Chasing the Sunset
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simon says:


simon says:

Myhrad should be a great thinker. With a large appetite. :)

Great comic again!

Oberoten says:

How handy... A packed lunch that carries itself. Besides who are you calling a canibal... bacon-butt? ;)

Odo says:


Hmmm... a mix of dragon and elf dreams? Too close to Leaf? Leaf is being depressed. I like the way Aine is making sure he keeps roasting whatever the orange things are (panel 2 and 6)

Odo says:

dang... not second. Ohwell.

Hunter says:

Second! What is that that they are cooking over the fire? fruit?

Odo says:

My guess is roots.

the pixie friend says:

i agree great strip but where did feiht go ?

Chrinos says:

Shinies of the world beware!

Sabreur says:

Okay, that smug expression on Myhrad's face on the last panel is just priceless.

LadyPhoenix says:

Not second! Lovely strip, as always!

Bastet says:

A handy lunch!
Lookee at Ayne's expression in the last panel!

Blahdiblah says:

huh, wonder why Leaf is so sad-looking..


tee hee.. The last slid is icredbly evil... ^^

thewatermelon says:

yea! go bladiblah!!!

Eraikei W. O. says:

Ooooh.... I don't like seeing Leaf sad like that... It makes me want to cry...

BenneyChaos says:

I really love this dialogue here with them camping. It's very moving and thought provoking....

and then the dragon jokes about eating the rest of the party. This is the esscenses of Chasing the Sunset, I think. Beautiful artwork with great detail, wonderful dialogue and thoughts, grand fantasy and wacky humor.

Arya says:

Love the new strip, but has anybody else but me noticed that Fieht isn't there?! That, my friends, is a big mistake on Anye and Leaf's behalf. I can't blame Myhrad, he's to busy thinking of the different ways he could cook his 'lunch'. Thanks a bunch, Alien and Mith. This strip just made my day. I close the car door on my finger yesterday and I cut it pretty bad. Got to go.

Ebeth says:

haha, i love myrhad... XD

AnyaStyrzod says:

Dragon dreams...wonderful things :)
Love that last comment of Myhrad's. So dragonlike :)

CryptoGirl says:

anye, finding any excuse to hold leaf's hand....

CryptoGirl says:

what's the charm on leaf's necklace in panel 1? anything of significance? is it shinee?

Freesia says:

my loves myhrad
this comic has evolved a lot--it's great

thewatermelon says:

Cryptogirl: check some of the earlier comics, right before the troll scene

bookbook says:

The reason I love this comic so much is the inconsistency. One minute you get me into a deep discussion with myself about the structure of the universe/my brain, the next minute I'm in hysterics in my chair.

jpgeorge says:

Last I saw, Feiht was walking sentry around her tent/castle, off to their right (our left). Of course, this was many minutes ago, so, pixies' attention span being what it is, there's no telling. Myhrad was probably joking - just another way to say "I'm going to sleep now, so don't bother me."

Dark Dragon says:

Argh...The motion for Myhrad plushies has been denied....I hate not having enough people inside my head to make up for everyone who did not vote...

Arya: Feiht was not in this comic probably because she was
a:fighting in the seven minute war
b:she is busy plotting something
c:she is behind Leaf filling his hair with itching powder
*Dark Dragon laughs ominously*
Moah hah ha hah ha ha....

thewatermelon says:

blah ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Machiavellian says:

Myhrad has the right idea. Why esle should we keep our friends around unless it's for an emergancy food supply?

AnyaStyrzod says:

Are you suggesting we should become cannibalistic? Unless, like Myhrad, our friends are of a different species? :P

Val'drae says:

As a lifelong dragon lover, it took a while before I was willing to admit that this blue and orange out of proportion coward was an actual dragon... but he has proven on a number of occasions that I am merely an inferior mortal, as any self respecting dragon would do. Keep up the good Myrhad comics, I'm falling more and more in love with him every day.

Darkwacky says:

Dark Dragon - Motion? No it's a revolution. We shall keep dreaming of and requesting Myrad Plushies until somone gives into to our persistance! It must happen! Thou shall not take away my dreams! (is it working?)

I even came up with a couple variations so we can own more then just one! I want a room full!

1) Myrad with one or more of the hells pixies kittens!
2) Myrad with a leaf chew toy!
3) Myrad just being cute
4) Myrad being cute again!
5) Myrad the great thinker
6) Myrad being cute again!

4WindsWanderer says:

The pixie friend and Arya:
Ah, the key question, 'Where is Feiht?'.

Nebra Reppalk says:

To the Machiavellian: Cannabalism is frowned upon in most civilized societies, the only notable exceptions being th Aztec and Ican empires. Furthermore, eating your friends is frowned upon in all civilizations, even if they aren't the same species. You should study your mentor more. I know he proposed ruthless tactics to be carried out by the prince, but deep down he felt a republic was the best sort of government. However he knew that fifteenth-century Europe was not ideal fo the growth of a republic, and being a practical man went with the government that was flourishing at that time, which was a strong principality.

Machiavellian says:

Relax, I was joking.

ajemii says:

i should hope so.

Machiavellian says:

Care to come over for dinner?

wwolf says:

What are they eating? And I LOVE their expressions in all the panels!!!!!

BiteMe says:

*thwacks Cryptogirl*
how could you not remember every little detail of the archives! ;)
yes. yes it is.
remember? "Hey, give that back!"
it's leaf's mom's neckace.

PrancyPranceUnicorn says:

feiht must either be a) asleep, or b) causing mischief.
which do you think it is?

Aerinelf says:

*cough* ;D

CryptoGirl says:

well, unlike SOME people, i have a LIFE. though, admittedly, not much of one. BUT THATS NOT THE POINT.

Ebeth says:

Lives are overrated. People keep telling me to get one. But they're so expensive these days, and y'know i really haven't had much time to go shopping...

Silverwolf says:

Click my name...I can't come up with a witty enough comment, but the motivational poster should say it all.

leaf+ayne =love4ever...not says:

waht r the orang things?


wow, myhrad looks eeviiiill in the last panel. i think there should be more fight scenes and myhrad should be at least able to breath fire and fly

Chariset says:

Aww...Ayne is helping Leaf keep his dinner cooking

Bubbles says:

This comic still rocks!

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

I love how Myhrad goes from deep philosophical thoughts to eating Leaf and Ayne for lunch...

hailstorm says:


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