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Chasing the Sunset
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Odo says:


Odo says:

Wow -- rainbow hair...

patchworkzombie says:

find out soon as we invent addition

Odo says:

"This is not a banner" -- LoL!!!!
Having invented addition -- no. I still make 15 for Abui and 17 and a fish for Feiht. Unless a fish is a negative three points. :)
I have suspicions that Abui is moving under cover of the fog to reclaim her shiny.

Odo says:

Ho, ho! I just went back and checked. Dread has been sitting on nothing the entire time! Now that is super attention to detail!

Mithandir says:

You might want to check your math there odo, I get different values for both parties than you do :)

Alien says:

For both parties, Mith? Maybe you should check your math too :P

Mithandir says:

Maybe you should check yours, sweetie ? :)
Seems like many here suffer from pixie attention spans :)

Ivellios says:

well one of the major problems is it's realy hard to see the third score in the second panel is it 8 if so then abui gets 19 and feiht gets 17 but I can't make it out very well

hkmaly says:

I thing there is 4+2+roman 3 on second panel +5 on sixth panel=14 for Abui and fish+8+9=fish+17 for feith.

On the other hand, it may also be 21+22+(inverted) IM (999)+5=1047 for Abui and fish+8+inverted 6=14 for Feith - or any combination ... hard to say with pixies.

Bugle says:

It's not a nine. It's an upside down 6.

Reinder says:

wh nds vwls nw?

Arya says:

Sqeeel!! I want rainbow hair! It looks so cool. The pink-haired pixie just had her vest change from brown to black. Was that supposed to happen, Alien? Thanks for the new comic.

madprime says:

3 bonus points for the defense for some measly dots.

Miru says:

Magritte reference....

Mithandir says:

Oops ... you're right. I gave toebiter's vest the colours of spike's. Not intentional.

Alien says:

My maths is solid, my memory isn't :P
Colouring is Mith's misdoing. *points up one comment*

asanthai says:

...this court sure has held the pixies' attentions for a long time...

asanthai says:

...et j'aime bien le banniere

ajemii says:

n mr vwls!!!!!
i love it!
find out as soon as we invent addition!
lol XD

Chakel says:

Ok, Making it bigger I see....

4+2+ tableware utensils + upside down 5 = 11

Fish + 8 + upside down 6 = 14

And if they will share the fish and tableware utensils they can sit down and have a meal. Honestly, when I look at the one sign with three marks on it, it looks like a knife, spoon, and fork.

Since they havent invented addition yet, and theres no gaurantee that what they invent will match our rules of addition, Im thinking the judge will declair himself the owner of the shiney.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Enough math! I'll just leave the thinking to everybody except me:)

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

I have a cat sitting in my lap as I speak, and she sure is making hard to type!
What exactly does that French translate to?

Lee says:

The French bit reads"this is not a banner". It's a reference to Rene Magritte's painting "The treachery of images" which depicts a (smoking) pie with the caption (in French) "This is not a pipe". At first the caption seems to be a lie, but in fact it's true because it's not a pipe but only a painting of a pipe. In the case of the banner, it's only a drawing of a banner.

Lee says:

Erratum: "(smoking) pie" (yum!) should read "(smoking) pipe". This is not a pie either.

CryptoGirl says:

dread in the last panel looks like the dryad in comic...don't know the number, but the one where ayne's trying to cut down the tree.

Alien says:

But maybe the 8 is a sideways infinity? Then Feiht wins, again.... Though 4 might be the biggest number there is in pixie universe. One two many lots. Or was that trolls?

Sinity says:

I love this comic. no more I could posibly say.

AnyaStyrzod says:

Abui gets bonus points for 'a last minute attack on the dignity of court'? Bonus points?????
Well, again, this is a pixie court...

AnyaStyrzod says:

Why hasn't Dread been rainbow-haired before?? It looks really cool!!

AnyaStyrzod says:

And where does he keep getting all his nails??? Are they just appearing out of thin air?

*Skittles* says:

Pixie magic, remember? Love the upside-down 5.

Chariset says:

That looks like three forks for Abui, which has to be worth at least 12

glennr55 says:

Well Abui gets (4+2+Fork,Spoon,Knife)+5= (6+fork,spoon,knife)+5=?
And Feight get 8+9+figh which is 17+fish=?
this means it could be 11+utensils to 17+fish
but when a pixie does math who knows what may happen for all intents and purposes the world may end in the process cause the very idea that they invent computations cause all known math to fail.
will pixies use base 10 or will they pick another number just to be difficult.

GeorgyPorgy says:

Probably use base 7 - nobody can use base 7

Relheun says:

I think everyone is forgetting that Feiht got three points for painting Ayne with polkadots.

Nera says:

They invented Pixie Law in Comic372,so why can't they invent addition?

Nera says:

Sorry, comic 372

Odo says:

Mith -- you're right. For some reason I read the paper in panel 2 as IIII, not III. So 9 from the jury plus five from the judge us 14 for Abui.

8 plus 6 (that is clearly an upside down six.) is 14, so it would be a tie, except for the points awarded for the polka dots. It remains to be see if either the judge or jury remembers them.

Faticia says:

I love the breaking news :)

sjon says:

"this is not a commic"

bookbook says:


AnyaStyrzod says:

36, um, most of it


Vwls r fr lsrs.
Rnbw hr nd fsh! XD

Drgnmstr says:

Srry t dbl pst, bt s t jst m, r s Drd's hr gttng grdlly lngr?

(I hp cn gt tht.)

Nera says:

Does anybody know that fish are 50 points?

Nera says:

A ponytail is holding the 5 bonus points up. Or is it a pixietail?

Aerinelf says:

XD Love the rainbow hair.

Reinder says:

Wouldn't pixie maths use base fish anyway?

CryptoGirl says:

i think they would use whatever base came to their mind first. nevermind if it was a different base than the one they had used to tally the opponent's scores...h. srry fr th vwls. t lng f _ mssge t s nly cnsnnts

ee says:

I a ii i i o ooa
I ou uea ye oy o

swiftwing says:

Ceci n'est pas un banniere? W00t's that mean? Oh and panel 6 : N MR VWLS (no more vowels) on the banner

Blue River says:

This comic is wicked AWESOME!!!!
36 lk th rnbo hr, fsh mst ql nfnt
Is 'y' a vowel?

Lee says:

swiftwing wrote: "Ceci n'est pas un banniere? W00t's that mean?"

I refer the honorable swiftwing to the answer I gave some entries above.

Odo says:

Poot.. There went all my preparation...

Bob says:

In speicial cases, yes, Y is a vowel, but only if there are no other vowels I think. Y? Just because. Thats Y!

Mossstar says:


Pulsy says:

Abui scored a 111, that's kind of a lot actually...

OtakuLiz says:

I can't tell for the life of me what that third score for Abui is. But seeing as this is pixie court, I really don't think it matters. I guess it remains to be seen whether they invent addition properly or not. I have little faith they will, however...

thewatermelon says:

Ack! Late! hHhAvE To pUt In rAnDoM tHiNg!!!!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!!!!dfgasjfghjfdghfdfjzgdbgzhjgfzbjzgdfzhxgzfbcjghzf

heh heh

thewatermelon says:

Holy Cow!!! Dread has no lower body in panel #1!!!

ajemii says:

yes he does hes sitting on air; lower body is hidden by desk.

swiftwing says:

Wh wnts th cmc t b cmpltl dvd f ll vwls?

bookbook says:

nt m!!!

bookbook says:

stll, m lk tlkng wth n vwls. Dwn wth vwls! m lk th psd-dwn fv n pnl sx.

Narissona says:

o oe oaa!! (no more consanats!)

*Skittles* says:

wht? tht wlnt wrk.

glennr55 says:

i oe eee!!!!
(try and solve)
(A mouse might say it)
prize is knowing your intelligent.

sinstari says:

Is there any newsfeed channel for this comic? I'd really not like to miss one, so it would be really great if there would be something like RSS-feed or something...Thanks for the help, and thanks for the comic

ajemii says:

glennr55: I LOVE CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!
was i right??

thewatermelon says:

oe eee iou oaa...
n sntnc wtht cnstnnsts!!!!

thewatermelon says:

ok, level 2: y ai iou ee!!! (hint: something verbally stupid)

AnyaStyrzod says:

Tlkng wtht vwls mks t lst sm sns.
ai iou ooa ae aouey oe.

Ebeth says:

omg i love the rainbow hair! Different shaped panels too, that's interesting. Me likes.

I'm thinking 14 to 17, but the fish definitely adds.

N MR VWLS! TTLLY (ds y cnt?) GR! WT!

Machiavellian says:

True but if Feiht uses the fish to make sushi she wins anyways!

Willow Firesong says:

Woot for the Magritte homage! :D

Slf-rfrntl rt rls!

Nt t mntn tht t brks th frth wll... ;)

I love this comic -- it's got to be one of the most delightfully unpredictable (but always enjoyable) webcomics or other literary endeavours I have found to date! Kudos, as I've said before, to Mith and Alien! :D

(And as for Toebiter's vest, maybe it's being affected by the reality-varying field of Dread's hair?)

John says:

Is Abui a faery, not a pixie?
And how about Siren? He doesnt really seem to fit in

raisin says:

oops. Hit caps lock.

Arithon says:

Is this a sport or a courtroom case? I like it!

Bubbles says:

dn't t rttn chs, rttn chs s bd fr y nd t tsts hrrbl, yck!

MoonMinx says:

love the hair in the first panel.

MoonMinx says:

what sleeve

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

vwls nd cvlstn r fr lsrs

Phenoca says:

This is not a pipe.

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