks like a big red older fiery version of Myhrad to me, in this comic at least. It's the pose. The seahorse is pretty when it looks so tiny, too.
No elves have said a word for a while now... But Leaf's doing something and Ayne's steadily getting closer with that sword. Something nutty is going to happen soon!

Furia Firelander says:

Maybe they find a way to erase feith's memory *glance hopefull looks at the elves*

Ebeth says:

haha. Go feiht!!

Bast says:

If I convinced Feiht that she was a dragon, would she be able to breath fire??????

straberi says:

i think the lava dragons right in the 5,6 panals

Bast says:

Why doesn't the lava dragon just say 'no' in response to Feiht's question???

Snake says:

a certain dragon just dug one very deep hole for itself

Ryujin says:

Dragonmaster says:

I just realized that Alien draws dragon's back legs the same way I do. The sharp double joint and three talons.
Cool. =3

MB says:

o_o; Stupid dragon! You just did the equivalent of handing a stick of dynamite and a match to a madwoman!

bookbook says:

Possible Storyline: Feiht and the seahorse turn the universe to shinies. Really, it's pretty likely now.

Ivellios says:

i havnt read all the comments so i don't know if this has been said before but what are the chances that fieht will remember this after she gets distracted also one person said ergo is latin it isn't I think it is greek but it definatly isnt latin ergo is also used in english though rarly cause of how few people know it. it means the same thing as there for

Nebra Reppalk says:

Ergo is definately Latin, I should know, I take it in school. Ergo translates into "therefore" and is most well known in Descartes maxim "Cogito ergo sum", literally "I think therefore I am."
Latin shows up in all sorts of places in English, ergo, ante meridiem (A.M., literally before midday), post meridiem (P.M., after midday), et cetera (and others), "O tempora O mores!" which people are still unsure how to traslate it, and my favorite "Nihil est novus sub solem", literally, "Nothing is new under the sun"

emeraldcat says:

Okay, off the latin subject. I think that Feiht will turn the lava dragon small, Myhrad gets big and the elves either get wings or are transported into a devil realm.

I'm so optimistic.
You can tell.

trixingee says:

i'm convinced that i can turn everything i want into gold and other shinies ^^
aww, it didn't work T_T
oooh, look! a distraction! ^^

Gemset says:


*curls up under chair*

Bluedragon_012 says:

(Sigh) Nice knowing the wolrd... Goodbye world....

Furia Firelander says:

Well, it was nice, wait, maybe feith helps leaf and get his dad right to leaf, o no, then she wouldn't met so many shineys like the swo.....

Look, SHINEY..............

Thecatteam says:

I was reading earlier comics and Narissona said that this URL was listed in MUSE MAG. I LOVE MUSE MAGAZINE! That is how I found out about this lovely website. I do not know how long ago that was... but they had in there too. is by the same person as muffinfilms and it is just as funny. Go there someday whoever is reading this.


Thecatteam says:


... says:

Come with me, pixie!
I bescreech thee!

Osk says:

always nice, adds

CryptoGirl says:

oh...i liked the latin subject. it was very interesting. i love languages. okay, anyway.
i am scared for....well....everything that feiht encounters...or doesnt.....uh oh.
but she CAN do good when she tries, like when she got help for leaf when the furies got him. but something tells me that she's just going to use this newfound power, not thinking about doing good or bad. this is not good. but i think maybe ayne could keep her under control, by convincing her that she actually CANT do the things that she is in the process of convincing herself she can do. maybe that'll work, then again, maybe not....

thewatermelon says:

aaaaaaaaaack!i've been out 4 ages!q-::-p
like them?

mith+alien, what were you doing on spring break?

PrancyPranceUnicorn says:

Ooh... whatever you believe is true is... for a pixie? The world should run in terror.

Ebeth says:

^^Latin is very kewl. I take latin. Except my latin teacher is evil. But that's ok

^^Yay muse! We are taking over the website at a time. lol jk...OR AM I! *ominous music swells*

Dark Dragon says:

DrAgOnS RuLe!
Silly Dragon! Pixies are Evil!!!
Does anyone else sense impending doom?
This site is way cool. I like the Cameo page back in the part where Feiht was missing in the the explosives/weapons/toy store. Mwah hah hah. Sounds like something I would do .....

FORCE CHOKING!!!! (ackthp! Gurgle... Twitch....twitch....twitch......)

YODA SMileys!

Dark Dragon says:

Dark Dragon says:

If you click on my name in my last post you go to the potter puppet pals.

If you click on this one you go to see the badgers....

Hah HAh HAH!!!!!!!!!

Dark Dragon says:

Can someone explain to me this?

If Ayne is younger, why is she taller?
And how do you leave the universe?
WHat is the AVerage airspeed of a Sparrow???

Draginladee says:

Do you mean a European or African Sparrow?

Nebra Reppalk says:

I do know that physiolgically in humans females grow taller earlier than males, females reach their maximum height around eighth grade or so. Males get their growth spurt during their high school years and reach their maximum height then.
Since Leaf and Ayne are about the same age and if this rule of thumb also applies to elves, then quite simply Leaf hasn't had his growth spurt yet whereas Ayne already has, ergo Ayne is taller than Leaf.

dragyn says:

Huzzah! Ergo makes a return!

AnyaStyrzod says:

Are you implying that coconuts migrate??

FireBall says:

Purple Recluse says:

I think that the lava dragon should have pupils - I keep thinking he has his eyes shut.

Also, if Feiht turned the whole world into shinies, then it would all be just one big shinies, which really isn't many... Time to make more shinies! :-)
(I love this strip, BTW. It's what I look forward to during the week).

Dark Dragon says:

Their Elves.

African Sparrow...I don't know that....
DO Coconuts Migrate????


blazerflare says:

Fireball I believe Fieht subconsously believed that gravity would pull down the axe. Or you can believe that the way pixies are that they are pure choas.

Blue River says:


Blue River says:

SOOO... dats what Leaf was doing :]

Blue River says:

SOOO... dats what Leaf was doing :]

Blue River says:

Typo :P (oops)

DragonRyder says:



Diorama says:

I reckon she just forgot about the armour, but not the axe

Ajemii says:

but African swallows are non-migratory...
..what is your favorite color?
blue-no yell-aaaaaaaaahh *flies into the gorge of eternal peril*
hehehe the castle aaggggghhhh
sorry i have watched that movie WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to many times
*twitch* oooooooh, SHINYS! or fishiesss...
as you may have noticed i have the attention span of a pix-

Arithon says:

Flee flee to another universe where there are no pixies! Hurry before the world ends! *BOOM* *Cough, cough* to late.

Bubbles says:

Making fiends, Making fiends, Vendetta's always making fiends, making fiends, while charlotte makes friends!

Lone Star says:


JuneBug says:

If you go to another universe, Feiht might just follow you...
:P Scary thought.

ultrainventor says:

"in bomb shelter" quick! make the walls thicker! Feiht is getting ideas! gyahhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrgggggg!!!

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