He believes they can fly
Chasing the Sunset
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Kaos says:


Somesuch says:

Best shortcut ever!

Prestedigitonium says:

Absolute genius! One of Leaf's ideas ACTUALLY WORKS! Ayne's comment in panel six is priceless. And Feiht, indeed.

Irish Drinker says:

Woo!! FIrst tiem I get the top of the Post board!!

Awsome comic as always :) Like how Leaf likes his idea, and guess what!!!

Myhrad is actually flying!! (Sorta...)

Osk says:

maybe he falls off and has the choice between learning to fly or become landscape decoration (with a splash)

Gunnar says:

"There's a fireworks frctory on the other side of the swamp." lol :D

Wonder how far they get before feith gets distracted... again... :p

TaiMaqwilloq says:

i know i dont talk much but me thinks ye may want to change what the bard has to say :)

X-Kal says:

Oooh, Leif looks either especially young or especially feminine in the 5th panel, though I suppose it's just the sort of look he's got when he has a brilliant idea that actually works.

Dragon says:


saeria says:

Expressions in the last panel = priceless XD Loving it, great work.

Bregant says:

"Why is my life flashing in front my eyes" - That's exactly what I would say

Great comic.

Glennr55 says:

He does look really feminine, but elves have that look about them they more of a pretty handsome.
Also what kind of crazy person straps themself toa pixie with no where to go much mischief will occur of this i am sure.
Youd think Ayane would see that comin when Lief made her hang on to the hang glider.

Elzooi says:

Nice comic again. I like the hair in panel 4.

Termas says:

I love how Lief is also yelling out "Wheeeeeee!"

Nebra Reppalk says:

This is one of those rare times I use the phrase ROFL. This strip is just hilarious. I also think how you did Ayne's hair in the wind was quite good, you have a talent Alien. I'm also looking below, and there's a pixie saying "All your puns are belong to us."
ROFLROFLROFLROFL. I get the reference because right now I'm wearing a Sci-Fi Club hoodie that says "Someone set up us the bomb(ers)." (My school's mascot is a bomber, like a B-52 or B-29 o B-2) That's why I get the refrence. Mith, Alien, you brought a little happiness to this dwarf's Monday.

Sabreur says:

Oh wow, I can't breathe. That just came out of nowhere. This is just hilarious.

Lee says:

For something I keep remembering that old Status Quo song... "Would you like to ride my paper plane..."

Pulsy says:

Love the dry comment from Ayne, and i'm really happy to see an airplane like thing :D i love planes ^^

Leaf just invented powered flight ... Pixie powered, but still powered :)

bookbook says:

click on my name for a great "all your (blank) are belong to us!" also click on it if u love Bohemian Rhapsody.
go bohemian rhapsody!

bookbook says:

never mind, i typed in the wrong adress
this one is right

Dark Dragon says:

Great Comic!!! ^^
And Khyrhon, the last time I checked,1/8 plus 1/8 is 1/4, and 1/4 plus 1/4 is 1/2, and 1/2 plus 1/2 is one whole....

That was almost as good as my non-functioning squirrel powered tank...

Dark Dragon says:

If anyone remembers the conversation oh so long ago, about how CTS made it into Muse Magazine, the site that bookbook's name takes you to was also on that list....

If you want to see the entire list, just click on my name...

Curiosity says:

I like Ayne's hair in panel 4. Also, I think if Feiht dropped the rope, they wouldn't go splat. It looks sort of like a hang glider.

eekee says:

I believe I can fly,
I believe I can touch the sky!

Good stuff ^_^ and Mhyrad looks especially cute in panel 6!

Sami_the_ghost says:

why do i keep thinking that something shine is going to distract her they are going to go down?

Odo says:

Hooray! New comic. The combination of Whee and Aaaah is very good. The potential for disaster is incredible, but that's what keeps the plot going....


4WindsWanderer says:

I don't believe it! Myhrad's finally flying! ;D (well, technically he's gliding ... but close enough.)

Chariset says:

Leaf's glee is so cute in this one

Timo says:

And congrats to Alien, who seems to have won the grade Battle with the flu.

the lone power says:

i wouldnt trust feight with the rope that beyotch would problably drop t on "accident"

Ebeth says:

haha, hope feiht doesn't see a shiny on the ground...

Eccentricgnome says:

Wellusgnomeswereabletoflylongbeforetheelvesandtheresillypixiepowderedflight. Weenjoypeggisauspoweredflight. Myownplainhas300horsepowerinaDshapedengine.

Calmgnome says:

^^^^^^^ (without sugar) ^^^^^^
Ok well this is an awesome comic and I have to say so.

Lee says:

PS I love the little detail of Feiht turning her back indignantly on Ayne in Panel 3.
BTW, just how did Leaf catch Feiht so easily in Panel 5? Fury power?

Khyrhon says:

heh heh... sorry dark dragon, this is why I shouldn't do math when really tired...

Glennr55 says:

BookBook that was the wierdest video i have seen in a while. I liked it although the words to the song could have been better.

Arya says:

bookbook: No way!! I love Queen,too. I have all their best hits!." You think you can complain? My nose is a lot closer to it, you know." Love Myhrad's coment and love the new strip. Good work , Mith and Alien.

Dark Dragon says:

EccentricGnome: Are you from Mt. Nevermind? (If you don't know what I'm talking about, read the Dragonlance chronicles....There are many gnomes who talk like that in those books....)

Khyrhon: That is what calculators are for (^^)

Queen......*drools* that has to be the best band in the universe (after maybe MCR and Green Day....and maybe Led Zepplin....) They did the music for Highlander....what a great movie.....(^^) "How much can you tell me about a 7 foot maniac with a broadsword at 1:00 in NYC?" *laughs maniacally*...

Yeesh I typed a lot....sorry (T____T)

Sitara says:

If Feiht finds out there's no Fireworks factory on the other side of the swamp, what will happen?
*stays tuned*

AnyaStyrzod says:

*beaks down laughing, eventually passing out due to lack of breath*

Wow...I'm really late! Probably because I have no time to breathe on Mondays!

... says:

Why indeed is Ayne's life flashing in front of her eyes?
Has she been reading the archives again?

Shadow Phoenix says:

I love it. Especially the little details like the Panel 1 frog, Ayne's hair being blown by the wind, Myhrad's posture in Panel 6, and the great faces in Panel 7. "Why is my life flashing in front of my eyes?" is good too.

Mia says:

Ooo... I think Ayne's expressions in the whole upper line is great! Also the wind.
Comis all in all... Priceless, priceless... And a bit more priceless! xD

Mia says:

Gah, comic... I meant comic!

Empress Catriona of the Cat-People says:

Best shortcut ever. EVER!

Blue River says:

Leaf is one of the smarterest people I know!
Also: Anye looks good with her hair up.

Blue River says:

Awesome strip too! Really cool drawings!:)

shineeeeeyyyyyy says:

Hi Blue River i love Feiht how she does that. FIREWORKS!!!!!! SHINEEEEEYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like my name. I LIKE MUFFINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LiaFlame says:

speaking of music...did anyone realize that Ayne backwards is Enya? Mith? Alien? is there a reason behind this?

CryptoGirl says:

Love panels 3 and 4. the art/angle is really good. nice job


Sitara wrote:
"If Feiht finds out there's no Fireworks factory on the other side of the swamp, what will happen?
*stays tuned*"

Oh, there'll be fireworks all right. It's just that Feiht will be the one who's exploding.

Aerinelf says:

Hahaha! That's funny! ^_^ I love the wind in Ayne's hair too. That's pretty awesome.

hkmaly says:

"If Feiht finds out there's no Fireworks factory on the other side of the swamp, what will happen?" - You suppose she will still remember it ? Do you remember how fast she forgot "pixies can do anything" ?

MB says:

*snicker* My, Leaf DOES have some talent as an inventor, doesn't he? ^^ I wonder what kind of education he got ...

Dark Dragon says:

What's Enya?
And why is it significant?
Stay tuned for the discovery of no fireworks factory....*evil laugh*
Brilliant Sitara!!!! Very Brilliant!

Contumacious says:

The beta for the new design is amazing. Good freaking work, I like that the obvious emphisis is on the comic, that is the reason I come to this site. I also like the ease of navigation. If I had to critique something poorly I would say that the comments section is a little small, even expanded. Great work!

Nebra Reppalk says:

Behold, in the forest our population is gradualy growing. Only four more dwarves are needed to make our number three hundred. Where are you my brethren? Arise! Take the quiz in the forest, and make us three hundred fold!
(My little slice of randomness)

AnyaStyrzod says:

Interesing. I've never been called a unicorn before, but apparently that's what I am...

shineeeeeeeyyyyyyy, you should meet my muffin-obsessed friend. (She has communist muffins! They will HUNT YOU DOWN!)

the watermelon. says:

50 gigabytes says thet they crash. mith, where on earth did you come up with this???????????????????????????????????????????

CryptoGirl says:

I know someone who's muffin obsessed....no, it's not me

the pixie friend says:

what if feiht see somthing that destract here :) :p XD

Dark Dragon says:

I have a friend who likes muffins. And the Potter Puppet Pals... And Badgers....and plenty of other random junk....

AnyaStyrzod says:

badger badger badger badger MUSHROOM MUSHROOM........I'll spare you people and cease here

NOT ME says:

feiht cant drop the rope because it is tied to her. i think she will see a shiney on the ground and dive, and then Myhrad will suddenly learn to fly. >:)

NOT ME says:

hey what if there IS a fireworks factory on the other side of the swamp, that would be even worse than if there wasnt :0

Sami_the_ghost says:

Fark Dragon, my friend likes potter puppet pals too! She's memorized the first and second

Sami_the_ghost says:

OOps, i meant Dark, not Fark

Empress Catriona of the Cat-People says:

Enya is an Irish singer. I quite like her. She's related to the people in Clannad, and her her music is sort of Celtic/world/New-Age... It's not like regular ambient-style New-Age stuff, but it's not Celtic either... it's Enya. She also sang on the soundtrack to LotR,

AnyaStyrzod says:

Enya is really cool. I'm a huge fan of any irish-style music, so...yeah. Anything Irish, I will automatically love. :)

AnyaStyrzod says:

Well...mostly anything. There are some Irish things that are really, really not cool....

the watermelon. says:

has anyone seen the animation on potter puppet pals called sexy snape? its weird. i had nightmares about it.

the watermelon. says:

ach ma laddie wheen wiz beean eyeareesh ah bod ting??

person who thinks he's irish, but is really the watermelon. probably. says:

enn da seccrete, yu con zee meerahds tong steekin oot.:-) >:-(#$%@)

Anya Styrzod says:

im the watermelon. really. i copied Anyas' name. ehhehehehhehehehehhehehehehhehehehehhe.

espademia says:

my mom listens to Enya all the time. I think she is o.k

weirdo says:

No, the watermelon, that's Leaf's cape-thingy.

LEit says:

Now that's funny

Anya Styrzod says:

No, weirdo. Check Mhyrads mouth on the SECRET!!! Yea.

Mith says:

sorry. no funny green stuff today.

AnyaStyrzod says:


Nebra Reppalk says:

I'm mostly German, but part of me is Irish. It's sort of weird because when I hear Celtic music, something stirs within me. It's a good feeling.

CryptoGirl says:

i wondered when people would start taking other people's names....

espademia says:

i'm irish, english,italion,and some other tings i forgot, and american

*Skittles* says:

As I see it, EVERYONE is somehow irish. I'm mostly english and german.

fireworks, yay!

dragonlordoffire says:

i guess wilber and orville werent the first to invent airplanes after all

AnyaStyrzod says:

Nebra Reppalk: I know exactly what you mean. Cool, isn't it??

I'm mostly English and Irish, but I'm also partly German and Dutch. I was in Barnes&Noble one day and this guy walked up to me and asked me a question, the answer to which I had no clue. Then he apologized and said he thought I was German...it was really strange.

Coyoty says:

So why didn't Leaf tell Feiht that the fireworks factory was on the othr=er sid of the swamp, instead of in the middle???

CryptoGirl says:

he did.

Empress Catriona of the Cat-People says:

I want to join leaf an Ayne on that pixie-powered hang-glider!

Coyote says:

Hm, I have another doppleganger now? On here? O_O

Cheers, Coyoty.

Coyote says:

Really, I've gotta move to another nick. I've been using this one for somehting like 7 or 8 years now, and all the time there's more people using some variant of it. Is TOPY expanding again or something?

Shweta says:

Oh, I love it, but I *especially* *adore* the speech bubbles in the last panel! They so capture the differences!

wwolf says:


bookbook says:

im part scottish, part czech, and part russian jew.
i am not irish at all but i love celtic music anyway. who cares about genes?

Blue River says:

Haven't really noticed before, but Leaf's and Ayne's new clothes are very fitting *applause in background for awesome new page*
Also Mith : How do you pronounce Ayne's name?

Lone Star says:

Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Mwahahaha!! Hahahahaha! Mwaha! ha!

Lone Star says:

Sorry. I just ate too much donuts and am oversugared inside

JuneBug says:

I just know somethings going to go wrong.

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

myhrad's expression in last panel: more than priceless
why do i keep thinking of that one comic where they try to get across the river and Feiht cuts the ropes of their little contraption?

hailstorm says:

I love it

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