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ellwonay says:

oooooooooh!! what did she say do Ayne??, love Ayne expression in the 6th panel..

ellwonay says:

First post!! sweet

DragonFire says:

i tryed sooo hard to get the text and i got some of it... here it is (it might not be correct)

J pPa --Ah ---! ---,
pPa hahat Ph---hahaha
hh?hah! lrfht ---' h-!
--- ah--- --- -----haha
t------ ---- yhe!

all i see is that she didnt care to put the real message oh well.

Temperus says:

"If you can read this, you have probably hacked into .... PC and .... the originals. Shame on you!"

Alien's PC and enlarged the originals? No idea, but I think you get the point though!

Osk says:

as far as i can make out in the bigger thing:

if you can .... this, you ha.. probably ...... into ...... and ..... the ...... ..... .n you.

4th to post! And I'm determined to become a regular here!

Osk says:

hmmm, nvm that, 5th and 6th post.... i type too slow

DragonFire says:

i didnt hack

i downloaded the picture and zoomed and did the best i could to sharpen it and read it

sissi says:

No! That's what it says. Something about hacking. I can't make out the blurry parts either though. Norwegian school computers have nothing but word, mathcad, some language programs, excel and internet explorer :p

Machiavellian says:

After reading this was what I got.
If you can read this you proboaly hacked into Mith's computer and ____the origionals, shame on you.

Machiavellian says:

The missing word is stolen.
Feiht is hardly one to be pointing fingers here.

Mithandir says:

You guys are good. I\'m going to have to use a smaller font :)

J-Anne says:

haha i didn't have to do a darn thing but hit the "bigger!" button and read it.. maybe i've been practicing too much.. (my friends and i used to pass notes in school written tiny tiny tiny like that so the teacher couldn't read them but we could.. haha)

Pulsy says:

Wowwwwwwwww Ayne looks scary up close :O Lovely blue eyes though ^^

sjon says:

Next you use a smaller font still. And write it in dutch ;)

Flaming Mono says:

Actualy, its:
"If you can read this, you have probably hacked into Mith's PC and stolen the originals."

Furia Firelander says:

Ye, do it in dutch, then i will translate it into english :p

Moonclaw says:

I love Ayne reaction in the last panel.I was wondering why she wasn't moveing...and had her sword draw. Great job, can't wait till the next strip!

Dragonmaster says:

I could read it without having to hack or download it. I just zoomed in and read off the page. =3

Velociraptor says:

I guess I'm the only one who just used the bigger button and superhuman myopic eyesight...

Love the comic, folks.

Arya says:

Oh, boy. Fieht is in for it now. Anyes looks really mad. Maybe Fieht could have said something that could have made Anye just wake up, not get super mad. Thanks for sending a new comic strip. This one is really funny to me.

Ivellios says:

all i can read is: if you can read this you have probably hacked into and tahts all i can read at my current resulution (that and im using a crt moniter not a lcd one)

Ninja/Pirate Aklon says:

yeah go Feiht

X-Kal says:

Beautiful! It's reminiscent of a certain movie we'd watch- In the stars, my brothers would claim that it said "If you can read this, you do not need glasses!"

kouishii says:

i can read it in the make bigger mode

Faticia says:

well, I hope no one gets nearsighted from putting their face straight into a computer screen. (This is from personal experience, if you have glasses for nearsightedness take them off before you try to read what that says otherwise you will be getting a new perscription.) From the girl who is as blind as a bat. :)

Zela says:

Feiht is funny here! Poking Ayne's nose, pushing her... Ayne looks rather creepy in frame 6, but nice gold beads. I love the last panel! Leaf covering his head, Myhrad ducking away FAST... the mini text is funny too. I hope Ayne is normal and not psycho now.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Well at least we have an explination as to why Ayne just stood there wih her sword in her hand and did nothing the whole time.

Kitty McKitten says:

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Well, I got the first and last lines.. "If you can read this... Shame on you!" ROFL.
Beautifully done, Mith, Alien... :)

Kitty McKitten says:

Ha ha I waiting with baited breath for the next strip. Bloody hilarious!

Kitty McKitten says:

I zoomed in but unfortunetly I cannot sharpen it. It looks something like oishh ana cnasn cncasjc (I can't read it!)

Me says:

It says: If you can read this you have probably hacked into ___'s PC and _____ the originals. Shame on you! The first blank looks like mom's and the second one looks like seen but I'm not sure.

Trelweny says:

*laughs* ah.... but does it mean something totally different in their language? *impish twinkle* 'cause Ayne sure is upset!

Sly Eagle says:

Heh, when you have the zoom function to use, it's easy to read the fine print. ;)

thewatermelon says:


Lightwing k\'Sheyna says:

I think it says:
if you can read this, you have probably hacked into Mith's PC and stolen the originals.Shame On You!
Ayne looks kind of weird in frame 6.

emeraldcat says:

Well, I won't post what I got cuz everyone has already, so I shall content myself with getting people to solve this.

Birdseed and nuts,
Hidden and twitch,
Grey red or black,
Hide away, run away.
Wait! What's that?
Aaah! A hawk!
Ha! This nut is mine!

Hee hee.

emeraldcat says:

Solve it, hahaha....

emeraldcat says:

If I were feiht, I would say
"Ha! Now that you're frozen, I shall steal your shinies, cut your hair, melt your sword, put fire to your nice clothes, turn YOU into a pixie and then I shall annoy you by saying Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah...."


emeraldcat says:


emeraldcat says:



Bob says:

a squirrel. And mabye thread LOL.

last comic's quote was from Audrey Hepburn's solo in My Fair Lady. Henery Higgins is her teacher whom she is quite peeved at.
Non-Googled. My mom is a music teacher and i have seen the movie several times.
yar genius!

Bob says:

oh, yeah. it was prounced 'enery 'iggins in the song

bookbook says:

"Butterfly collections are out of season."

Draginladee says:

That is too funny! But how would Feiht know whether we can hack into Mith's computer if computers (probably) don't exist in that world?

Fantasfanatic says:

Sigh i hate my ols out dated computer, but i guess i already know wat it says thanks to the other people.

eekee says:

Wow, you guys ARE good, I'm only getting 4 pixels per letter! (Well, 6)

eekee says:

Hmmm, I had to page back to see if anything else could have locked Ayne up like that... Found 2 things: "I dread to imagine what insane plots a pixie would need a fire-breathing dragon for", and, even scarier: "Wait... are you saying that whatever I can convince myself I can do, I can do?"

See? Dragon mind powers are a myth, they just make sure they have pixies around and the rest is clever illusion.

Flaming Mono says:

You people keep missing the "have" before stolen.

dragonqueencr says:

the riddle answer is a squirrel

dragonqueencr says:

and happy birthday Mith

LadyPhoenix says:

Okay, did anyone here NOT save the image and then zoom in to try to read the text upon first seeing this strip? Be honest!

bookbook says:

Happy birthday! Mine was Thursday. "What in the Lady's name did she tell her?" Ooh, Leaf said a naughty.

Elzooi says:


Well since there is this handy zoom thing in ie I did not need to save it. But indeed who wouldn't try to read it.

Psymar says:

Ah. Thanks for the note on the "bigger" button -- that'll be a big help in future!

and yeah, I could read it all, I'm a proponent of tinyfonts myself :)

Psymar says:

Response to comment on #357: it *is* "thief" spelled backwards -- you were misspelling thief. Nice catch, can't believe I didn't catch it...

Skreyola says:

I lack initiative. I just vaguely wondered what it said.

bookbook says:

thewatermelon says:

yo mith, when s d nu comic?????

Silverwolf says:

Smaller font? Mith, you'd have to be writing in PIXELS!
Feiht really ticked Ayne off, though. "HOW DARE YOU BREAK THE FOURTH WALL YOU ANNOYING BUG!" Or something.

PrancyPranceUnicorn says:

i wonder what leaf is going to think feiht said?

shineeeeeeyyyyy says:

wonder why she said RHAAAAAA!

Aerinelf says:

Heehee! I can read that too, on the enlarged version! Of course... I usually write about twice that small, so I've had plenty of practice from reading my own writing. ^_^

Blue River says:

lol :) Ayne should have listed!

Blue River says:

lol :) Ayne should have listened!

Blue River says:

oops, AGAIN :(

Blue River says:

Try righting jibberish next time. Much more effective.

shineeeeeeyyyyy says:

Hi blue river if your not I'll tell you in dragon class that I said hi I can say that over Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii like shineeeeyyyy thats fun soory if your not here

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Write it in runes or Theban or something other than English. Use something no one has ever seen before (like runes or Theban or something other than English...:)

Osk says:

french might be a good idea too, unless most readers are from belgium. Or france o'course

Sitara says:

I just went and read the comments first. Then I went back and hit the bigger button to see for myself... does that make me lazy?

hkmaly says:

You can use normal tengwar - we can suppose elves know them and they will be harder to read at small sizes.

Empress Catriona of the Cat People says:

II could read it after hitting the bigger button too. I wonder if Feiht said something really rude and insulting, because it looks like that swing of Ayne's sword was meant for fleeing Feiht.

Osk says:

would feith ever be rude or insulting?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Am I the only one who is confused as to where this conversation is going? Anyone else? Hello? HEY! DOWN HERE! YES, THE CLEAN-SHAVEN DWARF! CAN ANYONE HEAR ME? HELLO?!

Dark Dragon says:

Is this site situated in Norway?

Theroy on Feiht's name (Correct me if wrong...)
1. People resign themselves to their fate (do the two rhyme?) when Feiht comes around

2. Feiht is similar to Fey which is a type of faerie/pixie/thing (that rules me out from the quest...)

All theories are based on the fact that I don't know how to pronounce the name

Remmon says:

it's quite readable on GIMP with a 400% zoom actaully. I suggest you use a font that drops down to around 3 pixels per letter at 1024*768. That oughta keep us guessing.

Nebra Reppalk says:

And people just ignore me...I feel unloved

Ebeth says:

Haha. What would they do without feiht??

Blue River says:

Hi Nebra Repallk!
It's not nice to feel unloved:(
I'm here shineeeeeyyyyyy! ;P

Dark Dragon says:

I was being serious when I asked about this being in Norway.

@Nebra Reppalk I know what it is like to be ignored. It's what happens every day of my life in school.

Also: It is very hard to type when fingers were glued together by a spell.....

Dark Dragon says:

Many Happy Returns. Your old now, right? (Don't Hurt ME!)

NOOO! NOt the dreaded lemon-soaked napkins! Go Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy! Is this the 42nd post?

Bob says:

Fantasyfanatic says:

I just realise that Leaf and Ayne switched colors. Before Leaf wore green and now he wears blue and Ayne wears blue rather than the green she used to wear.

Rhea Hiryuu says:

Oh! I know what Feiht is saying to get Ayne so upset! Ahem,
lol, sorry, slight Zelda referance ^ ^

Dark Dragon says:

@Bob: WhatEver! I was just saying that because it was the Hitchhikers Guide refrence.

Forget Norway (Yes I'm quoting Weebls Stuff! (Kenya Song)) Is this site in Denmark??? I really don't know seeing as I live in the U.S.A. and near Three Mile Island (the nuclear power plant.... NO I DON'T GLOW FEIHT!)

dragyn says:

Hey, am I responsible for these forums?
Guess I'd better use 'em soon...

Bob says:

i know, Dark Dragon

Stickmaker says:

Stickmaker says:

And here I thought it would be something about her mother and army boots. :-)

Archie says:

A welcome surprise to see that it kept track of how many strips I've missed... yay for lazy me! :D I do so love it all, though.

Empress Catriona of the Cat People says:

Maybe fieht said "You just missed Amazcon, the convention for amazons, and they were going to give you a magic sword!"

Dark Dragon says:

Which did you know about Bob?
Have you been reading my mind???

People!! I'm being serious about the fact that I don't know where this site is from!
Can someone PLEASE tell me????

Mithandir says:

Dark dragon: The site is hosted in the United States and created by one norwegian and one belgian, both currently residing in belgium.

cloudfire says:

actually, fieht said "if you can read this, you have probably hacked into mith's PC and stolen the origonals. shame on you!"

cloudfire says:

actually, fieht said "if you can read this, you have probably hacked into mith's PC and stolen the origonals. shame on you!"

cloudfire says:

sorry! i accidentally posed that twice!!

Blue River says:

cloudfire: you're not the only one :D

Ryujin says:

ow that hurts the eyes trying to read what that said but its true the whole hack into miths pc is there

Ninja/Pirate Aklon says:

Haha i cant find my my Name on the Comment list hehe...O wait there it is :"

bookbook says:


Dark Dragon says:

Mithandir: Thank you for clearing that up. Your Holland references confused me. Sorry about your finger. Thanks for answering my other question about wizards.

Can pixies change size?
If so, then I have 1 100% real and geniunely evil pixie to go to the highest bidder.

If not then I have found a new breed of pixie!

normalperson says:

hi nerds! i was wandering around the internet and i found this site. i thought i should say hi to the nerds. hi!

Furia Firelander says:

Well, whatever, just do your next text in dutch if you want, i am going to translate it then :p

Squirt says:

Just post the translations on the web if you do,Furia Firelander. I can't read Dutch.

Bob says:

I can read your mind.

Arithon says:

probable called her ugly, it is suicide to call any girl ugly. Even more so when the girls have pointy ears, like me! Yes I have ointy ears! Well only a little pointy but still!

Bubbles says:


*Skittles* says:

Hey, I can read the little writing without making it bigger. Weird!

invisibly immortal says:

It probably has something to do with the new layout- all the older comics are bigger than they used to be.

Vinom, the God-King says:

Feiht just threatened to tell Leaf about the crush Ayna has on him.

Absconder says:

I read the entire thing without enlarging anything. I have good eyes. :)

Absconder says:

Oh right, and with my eyes about... 6 inches away from the CPU screen.

Mint says:

i didn't hack either, i stared at it really hard untill i could read

if you can read this, you have probably hacked into ... pc and ... the originals. shame on you!

spark flare says:

what did feiht say!!

Cpixie says:

What she said was " If you can read this, you have probably hacked into Mith's PC and stolen the originals. Shame on you!" just to let you know it was all Feight's idea and I had nothing to do with it! *Oooooh! Shiny!*

loudwhitenoise says:

Well, I can read it and I didnt have to zoom in or put on my glasses or anything. But then again I can also read backwards, mirrored and rotated text without having to manipulate the pictures... maybe I have magic eyes ;)


Is that supposed to be hard to read?

Lex-Kat says:

Just want to say I love this comic. I'm sure I've said it before, but it is worth repeating over and over. :)

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