Character witness
Chasing the Sunset
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Gabby says:

I'm sorry, but I could resist the evil laugh at that one.

Odo says:

Good as ever. Glad to see a more regular update schedule. Love the kittens, who seem to have decided that Myhrad is a momma cat.
The case on the books keeps disappearing. Does that mean that it is a contingent case?

Odo says:

Hoom... Should I mention the fact that Ayne's face suddenly lacks dots in panel 4? Does this mean that only Feiht's attention is keeping the dots on, and that she was shaken by the possibility that Myhrad might testify?

Mithandir says:

That or she got a bit upset when being flicked out in frame 3.
That or alien forgot to draw the dots ... :)
I know there's one dot still, on the tip of her ear.

Darkwacky says:

I think Ayne Just won over the Jury!

Machiavellian says:

Query: How is law diffrent from anarchy in a pixie court?

Hypothisis: It tends to be better dressed.

MB says:

>_< ... Must ... harm ... pixies ...! Darnit! *sigh* Oh well, Feith isn't entirely bad, I suppose. But still ...

Shweta says:

I love panel 3 so much!
I mean, I love it all, but that flick is wondrous :)

Lee says:

Took me two looks to see the flick. At first I thought Ayne was just pointing.
It's been quite some time since Leaf's said anything (too lazy to check the exact number of strips). What's the betting that when he finally says something it will be so profound that it will sway the entire outcome of the trial?
Or not...

thewatermelon says:

HAhahahahahahaha!!! just turned 12!

thewatermelon says:

Whoah. Aynes pinky looks split in the middle....

zanarkirmhsot says:

myhrad looks very content amounst all those kitties he has a big cheesy smile ;]

Arya says:

I think Fieht is in favor of the jury. Ayne lost her spots in panel 5. Thanks for sending in a new comic strip, Mith and Alien.

merlin says:

thewatermelon: there's grass in front of her finger.
good job you guys! it's always funny.

ajemii says:

i think feiht just won th trial...

Sinity says:

Uh so everything that would be bad seems to be good in this case.

Chakel says:

Ooo the flag :) keep up the good work. :huggles:

Chrinos says:

I wonder: Do dragons have a high body temperature, such that the kittens lying on him are like cats lying on a nice warm car hood?

ajemii says:

could be, their essence is fire...

PrancyPranceUnicorn says:

very nice.

thewatermelon says:

Mwa ha ha!

thewatermelon says:

In comic 342, or around there, ayne has earrings!! in panel 4, they're MISSING!!! pixies??

thewatermelon says:

OK,OK, anyone who thinks that they know when the 400th camoic will be out, please stand up...

Odo says:

Actually Ayne only has an earring on her left ear, and in panel 4 we cannot see her left ear. Since the earring is there again in panel 5, it is not possible to blame pixies.

soleil says:

In panel 4 Ayne's polka-dots vanished!

Cerulean Lion says:

I just love the defence attorney calling her client a thieving, lying flying annoyance.....and it gets a cheer from the jury.:D

glennr55 says:

U know more ppl might wtch trail if they were pixie trials.

Nera says:

Da widdle kit-tawns!

Nera says:

Sorry about that.

Nera says:

Dots are gone!!!

Wanderer says:

Ayne does not look good with yellow and red spots.

ajemii says:

does anyone?

thewatermelon says:

mznxbcvlaksjdhfgpqowieuryt0192837465pqwoeiurtyalksjdfhgmzxnbcv is actually a ordered code.

God of Biscuits says:

Didn't Ayne have a ring type thing on the end of her ear?

Lil Bakht says:

There is something deeply satisfying about a dragon draped in kittens.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Ack!! I haven't been on the computer in TWO WEEKS! I only just read the recent strips.
Really funny, guys!

Chariset says:

The Feiht flag! Yay!

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

What happened to the banner with funny sayings?
I liked it. :(

Mithandir says:

It's on dread's desk thingy, not on the jury's.

AnyaStyrzod says:

This has got to be the craziest court scene I have ever had the pleasure to view via-comic!!! Hahaha!!!

AnyaStyrzod says:

But of course, we're talking about pixies here, so maybe that was a given...

ajemii says:

i would think so...


11 minuets till next comic. is anyone else compeating for first coment?

Odo says:


Odo says:

5:35 and counting

Odo says:

Of course this is going to look really silly if Mith doesn't post until three minutes after the timer runs out. :))

Odo says:

Last post on 377

Aerinelf says:

This is so pathetic, it's hilarious!

Arithon says:

She is the comic relief that everyone loves!

Bubbles says:

ha for a second there I thought the lawsuit was going to get serious *sigh of relief*

elvenfairy says:

did she really expect a diffrent responce to her complaint about Feit???

ultrainventor says:

um, how long has it been since they found Feiht?

hintsofhints says:

Put the Sleeping Myrhad and Cats in a banner ad and you'll get *TONS* of clickthroughs to your site, I guarantee you.

spark flare says:

how do u say Myhrad

i'm so confused!!

don't confuse me!!!!!!!!

hailstorm says:

im back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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