Hunters of dreams
Chasing the Sunset
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Elzooi says:

So now I know why I am afraid of what's under my bed. Thanks for the comic.

LadyIslay says:

"We are the music makers. We are the dreamers of dreams." Mithy and Alien, you two are music makers :)

Mimir says:

I am filled with fright at Myrhad's monsters. These ones are truely worthy of my dread.

Most of all I fear becoming one.

Mithandir says:

Elzooi: Personally I'm afraid of looking under my bed because there might not be any monsters there. (Well, that and sneaky cats).
Mimir: Me too! Making CtS helps tho :)

Darkwacky says:

Great Strip. I think we can all totaly agree.

Now that we got that out in the open all we are lacking is a Myrhad plushy!

Darkwacky says:

Oh and a talking Feith action figure!

Adam Cuerden says:

Heh. sneaky cats - my phone currently rests on the floor next to my bed (cats knock it off anything higher up). Several times in the last few days I've had a surprise when reaching for it as a paw suddenly appeared.

xKiv says:

I am afraid of looking under my bed because there is dust.
My monsters always came from voidness and wanted to bring me there.

Nebra Reppalk says:

I have a confession for you all... I've stopped dreaming. I don't want ony of you to stop, please keep dreaming, it's vital that you do. It is just that...I've faced failure so many times in my short life that I've just stopped, to much pain, too many long stories. I'm sorry to have disappointed you all. *Goes into self-imposed exile in the northern wilderness*

Mithandir says:

No you haven't, Nebra, cause you're still readin this.

rhrobinson1 says:

"Every cynic is a romantic who has lost hope and abandoned dreams"

Pulsy says:

Nebra: i'm fearly sure you just dreamed up that northern wilderness... rejoice! you're saved!

Faticia says:

Wow, deep. I like deep. Ok, I agree with Myrhad- those people are scary. Good comic! Good message!

Chrinos says:

As long as you mourn their loss, your dreams still live and may return. All you have truly lost is the strength to carry that which carries you. Rest, and read; see the dreams of others and remember that dreams are a weight which make you lighter.

Isis says:

Dreams aren't necessarily the visions that come to one in their sleep. Day dreams..? as long as you have an active imagination, you still have dreams..

And monsters..? hehe.. I was married before I got the courage to sleep without a nightlight.. or be able to sleep with the bedroom door closed

Love this one.. and I agree about the Myrhad plushy.. but I think a talking Feiht action figure would just be too much *LOL*

Odo says:

A really good strip this time, both of you. It made me cry for all the truth of it. (I do not regard this as a bad thing.) The excellent art and layout made the message even stronger.

Our monsters aren't under the bed -- they're out in broad daylight.

But dreams like this one, and what many of the readers of this strip create on their own, can help, if only to support us through another day in the forest.

Thank you.

the pixie friend says:

so if you have a night when you dont dream you are a monster???
i think the real monsters are the things where you are afraid of :P

Furia Firelander says:

I wonder what feiths monsters are, prfobably those that inn taxes

Kiri says:

Those who are the monsters are selfish, wishing to hoard the dreams for themselves. Those who dream but do not share those dreams are the common man/woman, a little selfish, a little generous, pretty average. But it's those who dream and share those dreams that are the truly courageous.

Here's the Mith and Alien, truly brave in the world.

Nicholas says:

I know the peaple Myrhad speaks of and many fear them as well.

They are the ones that say magic is evil, D&D brainwashes people, and that harry potter is evil.

And are those that never try but stop others from trying. and those that say that man will never fly

Sitara says:

*dittos all above comments*

Great strip today. Can't stop and say more...too busy thinking about it.

Ebeth says:

Deep. Very deep. Totally agree though, those are the real monsters. Dreams pwn all, and those who hunt them shall DIE!!! MWAHAHAHA!!! *ahem* lol jk but really that is so so true and i am so quoting this strip from now on XD

Khyrhon says:

Great comic, I agree it is more deep. This comic is great, it is very funny but can also be more philosophical! I definently am not floccinoccinihilpillificating, believe me! (Wow, I love that word)

Khyrhon says:

Hope I spelled that right...

wwolf says:

oooo! Good!!! (for having the comic up and good words in it too.)

frantix says:

Never stop thinking/dreaming o you makers of this comic.
And please dont stop sharing it with us

Osk says:

very philosophical

Dark Dragon says:

Yeesh...this is becoming darker and creepier by the minute...nice comic though...worthy of the creepiest month of the monsters are people with nuclear bombs...nice poem...maybe everyone should start calling Mithandir "Poe" instead...

Dark Dragon says:

Darkwacky:Great idea! Everyone in favor of Myrhad Plushies type aye!
*multiple ayes from Dark Dragon*

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Thank the Heavens that Bards still exist to fight off the monsters, Bard Mithandir, Bard Alien, I am glad to have made your aquaintance... :)

Eccentricgnome says:

Dreamsareaspecialthing,theyhelpedmaketheworldwelivein. Ifwedidn'thavedreamerswestillwouldbelivingincavesfreezingourrearendoffandrunninawayfromfire.

Ebeth says:

Eccentricgnome, is your spacebar broken or is that just your eccentricity?

AnyaStyrzod says:

Eep! I'm Late!

Myhrad is so profound :)
Dreams are nice things to have. They stick around when everything else has gone splat

Aerinelf says:

Awwww.... Myhrad is SO CUTE! ^_^ He looks like a cat, curled up in that last panel.

Bastet says:

Chrinos, you should be a philosopher.

Bastet says:

And by the way, I couldn't have monsters under the bed. I have 3 drawers! ^_^

Shweta says:

eep,is myhrad growing up into dragon wisdom here?

thewatermelon says:

ack!here i am and blah to tou or ill tell ghengis kahn

Khyrhon says:

ugh, sorry, I spelled floccinaucinihilpilliafication wrong last time!

ajemii says:

thats ok, i doubt anyone really noticed..

Kitten says:

That is one yummy piece of cuddly-looking Myhrad. I bet a stuffed animal of Myhrad would be popular.

Serin says:

What Myhrad said, thats got to be the deepest thing ive ever heard...

blazerflare says:

I have to say that not all those who do not dream wish to have nobody else to dream because those dreams might give people a chance to become stronger.

thewatermelon says:

i said BLA

Empress Catriona of the Cat-People says:

Dreams are not just the gossamer things that fade with dawn, they are the ideals we use as a blue print for making the world a better place, they are the driving force behind creativity, they are what sparks our curiosity and our new discoveries, they are an astonishing thing. Never, ever stop dreaming.

8 on says:

pretty deep/
though i disagree with your philosophical statment before.

one should realize that even if it politically incorrect, not all problems come from everyone's different perspective. not all fights are a result of different cultures.
some people choose to be bad, and you shouldn't blame it on the surroundings.

you might not mean this, but it might be a hidden message. tell me.

Dragoness says:

Myhrad, as ever, reminds me of a cat: sleepy, philosiphical, and cute. Great strip, guys - very deep.
Makes ya think, dunnit?

Dragoness says:

Dang - it dropped my smiley.

AnyaStyrzod says:

Dragons are like cats. And they admit it :)

Dragoness says:

Thank goodness - they'd be insufferable if they didn't. After all, it's SO hard to create a new example. *_*

BiteMe says:

Oooh... SCARY monsters.

bookbook says:

Dreams are like love; the more of them you share with the world, the more you have, and if you hoard them and steal them, they crumble to dust.
Have any of you read Langston Hughes's poem Harlem: A Dream Deffered?
What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore-and then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags like a heavy load.
Or does it explode?
It's a really good poem. Before I read this, I was going to write about a villian named the Stealer of Dreams, but the story festered like a sore.

bookbook says:

Never, ever, ever give up your dreams.

bookbook says:


soleil says:

Myhrad is very philosiphical...

flyer says:

i read that poem too. it is good. ;p

Silverwolf says:

Explode. It definitely explodes.

Stefanos says:

You know, we're getting so many comments of 'deep' here we're all gonna have to start swimming pretty quick... ;)

the lone power says:

the last panel is ominous. creeeeeepyyyyy. hey its national grab a** day!!!^^

Adae says:

I really like this strip. It has a very good message.

TheNextTaggerung says:

myhrad is deep

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