Filler: Hell's Pixies
Chasing the Sunset
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Mithandir says:

Just a little filler while Alien is in transit (alright she\'s arrived by now, but still). Real comic hopefully wednesday.

MB says:

o_o ... They're cutely horrible. I'm not sure whether to laugh or back away. ^^;

Darkwacky says:

Wow FairyMeat flashbacks!

Ivellios says:

Wow FairyMeat flashbacks!?

im afraid to ask and yet morbidly curious

Pulsy says:

LOL He really IS waving a fork around! *dies laughing some more*

eekee says:

Rawr! Where do I sign up?

... says:

Use the Fork, Luke!

Shadow Phoenix says:

Too funny! The blue one is tatooed and the red one has little hoofs. I also like the wings on the green one.

Arya says:

Wow!! They are thugs. Just don't tell them what drugs are and hwo to use a Pixie sized gun and everything is A-O-K. Love the artwork, Alien.

MB says:

You know, those tattoos may not be real tattoos. They could just as easily be illusions conjured right into the skin. After all, why would a pixie want to be stuck with the same picture for all eternity?

Dragonmaster says:

Is the pink-haired one a guy or girl? I can't make up my mind.

Ebeth says:

Haha! Wow. Cute. And terrifying. Except not at all. XD Love it. Hell's pixies...*wanders away laughing and banging into walls* Yeah, i'm rather sleep deprived. Apologies. Randomness excusable. As are short sentences. Hopefully.

Queenie J says:

5w337. Love it! Hell's Pixies strike fear into my heart. Especially the one with the fork and the little bow-adorable! My favorite CtS filler comic. Ever.

Blue River says:

Awesome artwork!! luv the red one's wings

Thecatteam says:

Hey- click on my link!

Ok.. to the point. The yellow one has a "tattoo" too!

Thecatteam says:

Woah.... and the one with the pink hair has those things you put on your knuckles when you want to punch someone! ...Scary.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm on BIGGER mode

Thecatteam says:

You definetly need a "smaller" button. Now I have to go to a different web page and then back here to make it smaller again!

Thecatteam says:

...Or maybe just push the back button.
NVM Mith!

Thecatteam says:

I was just looking in the archives... you really need to make a new chapter. This isn't in Party!

crazyninny says:

......Okay.... I don't want any tro- HEY LOOK!!!!!!! SOMETHING SHINY!!!!!!!!!! *runs away*

Ajemii says:

the yellow one only has one eye. you can tell from the position. i think they're all guys but its hard to tell...

Kitty McKitten says:

Love all the pixies, especially the red one and the blue one and the green one and the pink one and the yellow one! Love the comic and everything, I think I may be going slightly mad

dragonqueencr says:

No further comment

Darkwacky says:

FairyMeat is a RPG based on chaotic fairies fighting and dismembering each other in various ways.

Bastet says:

The yellow one is a cyclops!!

Draginladee says:

Thecatteam, they're called brass knuckles. And from the look of things, they have spikes on them too.
*shudders from all the cute toughness*

Aerinelf says:

Heehee! :) They're funny looking.

the Krud says:

could this be Feiht's new familly?...*shudders at thought*

good work guys!

Empress Catriona of the Cat People says:

Eeeep. *hides from the pixies of doom, and throws a shiny in the opposite direction*

the Krud says:

good plan

HappyComfort says:

It seems like it would be a great idea if you guys put an article about yourselves on Wikopedia.
Love your stories! ~~ HappyComfort~~

shineeeeeeyyyyy says:

shineeeeeyyyyyy pretty colors awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D-2 says:

Why doesn't anyone of them have piercings in their wings? That would rock :)

emeraldcat says:

*Gasp!* I don't WANT to know what the blue pixie will do with that fork!!!!!

Draginladee says:

You're right, D2. Wing-piercings would totally rock out!

Reinder says:

HappyComfort: Wikipedia frowns on people putting up articles about themselves, and it's actually a bad idea to become involved in Wikipedia articles that you're the subject of, because it means you take on responsibility for checking that the article is accurate for as long as you live.
But if fans put up an article, I'm sure Mith and Alien won't mind:)

Blue River says:

background : MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Nebra Reppalk says:

Somehow, I'm not scared, not in he slightest. Good artwork but not intimidating. Someone fetch me a butterfly net.

Merlinangel says:

hahahaha....that's hilarious
love the fork and brass knuckles.
Also, the red one has a butterfly belt buckle. This is great, you guys.

Pixie10111 says:

First time poster. ^.^;

So, if this is hell's pixie's, why aren't all the pixie's of the world on there? XD

PrancyPranceUnicorn says:

Nice... Love the rainbow background.

Lae says:

Wing piercings would probably slow down flight... not brilliant!
though, they are pixies, so you never know! ;)

Mithandir says:

Consdiering Feiht flew with her wings encased in a metal armor ... I\'d say they can manage.

Arya says:

Warning to viewers of Pirates of the Carribean. Viewers may have seen flying specks in several of the pirate scenes. Investigators later discovered that these "flying specks" were a group of fun loving pixies. Until now, scientists thought that pixies didn't exist. After an interview with the pixies, the investigators said that the pixes were the Hell's Pixies. The leader of the pixies, featured far left, top row in the image above, said that they wanted to play a vital role in Pirates of the Carribean. The director later kindly explained the the making of the movie was finished and the pixies could return home.

weirdo says:

The yellow cyclops pixie's eyes are many colored.

Furia Firelander says:

I chose for the green pixie

Draginladee says:

Mmmm . . . Pirates . . .

Wildy says:

I think the pink haired one is male, and the yellow one is... female?

Arithon says:

Question is the pink haired one in pigtails a female or a male?

leaf+ayne =love4ever...not says:

the hells pixies are all shinee addicts hahahahahahahahahhahaahahahahah *cough*

TheNextTaggerung says:

Wildy, you're right. The yellow one has breasts, and the pink one doesn't.

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