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Odo says:

Bought!??? Oh, dear.... how un-pixie-like.
Panel 4, suspect "This space for rent."

I have to say that Alien's artwork is getting better with every panel. Feiht's expression in the last panel is very subtly drawn.

Odo says:

P.S. there seems to be a problem with the smaller version. I had to use the (+) to see the posting at all.

Mithandir says:

Good guess, that's what it says.

glennr55 says:

O_o What a horrible crime paying for something.
Make her sort something.>:O

MB says:

... It's offocial: I loathe the gross of pixies. -_-*

ajemii says:

how long d'you think feihts gonna stay dressed like that?

Arya says:

Oh my goodness. I want to get to know that pixie. Is she a pixie, Mith? She could be a fairy. Their a bit more honset than pixies, no offense.I like fire pixies wings, they are very different. Thanks for the comic.

*Skittles* says:

Very. New comic came quick. YAY! 'please feed the jury.' I love it! ☺

*Skittles* says:

THe "very" is for ajemii

Nastiban says:

Hello again, Long time no post ;)
Just wondering what 'exhibit A' is, cant remember what it is and cant seem to find it by looking at previous comics :o

Mithandir says:

"Exhibit A" refers to the necklace. Just Feiht wanting to act all offical and stuff.

thewatermelon says:

Abui is definitely not a pixie. just wondering, but why is she acting so much like a slightly nice Ayne?? and why does gjuvhsdfjgybcsj mean cheese????????????????????????????????

thewatermelon says:

Well, if you go bigger, Feight is slightly smiling in panel 6.

ajemii says:

umm....i have no idea, why WOULD gjuvhsdfjgybcsj mean cheese?
and in feihts position, id be smiling too. it looks like fun!

Gaijin says:

Hey, Arya. Info on Abui:
*Spoilers, I guess*
Abui's a fairy from the comic "Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan", and in one of the major story-arcs, some fey from a different political party talked Feiht into helping them "prank" a meeting (something like that, at least). In the confusion, Feiht got away with Abui's necklace.

wwolf says:

Huh? What were they fighting about in the first place?

wwolf says:

oops. sorry for the blanks, guys.

AnyaStyrzod says:


crazyninny says:


ajemii says:

ditto :)

Mossstar says:

Yeah happy 2nd!!! (My parent's are on their.... 19th or 20th I think.)

Irish Drinker says:

Congratz!! Happy Anniversary!! Many more long years!! And Much thanks on the awsome comic!! I love it!

bookbook says:

oooh.. pwetty shinies...
(By the way, it's not "Please Feed the Jury," it's "Please do not feed the jury."
Hell's Pixies should be ashamed to talk to the likes of one who is willing to give up da pwetty shinies.
And I bet she trades away chocolate cake, too. Shame, shame, shame.

Merlin says:

Hey Mith--
what do the banners say?

this is a great page-- you guys have gotten so much better at this since the beginning of the comic. It's amazing
good job!

4WindsWanderer says:

Actually, book book, I believe it's 'Please do feed the jury'. If it were 'Please do not...' the 'n' of 'not' ought to show. Who IS the jury, though?

glennr55 says:

4 winds is right about the banner and the first says free space for rent fo those of u have did no tgo back in the comments to find out.
And the jury is the hells pixies of course.
who but pixies would be a pixies pears cause of course the opinions of people don't matter to pixies.

ajemii says:

and the opinions of pixies dont matter to pixies either mostly cause they all forget anyways.
and btw they do matter a bit cause feiht brags to some person at the party abt how rich she is......making the person form a favorable opinion of her..or not so favorable, depending.....but i think im geting sidetracked.....

Aerinelf says:

XD This is hilarious.

ajemii says:

the comic or the comments?

PrancyPranceUnicorn says:

I don't think feiht quite understands the legal proceedings... or would care in any way.

PrancyPranceUnicorn says:

^_^ ">gasp

eekee says:

Oh Feight definitely doesn't care! *whistles*

eekee says:

Sweet art ^_^

thewatermelon says:

Dreads eyes look different in the 4+5th panels.

ajemii says:

i think you mean the 6th panel the inside of dreads mouth is blue.

Pumpkin says:

*Rewind time one day*
(see, I'm not late. You just didn't read it until a day later :P)

Faticia says:

I'm with Pumpkin, Happy Anniversary!

thewatermelon says:

dread has no tatoos in panel 6....

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Oh my gosh! Feiht has remained in robes for more than 2 seconds! AMAZING!!!
I think the banner says "Please do feed the jury". Now isn't that just like a pixie.
I wonder if the banner changes to what they want it to, or if it reflects their strongest thought at the time.

Fiorre says:


Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

I always knew you had problems.

ajemii says:

thewatermelon: its the way hes facing you cant see them.

Alien says:

Watermelon: He still has his left upper arm tattoo, which barely shows, and his leg tattoo which doesn't show at all. Did he have others before that I'm not aware of?

Pulsy says:

i can only agree: =gasp=
Abui's expression in the fifth panel is so sad... i'd almost go overthere to comfort her. Beautifull ^^

ajemii says:

also in panel 5, dread is balancing the hammer on his!

glennr55 says:

HEs trying so hard to pay attention but he is a pixie and you know he's probably paying only enough attention to the proceedings to make sure he catches the more interesting parts.

Furia Firelander says:

well, from now on it is sure, feiht has won, no pixie accept that another pixie PAYS, for something, let's use pixie laws and send abui to the wizard tower

ajemii says:

only if there arent any furies there. otherwise, you could end u pwith something really scary: a pixie posessed by furies! one that can blow things up at will! YIKES! you would want to leave the universe and hope it didnt find you.

Dread says:

I like how Dread (that's the judge's name, correct?) has been driving nails into his desk with hith "gavel", AKA hammer. Very nice touch, didn't notice it at first, I was wondering what those black things on his desk were.

Raisin says:

how come the jury dosn't have a cool changing banner?

AnyaStyrzod says:

Maybe they're not special enough...

bookbook says:

yeah, your right. it does say 'please do feed the jury.' its just that it would make so much more sense for it to say 'please do not feed the jury' like 'please do not feed the gorillas' or 'please do not feed the evil man-eating lions.'

veralidaine says:

I think someone was supposed to set a banner up, but the red pixie's shocking announcement drove the thought out of their mind.

Or they just forgot.

Wildy says:

Why does this vaguely remind me of Alice in Wonderland? What does the banner say in the fourth frame? Someone has probably already said, but I'm too lazy to look through all the comments.

Wildy says:

Ok, it was in the first comment... nvm...

sjon says:

paid with shiney coins?
It's anyone's gues where those coins come from, who they belonged to and ... how long they remained in the Goldsmiths possesion :)

Raisin says:

bookbook, are you saying that the jury is made up of man eating lions and/or gorrilas(who may also be man eating, or possibly child eating), or are you just saying that... umm... ok, lost my train of thought.

that happens often.

bookbook says:

im saying that the jury is made up of pixies, which is much worse than maneating lions.

Blue River says:

bookbook:I agree; Can man eating lions bring on the apocolypse!?
I didn't THINK so!!!!

Pixie Slayer says:

So why would the pixies what to not be fed, however dangerous they consider themselves to be?

"Miss of Madwood" would have done better just to steal the necklace back from Feiht without making a scene. But apparently, she'd never think of that. She's not very pixish is she?

"Supposed to be on her side?" What, does this trial all of a sudden have rules??

ajemii says:

if it does, they prolly change alot...

Reinder says:

Calvinball rules...

Max Randor says:

this comic really is very good

Ebeth says:

Bought it?!?!? *gasp* Shameful! I LOVE Dread's hair colour in the last panel.

bookbook says:

oooh, pwetty shinies...

Bob says:

Calvinball rules rock!!!
Welcome Camp MASHers

ajemii says:

calvinball is aweome!

bookbook says:

calvinball? as in calvin and hobbes? I would have played it as a kid but my backyard wasn't big enough.

dragonqueencr says:

I am curious as to what the blue and fuschia signs say. can you give us a clue Mith or Alien?

ajemii says:

ive played it, its really fun!

shineeeeeyyyyyy says:

I think the *gasps* are weird like they should put a speaker by play the *gasps* and put sound in it and play it.

thewatermelon says:

I've been gone for to long

well, that just about does it.

Arithon says:


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