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Chasing the Sunset
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Magister says:

The overgrown lizard's right just you wait a thousand years and I'll show you all!

X-Kal says:

*shakes his fist*

I'm gonna have a decent retort in a few centuries! You just wait!

Odo says:

Yep, just a talking over-grown lizard. I notice that big blue finally woke up.

And another post coming soon... w00t!

Darkwacky says:

I still want to know exactly what he was planning on doing there with the bow!

Odo says:

We'll never know. And it might be just as well that we don't. The arrow apparently has a message on it, but that's all I can see. He was probably going to confuse them with headology.

Old Troll says:

The classic retort is "What am I? Chopped liver?" But since there have been all these overtones about food, perhaps that would be the wisest remark to make.

Old Troll says:

Errr, make that "would not"

Osk says:

too bad they may not be around in a 1000 years. In that case, he can only show off to feith, since she is immortal, but what would be the point?

Machiavellian says:

Just you wait a thousand years. Heh. Classic.

Chariset says:

I guess the dragons decided that leaving them with an enlightened pixie was punishment enough

egwene says:

"wait, my plan isn't ready yet!"
too funny, wat were he planing to do anyway?

Pulsy says:

Hahaha it seems Leaf was really looking forward to seeing his plan in action... So was i actually but it's probably lots more realistic this way. Not to mention it's hilarious XD

Ninja/Pirate Aklon says:

hehe wow 1000 years leaf could still be around maybe...:>

Silverwolf says:

Maybe Leaf was trying to make a zen sculpture or something to drive the dragons into total brainlock.
At any rate, why does he think that dragons have to be hostile or predatory to be "real?"

bookbook says:

Do elves LIVE a thousand years?
By the way, there is another thing off muffinfilms called big-bunny. It is about a huge...

click on my name to go there

Nebra Reppalk says:

It is not in the realm of the impossible. There are recorded instances of millenial elves and elves of even greater ages (Elrond was well over 4,000). Ultimately the maximum ages of elves depends on the author of the universe and is a matter of personal preference. That leaves the decision in the hands of Mith.
However it is generally accepted that humans only live to about eighty on average, and dwarves only live for about four to six hundred years, again depending on the author.

Dark Dragon says:

How long do Wizards live?
This is assuming they are not possed by demons, blown to bits by something, or killed by another being early on...

I need to Know what my life expectancy will be...

The road goes ever on and on.....da da da da dum da da dum....

Mwah hah hah... any tips for taking over the world??

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Glad to see you're feeling Better, Alien! :)

Arya says:

Thank you ,Alien!! I was getting worried. I thought you weren't going to put another strip in. I know how Myhrad feels. People know he's there and what he is, but when they meet something almost the same as him,they get all excited about the other creature. Wish I could wait a thousand years. I am Elf, too, and I always have an anoying Dwarf an my back, not that it helps there are two Humans involved. What was Leafs plan, anyway? Shoot the dragons with an oversized bow? At least he didn't have to use it. Where did Anye go? And Feiht? I bet Anye is chasing Feiht,waving her sword around,and screaming at the top of her lungs.
Well, keep up the great work.

emeraldcat says:

*Insert good comeback here* I'll raise you from the dead in a few centuries to let you know a better one! Just wait!

thewatermelon says:

what PLAN? tell us, mith!!

Furia Firelander says:

just wait a thousand years, YEEEEEEE sure, lets hope feiht give us that many time until she is going to use her new found powers.

Mia says:

... Is is just me or is Myhrad cuter than usual?

Bob says:

Comic #359
Bob, a great literalist, has answered, in the last few comments. *thhhbbt* *grumbles* stinkin watermellon

Merlinangel says:

Dark Dragon:
I think the appropriate quote is "the road goes forever, and the party never ends"

As always, beautiful job you guys-- the comic gets better and better

PrancyPranceUnicorn says:

I wonder what his plan was?

shineeeeeeyyyyy says:

If people think he is an over grown lizard why would he have wings?

Gemset says:

Ah, but he doesn't use them does he?

Pulsy says:

Cool just 1000 more years till we see Myhrad as a big dragon! Can't wait :)

Ninja/Pirate Aklon says:

Elrond also half elf and we dont know what his other half is or atleast i havent finished all the Tolkein Collections. I like Panel 5

Dark Dragon says:


WHATEVER!!!! I was trying to quote LOTR anyway, though yours works too.
Muse rocks.
NOBODY answer my question!
How long do wizards live?????

Nebra Reppalk says:

Depends. If you're lucky and create the Elixir of Youth, you will live indefinitely, as long as you have a constant supply of elixir anyway. In addition there are various potions and magics that will extended life, and even cheat death. However I'm not an expert in this area because I'm a dwarf and I prefer the engineering of defenses and the venerable art of weapon-smithing.
And to Ninja/Pirate Aklon: Elrond was half-elf, half-human and was an unusual case. The Valar (gods of Tolkien's world) made an exception for this instance. They decreed that half-elven could choose their fate, either be immortal like their elven brethren, or mortal but have an immortal afterlife like the humans. Elrond chose an immortal life while his brother (Elros?) chose a mortal life and became the first king of the Numenor(Race of men that later founded Gondor and Aragorn is one of their descendents)

Furia Firelander says:

Well, depending on what book you are taking, is some books wizards are also immortall.

Draginladee says:

With wizards, yeah, depending on the author they were either immortal, or just very long-lived. But with almost all cases, any creature or being that practices magic usually lives a very long time anyway, as the magic has a tendency to preserve the practitioner.

Draginladee says:

Just something I picked up from a lot of my reading.

Fiorre says:

this is my first comment!
that arrow that leaf's holding is facing backwards, i wonder what he was gonna try this time!

bookbook says:

Yeah. It's like my brother isn't my big brother... he's just HIM. My best friend is Hispanic, but I just think of my friend as... my friend, not Hispanic.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Good point, Fiorre! It is also tied to the bow, which wouldn't do much good. What is that red thing hanging from the bowstring?
It looks like a deflated balloon.
And since when does the situation ever wasit for the plan?
*The strategy never survives the first skirmish* or something like that

Squirt says:

1,000 Years! Eek!

wwolf says:

hi fiorre and lightwingk'sheyna!

wolf says:

hi yall says:

i'm stupid

LEit says:

Zela says:

That's one of his water balloons he packed in the beginning tied to the bowstring, isn't it? His eyes are shiny... and so is Myhrad. Poor Myhrad. I think in the overhead perspective shot Leaf is leaning over a bit far backward. Gorgeous highlighting.
Enchanted Forest series is funny, yeah? "Chopped liver..." Only here they're not talking about fighting wizards, that's why what Myhrad says is more appropriate.
And... "One day I will show you all!" Ha ha!

Dark Dragon says:

Thanks for clearing up the wizard thing.
FrYiNg PaN oF dOoM!!!!!
I've tried creating one of those and all i ended up with was a headache and some burnt toast... Has anyone else read the Book of Enchantments? it is an Enchanted Forest Chronicle book and has a Quick After Battle Triple Chocolate Cake Recipe...It is good!!

Pav Lucistnik says:

Just you wait, Henry Higgins, just you wait!

First guy to correctly identify the reference without using Google will get a chocolate bar from me.

Empress Catriona of the Cat People says:

As a cat-person (female), I don't have personal experience of elven longevity, but I think the elven historian was well over a thousand years old. I think I only get to hang around for a couple of hundred years. Mew :( I met Elrond once, he said I didn't exist, so I took offence and called him Mr. Smith.

Kunoichi says:

i believe the phrase you are looking for LightWing is "the plan of battle rarely survives contact with the enemy". and the arrow isn't only backwards, it's pointed down! i think we keep forgetting Leaf is still a kid. if course he's disappointed he didn't get to use his Master Strategy!!

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Good point, Kunoichi! I couldn't remember it exactly.

... says:

"I will show you! I will show you all!"

"Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

Guess that proves it - dragons are mad scientists

... says:

Uh, great.... Click the dots or take the "br" off the address in the above comment. Duh.

DragonRyder says:

(By the way everyone "hi y'all is actually Lightwingk'sheyna. She's just being a moron for fun. ;-P

Silverwolf says:

Ninja: I can answer that. Elrond was Half Elf, Half Agent Smith.
As far as dragons being mad scientists...are you sure that's not only the blue dragons? I mean Dragon Tails establishes precedent for that...

Willow Firesong says:

Pav Lucistnik, I believe that the source you are looking for is the musical "My Fair Lady", where that line appears in one of the songs sung by Eliza Doolittle, in response to the overbearing attitude of her diction coach Henry Higgins (who has basically taken over her life in order to win a bet with his friend).

The musical is based on an earlier play by the title of "Pygmalion", which in turn is based upon a myth (Greek, I believe) about a sculptor who carved the perfect woman and then fell in love with her, wishing for her to come to life.

The theme of all three pieces is that one should not fall in love with a thing of one's own creation under the illusion that it is truly another person, as the fiesty Eliza proved quite clearly to Henry Higgins with both this song and her brief romance with the young man who comes courting her "On the Street Where You Live".

I did not use Google for this answer, but I am allergic to chocolate... ...and besides -- "All I Want Is a Room Somewhere, far away from the cold night air; with one enormous chair -- oh wouldn't it be loverly!" ;)

(Blame my voice coach... *wink*)

Though this may all seem dreadfully off-topic, it does bring me back to the one point that seems apt in the face of the discussions going on on this page: dragons and wizards and elves live as long as the creators of their stories decide that they shall live, so it's unwise to try to generalize from one context to another, or try to make generalizations that transcend the stories from which each is taken.

These beings are what they are (characters in stories), let's let them be that and enjoy them, without falling in love with them to the point where we lose sight of their unreality.

I don't have to believe in "The World That Is" as anything more than the wonderful imaginings of Mith and Alien to enjoy it -- in fact, I think it is more respectful of their creativity to remember that all of this had its origin in their heads, and its cohesiveness and internal logic is a testament to their skills as creative artists, rather than being mere description of objectively perceptible phenomena.

Some humans live to be well over 100; dragon myths (outside of The World That Is) vary wildly, and do not agree as to life-spans any more than they do in any other respect, and elves (being creatures of myth and fiction) could as easily be immortal or as short-lived as mayflies.

I prefer to sit back and enjoy the work of the true wizards -- those whose magic lies in the creation of words and images so convincing in their story-telling that we forget from time to time that they are nothing more than raw clay, creativity, and wishful thinking.

On with the story!

Nebra Reppalk says:

Well spoken Willow Firesong, well spoken indeed!

4WindsWanderer says:

Odd plan. lol

Arithon says:

ahhh, Myhird is so cute when he has something to prove!

Lone Star says:

wheres ayne?

JuneBug says:

"Just you wait a thosand years!"

ultrainventor says:

they'll be around in 1000 years. Leaf's aunt is over 800.

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