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Chasing the Sunset
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zanarkrimshot says:

ohhhh nooo whos willo wisp when did they meet him before so many unanswered questions ^_^ whooo hooooo first ever first post

S. \"TBC\" C. says:

A will of the wisp [more commonly "wisp" by natives of areas in which they are common... Not REALLY certain I want to spoil the surprise, and not even sure they work 100% the same in this world...] is a species not a person. Needless to say to those that already know what a wisp is, it is more then sufficient if it's near similar to common myth [which by our young male Elf and blue\orange dragon's example, we should assume it IS] then it is one of the only creatures in existence that could be used to combat a fairy.

Scream, now, in agony and fear.

Docmortand says:

First comment! woot!

Yeah, I suppose I should have seen this coming...

Docmortand says:

awww...I thought I had it too. *snif*

blazerflare says:

I will say that I think what or who they are talking about is a will-o-wisp, or a shiny ball of light.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Feiht... Shiny Will o' the wisp... Not good.

Bob says:

what are the pink things in the backround?

Furia Firelander says:

Ok, playing dungeons and dragons is really an advantence here and feiht, get out there now you still can and get away as quick as possible.

Shadow Phoenix says:

I don't know about the CtS universe, but in ours Will o' the Wisps are mysterious, shiny balls of floating light commonly seen in swamps. Excuse me while I dream up interesting scenarios-
Feiht: Oh, Look! Shiny!
Wisp: *Wanders off over quicksand, not knowing pixies can fly*
Feiht: Gotcha! *Grabs shiny*
Ayne: Get back here you! *Falls in quicksand*
Leaf: *Devises elaborate plan to rescue Ayne using steel girders, an aardvark, Raisin Bran, and a trebuchet*

Shadow Phoenix says:

Oh, just noticed that the seahorse followed them. LOL. I also love the inature picnic basket! And the frog.

Machiavellian says:

A shiny ball that feeds on fear and pain. Oy Gevalt, this is not good.

Aerinelf says:

I love Ayne's expression in the second panel, and Myhrad's in the fifth. ^_^

Merlinangel says:

that makes me laugh....
Will of the Wisps could be a specific one, or the species...we just have to wait to find out!
most commonly, i see the species written will-o'-the-wisps, but that just may be me

smoak says:

personally it sounds to me like a law of some sort. "you must obey the will of the wisps" but i cant really imagine wisps having enforcement of anything

shineeeeeeyyyyy says:

shineeeeeeyyyyy you did my word lol Myrhad looks suprise when Feiht says shiney his eyes are big mabe its the water like I said.

dragonqueencr says:

willo whisps- a mysterious ball of light often caused by swamp gas effecting a person's sight.

In this context will of the wisps are probably small demons or spirits that lead a person(or pixie) into a patch of swamp that is quicksamd or a deep mud wich could cause a person to drown. kind of like an angler fish with the glowing "fishing rod" which draws in little fish and the angler fish then eats the little fish.

this basically means that feight will follow the light and end up in some peril wich she will bring the others into.

Lee says:

"I'm sorry, Leaf, but this is for my own good." Took me a couple of readings to spot the gag, but it's a good one.

Zela says:

Myhrad is so great! He is now officially my favourite character. Jael is my second favourite... Myhrad is so well drawn too. His expressions are wonderful. Just wonderful. Last two comics are fantastic. I like the picnic basket too, ("Mhuh?" Lazy pixie) and the tag.
I notice the shading's getting bolder - good work!
When I first read it, I thought that it was Will (as in William) of the Wisps.
Right now I wish I had wings, even if (like Myhrad) I couldn't use them. However, I'm thinking hawk laguz (Fire Emblem 9) personally.

MB says:

Gah! Wisps! o_o ... Wisp versus pixie ... Hmmm ... Wisp's hypnotic powers versus pixie's chaotic magics. Double hmmm ... This one is going to go to the judges, I think.

contumacious says:

If anyone has seen lord of the rings, or read the book, the "will o the wisps" are like the dead in the swamps that lures Frodo almost to his death. Or like glowing sirens if "The Odyssey" is more your reading level.

Trelweny says:

All I can think of is lots of moving, alive 'shinies' for Feiht to chase after / get distracted by.
oo! Shiney! *moves* oo! Shiney! *scuttles* oo! Shiney! *moves* oo! Shiney! *dives* oo! Shiney! *moves* oo! Shiney! Shiney! Shiney! SHINEY!!
or worse... what if she can somehow COLLECT them? @_@

Ivellios says:

yay will'o'wisps though wich type i wonder there are 7 if i remember right

zanarkrimshot says:

guess i should thank you all for informing me upon the wonderful world of will o wisps but to be frank i will wait until its down on paper to get my difinative answer thanks anyway

zanarkrimshot says:


Moonclaw says:

*gulp* Will of the Wisps...hey wait...is that the seahorse in panel 4?
Hee, I love Leaf's expression in panel 2.

jose says:


jose says:

i take it will the wasp is shiny

The Azure Priest says:

In the D&D universe Will-o-wisps also shoot lightning, have a 75% resistance to magic (which they absorb if they pass the check) and an AC of -10. So yeah, they're quite nasty.

Fantasyfanatic says:

I love panel 5, leaf and Myhrad look awsome. Also, what is the red stuff?

Fantasyfanatic says:

Ans what witht he arrow head in the last panel?

Arya says:

I've read about Will of the Wisps before. Thier swamp spirits that live deep in the center of swamps. A will of the Wisp likes to lure unwary travelors to them by means of their glowing candle or lantern. Then, when the travellor is very close to the Will of the Wisp, the spirit freezes the swamp water so the travellor is stuck in the mud. Nobody knows what the Will of the Wisps motive is for this action, but the travellor dies of just disapears. But the way to destroy a Will of the Wisp is to take it's lantern and/or candle and blow it out. That will break the freeze spell and desroy the spirit. Maybe Leaf, Anye, and Myhrad should be warned. Nice comic strip. I like it.

Lounge Lizard says:

Just remember that Feiht is immortal and hopefully Leaf will remember this too.

Nebra Reppalk says:

I really do not like swamps. You can't tell where the ground ends and the water begins, one false step sends you into the deep, mosquitoes and other blood-sucking pests abound, and it is incredibly difficult to move an army through them. Not to mention that an unusually large amount of malevolent creatures like to call a swamp their home. Leaf, Ayne and Myhrad are going o need all the help they can get.

Sly Eagle says:

Whoa. Didn't Ayne break Leaf's nose in panel 2, there? lol

Draginladee says:

Will O' The Wisp versus Pixie . . . This I GOTTA see!

Dark Dragon says:


EEEEKK! *Humansized Dragon turns tail and runs like a maniac*

Will some one please buy my pixie???

dragonqueencr says:

You know...I have just realized how much fun Mith and Alien have been having by putting random objects in the backround. last comic it was a dragon this time it is a seahorse, what is next, mickey mouse?

Alien says:

Much fun for me at least. Poor mith who has to colour them all. Had to look through some old comics to figure out what colour the sea horse was. I hope you people enjoy them a bit too.

Pulsy says:

"It's for MY own good" XD

Faticia says:

I love how Ayne strongarms all of her arguements. she gets a lot farther a lot faster that way at least.

nen'yor says:

lol i can see feiht chasing a wisp around for hours getting redistracted again and again

uh oh! shinyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

PrancyPranceUnicorn says:

will-o-de-wisps are very pretty!

glennr55 says:

will o the wisps are many times considered spirits of the dead who wander the earth stealing the life of unwary travelers who are out after dark or where there is no much light like the swamp.

Mia says:

Um... So ignis fatuus? Fun! ^^ Hope it gets all scary and stuffs. =P I wonder what they will be like in CtS. ^^

Shadow Phoenix says:

Oooo... I just thought about what would happen if Leaf got mad at a wisp... Evil red fire v. shiny little floating ball of light... Feiht would get so excited her brain would overheat again. That could be amusing.

Ninja/Pirate Aklon says:

Oh Feiht got the Boat of Doom and the Pool of Hope!

Ninja/Pirate Aklon says:

Whats this Whisp you guys are talking about. Azure priest you talking about 2nd Edition rules? Sorry have to ask

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Where is every one seeing this PICNIC BASKET?

EdorFaus says:

Lightwing k'Sheyna: in the boat.

Ebeth says:

I haven't checked in in a while. Well. Last strip was absolutely BRILL!!! Loved it. This one's great too. Wisps are so fun...XD

blazerflare says:

The Azure Priest I would like to point out to you that it is the stats of the will-o-wisp from the advance dungeons and dragons universe. zanarkrimshot I do not wish to say for certain because I do not know what the entity or entities know as Will of the Wisps is.

blazerflare says:

I was just speculating on what Will of the Wisps is/are.

wwolf says:

oooh! shiny! that's funny.

Ajemii says:

haha I cant wait to see what happens with Feiht and the Will of the Wisps or whatever!... Feiht is soo funny and her attention span is so short especially with lots of shinys around!!
*oooh! shiny! and another and another and.... which should i take first?... ooh! shiny...* lol

Dragonmaster says:

WHOA the seahorse DID follow them!

Ajemii says:

follow them from where?

Qzole says:

It was also teleported by Feiht, at least I think

Chari says:

I don't think I've ever seen Myrhad look that nervous

Silverwolf says:

Great...So if Feiht is lured to her death by a Will o'the wisp...this may not be a problem for Ayne. However...1 magic pixie vs n wisps...= armageddon.

AnyaStyrzod says:

I wonder if there's such a thing as a pixie without ADD...OOH! SHINY!

Soleil says:

look at how surprised Leaf looks in panel 2!!!!!!!!!

Arithon says:

shiny stuff will o wisp or polly wogs in threads of fate are NOT GOOD!

JuneBug says:

"Oooh! Shiny!"
Oh no indeed!

MoonMinx says:

I ove leaf's expression in the second panel

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