The Defense
Chasing the Sunset
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AC says:

Hah, Polkadots? Three points? This is getting better and better.

Qzole says:

"Can she aske that?" XD

Ivellios says:

Of course she can but it doesn't mean that fieht will tell the truth either about telling the truth or about crap confusing myself brb

kickme says:

"3.14th rock from the sun."

She was about to be in the jury as well.

dragyn says:

Hmm...Funny how the "you've missed X strips" thing doesn't work right if you use more than one computer...

Anyway...Great comic. As usual. :)

Elzooi says:

Great comic again. thanks

Tai Maqwilloq says:

lol leafs playing with the kittens and not really paying all that much attention to the trial.

Reinder says:

That's probably the wisest thing for Leaf to do...

thewatermelon says:

hey mith? any idea what the teal sign says in the last panel? or is it jdsfbgasjsdgbfaxtgnsdjabtvfgvhnjxxb stuff

thewatermelon says:

oh and leif has dreads fork-errr,, trident

thewatermelon says:

ya know, tobiter and spike are having a secret backround conversation.

Arya says:

Oh dear. I hope for Ayne's sake takes away the polka dots. Yellow and red dots clash with her blue birht marks. Thanks for the strip Mith and Alien.

Chrinos says:

Unless Feight was really careful, this apparently means that her marks are sufficiently magical that they cannot be covered by paint. I wonder if they would show up through cloth. Ayne needs to realize that the point of the trial is to be as fairy-like as possible. The one who is the most Fae wins. If this is correct Abui is falling far, far behind.

Ebeth says:

haha! "Can she ask that?" brilliant. I love pixies...


yay, the pie-rock from the sun!

crazyninny says:

HA! Leaf dosen't seem to care at all on whats going on! *Luaghs.*

Cerulean Lion says:

Leaf is catching on to the proper Fae attitude, as shown in Panel Five.
Sure Feiht can sit in the jury too. :p

Mithandir says:

Actually that's Dread saying "sure" there .... should prolly lengthen that balloon a bit :)

The cyan banner says "Blah blah blah"

ajemii says:


KmanCat says:

"Is she allowed to ask that?"

^_^ This is awesome!


I love the way Ayne's question made Feiht's antennae straighten out. Hmm... "Straighten Out"... wasn't that a song by The Clash? Or The Stranglers? Or The Damned? Or somebody???

Lee says:

PS above is by me. 4gt 2 sign.

Kiri says:

I giggle. A lot. Awesome as ever, guys.

MB says:

If Ayne manages to get Feiht convicted, I would personally FedEx her a cake ... if only I could. -_-

ajemii says:

...somehow i doubt this trial is going to get that far...

glennr55 says:

im starting to think Dread might be getting hungry based on his banners.
mmmmmmmm. PIE!!!

thewatermelon says:

I prefer pi. Now say it backwards.

thewatermelon says:

How do the creators of the one webcomic get their comment to turngreen???

4WindsWanderer says:

Next Feiht should paint Abui's hands red. ha ha ha

Faticia says:

thewatermelon, they're special. Ok, I don't know either. Anyway, I love this strip, it's awesome!

PrancyPranceUnicorn says:

you should use different wording in a pixie court.

since when did it become a gam-
nevermind. pixies are involved, therefore it is a game. silly meh! -.-

God of BIscuits says:

Fear the fairy justice system

Pulsy says:

3.14 eh? i guess that .14 is the moon?

Adreanna says:

I love the nails in Dread's gavel base. He must have been hammering them in all session!
Well done on drawing Leaf; he looks so relaxed.

Zela says:

I love how pixies try playing at real life! I'd have commented earlier, but my internet was down for a week. Blah. Anyway, it looks great, and this whole scene has been hilarious.

CryptoGirl says:

No, pulsy, it's the beginning of pi. that's where thewatermelon's comment came from...i think...

thewatermelon says:

Um, actually, "i prefer pi" can be spelled the same forwards and backwards.
No melon, no lemon.
Elk rap song? No sparkle.
Rats live on no evil star.
No way a papaya won!
O.J. nabs bobs banjo.

Know any others?

wierdo says:


EbyKat says:

I like that you kept the dots consistant.
tedious, but noticed :)

Pulsy says:

Yeah i got that Cryptogirl, but i meant... we're on the 3rd rock from the sun, not the 3.14th :P So i was looking for a way to explain it.

Chrinos says:

Madam I'm Adam
Too hot to hoot
Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog.
Pallindromes are fun.


And the Baron's still guarding the first case on the books.

I love Myhrad in this one

thewatermelon says:

Ma has a ham.

Silverwolf says:

All I can say is that if Ayne doesn't get back to normal there will be a pixie-kabob.

Aerinelf says:


Arithon says:

If only court was this amusing in real life.
Speaking of Court. New game Called Pheonix Attroney of Law for the DS and it is good.

elvenfairy says:

oh man, the whole court case is making me laugh so hard! It is even better than Alice In Wonderlands court!

JuneBug says:

"Can she ask that?"
lol XP

ultrainventor says:

i can take pi farther. 3.141592654.

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