Chasing the Sunset
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Jackiie says:

"And losing?"

Jackiie says:

How do I do o get member on this place? Or cant I?

Odo says:

Jackiie, as far as I can tell, Mith and Alien don't require you to be a "member". You can just enjoy.

Well, at least they are over the mountains, and we can see the ocean in the distance. I wonder what the red thing in panel 4 is...

Darkwacky (member number #36427) says:

LOL....This strip gets better and better. You guys keep up the good work!

Reinder says:

Well at least they've finally shaken off the squirrel.

Ivellios says:

so many little details in this strip berries on bushes birds in background and many others

Gunner says:

The red thing in panel 4 is likely to be a snake...
Wonder how long it will take for Feith to get frustrated because she is unable to win.... :p

Squeakers says:

*Squeaks* I love it!!!!

Aniene says:

love Ayne's expression in the last panel!

Auryn says:

Looks like a snake to me.

Leips says:

Hee hee, awesome. Only Feiht could lose tag against her own reflection. As Darkwacky said, it keeps getting better. Nice going.

Moonclaw says:

Ah, I understand that, I was playing tic-tac-toe with myself the other day...and losing.
Hey we can still see Lava way in the distance.

zanarkrimshot says:

and here i thought she had been convinced ohhh well ^_^

Arya says:

Teeeheeeheee. Feiht is playing tag with her own reflection. That is so funny. Leaf looks miffed, Myhrad looks flattened, and Anye looks plain confused. Trivia question for all 'Chasing the Sunset' readers: How do you play tag with your own reflection? Do you
(a) Find a big mirror?
(b) Look for a rainbow?
(c) Fly over a big pubbly untill you find a flying creature very similar to yourself?

Pulsy says:

lol i love the special effects: a cloud of magic with bodyparts sticking out XD

Draginladee says:

I literally do not know what to say right now!

EverlastingPanda says:

I wonder if Myhrad survived... He looks kind of... dead.

Ninja/Pirate Aklon says:

Ok Great way for me to come back. Making a Pixie believe they can Teleport would make them the best.

Dark Flame says:

Heh, leave it to Feiht to get distracted in an instantaneous teleport spell. Well, at least they are out of the valley...

OtakuLiz says:

Heheheh, that squished look Myhrad's got in the second panel is hillarious.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

I like Ayne in the last panel. Did anyone notice the dragon in the third panel? Or the snake in the fourth? There both orange. I wonder if I can play tag on the computer...

Dark Dragon says:

ooohhh, sugar!
Guys, i was serious about the pixie for sale... I need to get rid of her now!

poor Myhrad...being flattened is no fun

hah hah hah! tagbacks! (That is probably how Fieht is losing at tag with her reflection...)

eekee says:

Awesome :D

AileenHeather says:

Just a quick comment... If they are just on the other side of the mountains, wouldnt that make them in the very dangerous dragonlands? Or has Feiht taken them past there miraculously?

Mithandir says:

No, the dragonlands are quite a long way from here on an altogether different continent. I\'m working on a new map of the world which should make it clear

LiaFlame says:

so did feiht just take them to the wrong place? wouldn't put it past her, in fact, i'd be surprised if she had gotten them to the right place, seeing as her attention span is, well, nonexistant.

Faticia says:

Ok, that is classic! and that is all I have to say.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Oh good. We still get to see that incredibly large bridge connecting the dwarf and human lands. I really want to see that marvel of engineering.

Midgee says:

The detail in the panels are awesome! The birds and the dragon are awesome in panels 2, 3, and 5. Poor Feiht....losing a game of tag with herself...almost as bad as losing an argument with yourself...that sucked...
I can't live it down...I won't let me.

Silverwolf says:

So Feiht teleported them...all of them...with their limbs in the right places...and all their clothes...and all she left behind is her sense of self, huh?

Riverting says:

lmao! Oh, that's so great! ^_^ You know, if I had the ability to fly, I'd probably play tag with my reflection, too.

And, yes, I'll lose, too. :P

AnyaStyrzod says:

I love Ayne's expression in panel four...it's so funny :P
Also the wildlife here seems very, erm, flourescent...or is it just me??

Fantasyfanatic says:

The last panel is just priceles...Rofl. And i still find it strange that leaf is so much shorter than ayne

Trelweny says:

I think Leaf's lack of height might come from him being more of a dreamer than a fighter. Or perhaps elves cannot grow when they are desperately sad... as he has been.*shrugs* It's odd, but been faily consistant for some time now. Or maybe they gain height with maturity? Ayne sure acts older & more mature than Leaf most of the time. When she is not losing her temper...

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Every one here(And that means me...) except me is it! And no tagbacks! HaaaaaaHaaaaaaaHaaaaaaa! Oh well. I guess I'll lose.

Ninja/Pirate Aklon says:

Ok Feiht is my all time favorite character ever

Shadow Firelaw says:

What about the white thing in panel 5? It looks kinda like an angel...
Great work with the comic guys, keep it up!

Fantasyfanatic says:

the white thing in panel five is a bird

Fantasyfanatic says:

oops, i mean panel four**

Jackiie says:

Oooh, now I see! I thinked every name with blue text was members but it was only URL. ^^)

emeraldcat says:


How can you do that?

shineeeeeeyyyyy says:

How can Feiht play with her own reflection when you have to run in tag. lol she thinks the water is shiney oooohhhhh shineeeeeeyyyyy. lol shiney I can say that over and over again shineeeeeeyyyyy

Aerinelf says:

Hahaha! I love this comic! ^_^ Only a pixie could lose a tag game with herself...

Merlinangel says:

i see dragons and birdies and snakes...oh my!
actually, only 1 of each (fs 3,4,5)
great job, you gauy (once again)


Merlinangel says:

sry..that's "great job, you GUYS"

=) says:

'and losing' that sounds like something I would do...
I love this comic guys...

AileenHeather says:

Ty for clearing up where the dragonlands are for me,

... says:

That red thing behind the bushes?




Willow Firesong says:

Plaing tag with herself... ...and losing... ...funny as it is, I've known people who could come up with that (and some who might have done it).

However, I think that the truly inspired part of this strip is the fact that it shows Feiht as having gotten distracted in the middle of an instantaneous teleportation spell -- that is hilarious and unexpected! *applauds*

I live with a person with medically caused attention span problems, and I never thought I'd see something that beat his capacity to forget that he was talking to someone WHILE TALKING, in mid-sentence; the fact that you have, in a believable way, is truly amazing to me.

This is exactly the kind of innovative creativity that I love about this strip, and why I read it instead of the many other fantasy webcomics out there. It's this kind of attention to the details of character development, and the recognition of opportunities for plot twists unseen before (or by other authors) that keeps me coming back despite the limitations on my time (which makes me all the more grateful, on an ongoing basis, for the script that makes it incredibly easy to tell which strips I've missed -- I constantly find myself wishing that other comics I follow would use such a script).

I'm impressed and delighted with this latest plot twist, and waiting on the edge of my seat for the next development -- keep it up! :D

Nebra Reppalk says:

I don't want to cause a general hostility towards myself, but I really am not spellbound for the next comic or roaring wih laughter. CTS is better work than I could ever do and I respect it. However I find Feiht's antics and drawbacks more irking than humorous. But I do try to keep from revealing too many emotions, it tends to expose chinks in your armor to your opponents and can cost you a debate.
As for the irregular pace with the arrival of new comics, I just accept that they'll come out when they come out and there's no use worrying about it. I simply can't spend all day glued to a computer watching the timer count down.
Sorry if I offended anyone, but that's just how I am.

Mithandir says:

Oh I do hope nobody gets hostile to you over that comment Nebra, I wouldn\'t like it. Everybody is free to like or dislike CtS as he, she or it sees fit. By its nature we bring a mix of frivolous humour and some more thoughtful, often sadder, stories. Some prople like the one, some the other, some both, some neither. Not our place to say what people must like, if it were there simply would be no CtS, I think.

Dark Dragon says:

I have found many webcomics, and of all of them this is my favorite....

Will someone buy my sister... I mean pixie PLEASE!!! I'll give her away for free! *does cute puppy dog eyes*

Ajemii says:

How in the world do you play tag with your reflection and LOSE??? I know you can lose an argument with yourself (i've done it a bajillion times) but tag? i just dont get it...

Nightclaw says:

Hey Dark Dragon!! I don't think ANYONE will buy your crazy sister....ummm...pixie. She sooo crazy hyper chibi!! O_____o MAYBE WORSE THAN FEIHT!!!!

Arithon says:

how can you be losing in tag with your reflection... wait she is a pixie anything is possible, for a pixie neverming.

Lone Star says:

ooo, lava in sky in panel 1

Lone Star says:


Bubbles says:

heh... dweebls-stuff.com never fails to cheer me up...

Bubbles says:

when i'm blue
but CtS is great! for when I'm happy! it's the bedst comic ever i just rerealized that

ultrainventor says:

is that the lava dragon in the third panel?

ultrainventor says:

wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THE LAST PANAL!!!

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