Chasing the Sunset
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Jackiie says:

Ooooh, so sweet, pixies luring in people in the svamps. They are being organized. ^^)

Odo says:

HO HO! Nice twist! Big laugh and anticipation!

Mia says:

Organized Pixies? O.x What next!?

And the comic today is veeeeeerrrrry pretty! O_O Awsome job!

Odo says:

Oh, yes, and I like how Ayne is undoing all the work that Leaf did with the bow and the arrows.

MB says:

o_o; Urgh ... Darn pixies!

Machiavellian says:

I always knew pixies were pure evil, it's nice to have some proof.

Ivellios says:

interesting theory whats more worrying is that it was right

Arya says:

PIXIES!?!? PIXIES lure people into swamps? I can't believe what I'm reading! But intresting point. More pixes. maybe Fieht and the other pixes will start stealing from eachother. Heeheeheehee. That would be so funny. Thanks for the new comic strip, Mithrandir and Alien.

Psymar says:

One thing that may have contributed to Ayne's insight: in case anybody forgot (I did!), she's an Amazon -- which means she's (at least part) fey. Perhaps the fey have some sense for detecting one another?

Black Mantha says:

This one must have taken quite a while to draw, colour and shade.

Furia Firelander says:

very long i think

Silverwolf says:

The Will O'The Wisps are PIXIES? Oh they are so doomed.

NekoHitori says:

Wow. Looking at all the detail, this strip must have taken a long time to draw, ink, and color. Especially (in my opinion) panels one and three.

I love all of Leaf's facial expressions; he looks so young and naive!

I know I don't comment every single strip like some people do, but I have to say that I absolutely love this comic, and I sincerely hope that you two follow it through to the end.

(and now that I've said that, watch it die...)

RainShine says:

Heylo! :D The artwork is great today! (The strip is funny too. heeheee) It suddenly looks higher rez? Beautiful. Anyway - Awesome job!!! :D

Pulsy says:

Oh... my... God.... this is the best looking strip ever! Before pressing the bigger button and reading it i already went WOOSH :| I mean, i know tons of real comics you can buy at stores that are not even drawn half as good as this one...
Too bad the earlier comics aren't this perfect, otherwise you could easily step up to a publisher and have this printed and sold :|
*gasps some more in utter amazement*

Shadow Phoenix says:

Pretty, pretty, pretty! For some reason, I am captivated by how cute Myhrad looks trying to get down the bank. ;)
Interesting plot twist, LOL. So much for our theories.

Elzooi says:

Just WOW, I realy love the detail.

Shadow Phoenix says:

Oh, I also just noticed the cool mist in panels 3 & 6. And the mushrooms. Loads of cool details; I had to make it bigger to see everything.

Sitara says:

Love the art in ithis one. It's just amazing.

"Start up your engines"? Pixies have engines? Aah, industrial-age shiny swamp pixies.

Machiavellian says:

Mechanized pixies? Anyone else thinking about Tinker Gnomes from Dragon lance?

Bob says:

WOW!!! And two different mushrooms too. 0_0 *whimpers in exitement*

Aerinelf says:

Awesome! I love this one! The colors are really cool and the elves look awesome. Myhrad is adorable in panel 5.

AnyaStyrzod says:

I think if every comic turns out as well as this one did it doesn't matter that they're late sometimes...great work! :)

weirdo says:

What's that on the ground behind Leaf in panel 3? It looks a bit like a skull...

How did leaf get to where he is in panel 6? shouldn't he still be by the bank?

kmancat says:

it's showing him from the opposite angle. :-P

Ajemii says:

heheheh... whos willing to bet they take all your shinys after luring you into the swamp? probly gang up on you..
hey whats this? *follows floating ball of light* ohno im stuck! *lots of light balls steal the shinys* 'will-o-the-wisps':ok you can go now.

wwolf says:

huh? ooohhh.... i get it!!

Arya says:

Uhh, Ajemii, what are you talking about? I know, I already wrote a comment, but when Ajemii said the he/she said that he/she was stuck in the mud and was getting abducted by pixies closly related to Tinker Bell, I just had to write in.I love the way the mist is floating around, but it looks like Leaf, Anye, and Myhrad have entered the forest part of the swamp. Pixies with engines? What does that mean? Pixies can ride motorcross bikes, or is it just machinery?

LOVE the comic, as I said before.

Ninja/Pirate Aklon says:

Flying Sea horses make swamp gas?

bookbook says:

Comic #183, sorry if it was posted it wasn't the first time
great comic

Ajemii says:

Arya: heres what i meant:
the pixies lure you into the swamp, you get stuck in the mud, they steal your shinys, then they let you go. or they dont let you go. not sure...
anyway thats what i meant. well mostly i was just saying since theyre pixies, theyll probly steal from you after they lure you off course.

Lady Issy says:

The art today is fantastic! You two have out-done yourselves. Thank-you for such a wonderful gift.

Merlinangel says:

this is so beautiful, you guys... it's just gorgeous

shineeeeeeyyyyy says:

Start your engines lol I wonder what that means. Lol Myrhad is having a difficult time coming down in the fith pannal.

Ajemii says:

i like leafs hair in the fourth panel. so detailed... way better than me! youve come a loooong way as far as drawing quality is concerned. not that you were bad to begin with, youve just gotten lots better! i like the waterfalls in the first and second panels too. and the stream in the last one... and basically everything else. you guys rock!

Arya says:

Hey, Ajemii. thanks for explaining the 'lurn people into swamps' thing. I kind of figured it out.I love the way the pixies on the bushes talk. they sound like gangsters. Great comic.

Queenie J says:

Fabulous art. It's the sort of thing people hang on their walls and frame, you know that? I think the joke in this one is particularly good, and that the detail is exquisite, especially in Leaf's hair and Ayne's shield design. I love this one! The only advice I can offer is to texture the wooden cliff-thingy more, so that the wood doesn't look like bled watercolor or disco-hippie decor, but the panel cannot look too busy. Great job, this might be my favorite CtS strip yet!

Nebra Reppalk says:

The artwork is incredible in my opinion, kudos many times over to Alien.
As for the pixies...it does make a great amount of sense, like I said in the previous comic, all sorts of, shall I say, unpleasent creatures live in swamps. Of course I was thinking more along the lines of beastly beasts, but pixies are a thousandfold more dangerous than an aligator.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Nic comic, guys! This one's great! I agree with every one else: Leaf's hair is good.
*All right, pix', start your engines. We've been ratted out.*

Empress Catriona of the Cat People says:


Bob says:

Bob says:

jose says:

oh know, more pixies

Arithon says:

heh heh it does sound like pixies!

Arithon says:

they would have gotten away with it to if it weren't for those meddling elf kids! and there stupid dragon too!

Lone Star says:

(\ /)
( )

Bubbles says:


JuneBug says:

"We've been ratted out."

Lokitf says:

Svamp is Swedish for mushroom

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