Chasing the Sunset
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Odo says:

Unwise in the extreme. But it does get things moving...

Odo says:

Unwise in the extreme.

Odo says:

I love the way pixie magic leaves little bits of letters lingering in the air.

Gunner says:

This might actually be a wise move by Leaf. Notice Feiths reaction when Leaf mentiones the sugar mines... "Oooooh!"
It is proabably much better with "Elf fooling Pixie" instead of "Pixie fooling Elf". And the Pixie doesn't seem to realize!

Jack says:

But what did Feith say? I dont think it was meaning to be the text "If you can read this...".

Shweta says:

clever leaf! But what *is* he doing to Ayne in panel 5?

hkmaly says:

Hmmmm .... did dwarves really have sugar mines before this comic ?

saeria says:

Wow, I never really realised that Ayne was so much taller than Leaf, specially being younger! And she's strong enough to lift Leaf up with one hand.

I agree, panel 5 does look a bit strange..

eekee says:

Dwarven sugar mines? I'm afraid for the dwarves already. :D

I like panels 4 & 5. Cute hug, & I'm a sucker for hugs myself.

nick012000 says:

Odds that Feiht just teleported them to the non-existant dwarven sugar mines?

Leaf should have held out the nature of the pretty sparklies the dwarves mine up instead.

Auryn says:

He's giving her a hug..those are the bestest kind too.

Lae says:

I reckon Feiht said 'Ayne fancies Leaf' or somethiing of the sort. Why else would she react so strongly and refuse to let him hear?

Pulsy says:

Whahahahaha Myhrads "Oh no" in panel 4 is priceless XD
I actually think Leaf is still standing on his right leg in panel 5, Ayne isn't lifting him up with just one arm, and still looking so cool under it. It's very sweet though ^^

Empress Catriona of the Cat People says:

Why do I have the feeling this will end in disaster?

Aerinelf says:

Perhaps because anything that Leaf suggests they do about Feight always ends in disaster?

bookbook says:

Be thankful that Feiht doesn't remember what the big dragon said, the lava one. What are the chances that Feiht transports them somewhere entirely different, like... the dragon breeding grounds? Dragons are very terretorial when they breed, you know.

Vulpis says:

Is it my imagination or is Leaf not only copping a feel in that fifth panel, but Ayne seems to be enjoying it?

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Yeah, panels 4 and 5 are sweet. eekee is right. A trip to the sugar mine doesn't sound so bad myself... I'd have to make sure Feiht isn't there.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Sorry for double post, but Leaf could have been lying to get Feiht to teleport them there. Which might not have been a good idea. *snort!*

crazyninny says:

Aaawww.... Leaf is getting a piggy-back ride!

Nebra Reppalk says:

I am offened that anyone would think we dwarves have sugar mines. Salt maybe but sugar, absolutely not.
As for panels 4 and 5, I have no comment availiable at this time.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Sorry for the third post, but exactly how old are Leaf and Ayne? I know she's younger, right?

Draginladee says:

Lightwing, do you read Misty Lackey, by any chance?

Fantasyfanatic says:

Are the pixxie magic letters just random? Or is there some certain way to write in pixie language.

Is it just me or is leaf getting shorter?

... says:

You know, they could just be staying close together to make sure they get teleported to the same place...

And I don't think there are any sugar mines, Leaf just lied to motivate Feiht, and with luck she'll forget before they get there. (That explains why he asked to be teleported to the dwarf lands and not to the sugar mines!)

Osk says:

it was a smart idea, but I'm worried about the results, pixie magic is quite unreliable

shineeeeeeyyyyy says:

I wonder what that swirling thing is?

Arya says:

Why is Leaf ALWAYS shorter than Anye? I thought Leaf was older than her. Never mind. Why in the world is Leaf lieing to Fieht? I think he should listen to Myhrad. Myhrad a least knows what he is talking about, and lieing about 'sugar mines' is probably a bad idea.

Verrie badd speler says:

I don't think you can actualy mine for sugar. Well you can but it is very unlikely that you will get it that way. :)

Furia Firelander says:

It doesn't matter, if they are there she is going to be distracted by the diamondst

Blue River says:

According to some books and movies the only way alot of people can teleport at the same time is if their all touching one another. :)
shineeeeeeeeyyyyyy: the 'swirling thing' is a portal.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Yes, Dragonladee, I do read Mercedes Lackey. She is my favorite author. My name is from the Tayledras.

Fiorre says:

No idea why i put that.
panel 4 is cute but panel 5 is a little weird. what on earth is leaf doing to ayne?

i love how when leaf mentions the sugar mines feiht goes Oooooh! she's obsessed with sugar and shinies.

Oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shiiiiiiiiiinnneeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

Ivellios says:

leaf is just cuddling her and im pretty sure that leaf represents mythrandir, ayne represents alien, myhrad represents one of their cats and thief (reverse the spelling) represents their outher one

X-Kal says:

Make note of Comic #343 if you will. First, if Leaf is trying to 'feel' anything, he has a fairly nice leather breastplate getting in the way.

In my opinion, panel 5 looks pretty innocent. That, and his hand is in the wrong position, anyways.

smoak says:

i have the strangest feeling that feight will somehow get them to sugar mines, whether they existed before she came or not

Cerulean Lion says:

Ayne is older than Leaf, by a signifcant margin.
Leaf grabbed Ayne to restrain her, and I think just held on because he expects to be teleported...and of course he's still basically a kid.
If Leaf gets into the habit of telling Feiht that "pixies are good at" whatever he wants her to do.....:D

Ryujin says:

actually leaf was being smart & makeing a simple plan by in a way telling fieht to take them to the dwarven mines & remember feiht thinks of more ways to out trick them so this time leaf used reverse psychology on feiht amazingly enough...

Fantasyfanatic says:

If you look at panel two then panel five right after, it looks kinda funny.

Mithandir says:

Actually Leaf is older than Ayne, as Ayne was born on the day Leaf\'s mother died.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Okay well that answers part of my question , BUT EXACTLY HOW OLD ARE LEAF AND AYNE?!

Fiorre says:

Isn't Leaf supposed to be 100 years older than Ayne? If so, than why is Ayne so much taller than him?

Alien says:

As seen in Comic #158 Ayne is 131 years old, and Leaf is 143. It used to be mentioned on the Cast pages too, not sure why it isn\'t anymore.

Queenie J says:

Panels 4 and 5 are scaring me. NO, AYNE! He's MINE! MIIIIIINE!!!!

bookbook says:

Being one with a large imagination, I will try to translate the characters.
I'll get back to u later.

bookbook says:

Shiney sugar

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Thanx, Alien! Wheee! Someone actua;;y noticed I exist!

wwolf says:

yeah, panels 4 and 5 are a little....weird? this comic and the one before that are a little confusing. i dont know why, but they are.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

What makes them confusing, wwolf?

Shweta says:

I think Leaf in panel 5 is adorably cute. I'm just not sure exactly how innocently cute he's being.

Squeakers says:

This is just asking for trouble. lol

PrancyPranceUnicorn says:

Uh oh...

Dark Flame says:

I think it's completely normal for Leaf to be holding onto Ayne. Considering how accurate pixies are, and their attention span, if Leaf is holding onto Ayne, they'll end up going to the same place, hopefully.

Fantasyfanatic says:

Why is Leaf so much shorter that Ayne?

Fantasyfanatic says:

Happy mother's Day to all,(Well, atleast it's mohers day here in Canada)

Fantasyfanatic says:

And i agrees with the bard on the side of the page, Leafs plan had better work.

hkmaly says:

Actually, in one time there was two different cast pages (with different url) for main characters. The second one - that with info like age, size, hobbies and skill - was named leaf.php (don't remember directory, but I have still saved it) and was referenced from cast.htm.

Can you try to find it and merge both versions ?

There are ... or at least was ... no dwarwes in tycoon.

Chakel says:

Leaf is shorter than Ayne because the creator(s) of this universe says so. Its actually posted on one of the many wonderful links. IIRC Leaf is shorter than normal and all males are shorter when they are younger. So Leaf is really short.

Now about this movement to think there is something wrong with panel #5...Again this is not the universe you grew up in. :) He is not doing something bad or odd. The drawing is nice. *I* got the impression that Ayne was giving & recieving comfort. Touching, without being sappy. Good job!

bookbook says:

LiaFlame says:

am i the only one that noticed what ivellios said? that feiht is "thief" spelled backwards?

nice, mith and alien! wordplay, and it fits. good job :-)

... says:

"Why is Leaf ALWAYS shorter than Anye?"

It would be even stranger if he was taller half the time now, wouldn't it? :-P

Wildy says:

Perhaps Leaf is not getting shorter, but Ayne is getting taller. And I know lots of people younger than me that are taller than me. Not by 10 years of course, but then again, elven life spans are much longer. As for panels 4 and 5, perhaps if Leaf acts like an affectionate friend presenting an insane idea, Ayne will be more accepting than if he simply seemed like an insane kid with even madder ideas.

Psymar says:

There used to be a CtS Magic font downloadable from the site; you can use that to try and translate the pixie magic.
THe spell in this comic is, apparantly, "TELEPORT" (although I got "TNLNPORT" -- it's hard to read though.)

Lone Star says:

Ooooooooo...purdyful whirlypool...

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