There Be Monsters
Chasing the Sunset
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Random Person says:

what now? no commets??????

Random Person says:

oh yea, *first comment spin on chair*

Random Person says:

poor leaf and his monsters..... be better Leaf! i belive in the monsters too! Ayne just doesn't know what she's talking about. what's feiht got the spear for???

Random Person says:

ohh what i think it's cause Leaf is trying to make a point!!!

Random Person says:

ohh and the mushrooms reappeared. in the third panel behind Leaf.

Mercredi says:

Ayne and Myhrad both have some good insights for us today! :)

Ebeth says:

So true Myrhad. *applauds* Poor leaf looks so sad though...

AnyaStyrzod says:

Wow...I'm actually 4th person to comment...I think that's a personal record :P

Gods, if I had a tent like that I would SO camp more often...

Eraikei W. O. says:

I love that Feiht is "marching" around her tent with a spear. She could do a lot of damage with that little thing..

bookbook says:

ok... im not sure if feiht is going to make the castle shiny, or what. after all, it hasnt even got one shiny bit! treachery!!!!!!!!!

Shadow Phoenix says:

Ooohh... Deep, Myhrad. I like how he's sticking his teeth out in Frame 3. And he's [i]so[/i] cut in the other panels...

Shadow Phoenix says:

Sorry... "Cut" should be "cute".

MajestycaT says:

I think Feiht is ready to battle monsters, and that MUST mean they exist, right? Right? oh, nevermind (ha)

MajestycaT says:

She definitely looks as though she will defend her fortress whatever the cost! Oooooh, wait.... SHIIIINNYYY!!!!!!!!

Qzole says:

Look, there is a squirrel in the log (wich is hollow) Leaf is sitting on.
I just love all the small details ^^

thewatermelon says:

wow! great rapid-fire comics!



I love Myhrad's comment in the last panel.

thewatermelon says:

like...update the map....

thewatermelon says:

everybody must blah!!! or ill tell ghengis kahn!

wwolf says:

I love Ayne's expression in panel 2!

thewatermelon says:

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

saeria says:

Lol, cute little squirrel thing under Leaf's log! Lovely work, as always. :)

shineeeeeyyyyyy says:

hi blue river let the rath of the elves ha i did it this is also pixie101.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Ohh, poor Leaf, he looks so sad. I liker Myhrad's expression in panel three. He sounds like me when I'm mad.

shinkoda says:

ayne has a point, anything we don't understand we generally call a monster

Grogfantastic says:

Arr! Now we be invading ye camp land lubbers!

eekee says:

*hugs Myhrad* Well.. hugs in spirit or something

Sitara says:

Haha, I like how Myhrad and Ayne are talking about the same thing, almost. Except Ayne says "unknown" are called monsters, while Myhrad says the people who consider all the "unknown" as monsters are monsters...
Or am I just reading it all wrong?
Ayne and Myhrad are so deep today.

Zela says:

Fabulous comic as usual. I love the shadows; they're realistic, as well as the way the light from the fire lights up Myhrad. It's a very good thing there's a 'bigger' button because the usual size is way too small to see all the detail! Beautiful!

BiteMe says:

great fire.
It looks glowing.
For me, fires are really hard to draw.

blahdiblah says:

Leaf looks REALLY small in panel 5....

Dark Dragon says:

3.....2.....1.....and cue monsters....
rats...this is always always always when the monsters appear in old horror movies... What is Feight doing in the last pannel? It looks likes she's about to spear Myhrad.... hmmm...
Nice Fires...way better than I can draw..

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Amen, Myrhad, AMEN... Those are the real monsters...

Kalietha says:

*agrees with Myrhad and wishes she could draw campfires that well*

Blue River says:

Hi all!
Mhyrad is right; the real monsters are the people who don't want magic to exist!!!:( (cue sad muisic)

the pixie friend says:

the real monsters are the people that steal from pixie's :)

Shadow Phoenix says:

It would take an idiot to try that. You rob a pixie, they reciprocate by robbing you blind.

Furia Firelander says:

Except if you put them in an anti magic field and then rob them.

Cassandra says:

If the roundish thing in the backround in panels 3 and 5 are fairy rings... they better not go in them at night. Fairies are protective of their mushroom rings.

Sitara says:

Haven't we all learned that they won't rob you blind? They'll set up a parody of justice and just rob their stuff back. They won't mess with the stuff you robbed off everyone else (unless Leaf is totally wrong about Feiht still carrying much of his stuff).

hkmaly says:

PHOENIX & SITARA: I don't think pixies really reciprocate it ... it's not like they change their behaviour just because you robbed them (at least not for long, with ther attention span). They rob you blind simply because they are pixies and you are not.

CASSANDRA: You mean fairies can do to them something Feith didn't if they go to mushroom ring ? I doubt it.

Arya says:

Siulad everybody!! Sorry I haven't put anything in lately. Just had to say I love the two new strips, they rock my world!
hkmaly: Fairy rings do exist. They are usually made our of mushrooms, but they can be made out of pieces of bark, rocks,or anything that strikes a pixies fancy. Fairy rings(or in Fiehts case, Pixie rings) trap anybody who is foolish enough to step in them. They can trap the victim fora certain amount of time.
Thanks for the new strips, Mithe and Alien, they rock!

Aerinelf says:


thewatermelon says:

please blah. this is an order. if you don't, mhyrads monsters will slice your dreams between reality...

the lone power says:

how th hell does anye do the stick fire thing?

CryptoGirl says:

the lone power? your name from a book/series by any chance?

Bubbles says:

Hello! I am back!!!!

JuneBug says:

No monsters?
Bummer. :(

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

(insert pyromaniacal rant here)

hailstorm says:

I like camping

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