Chasing the Sunset
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Mithandir says:

New strip and new site (still cleaning up the latter some)

Khyrhon says:

Happy New Year! It is offically 2007 where I live! And did Myhrad just learn how to breathe fire?!?

Mithandir says:

P.S.: You can click the little "up" arrow to the right of these tabs to make the comments section larger.

Khyrhon says:

Oh, and happy first besides writers post for me for the first time!

Chariset says:

Uh oh.. Swamp gas be flammable

Tas says:

Never ever ever try to figure out what is worse... Murphy will get you


Furia Firelander says:

Mmmm, a fire breathing dragon, think what feiht can do with that.

Nicholas says:

and now the dragon breaths fire

JonMW says:

Nice new layout...

Hmm. I wonder how often a dragon can breathe fire...
and distance, volume, and damage.

Saeria says:

Hey, love the new layout, very spiffy :)

That expression in the last panel is such a "what the hael just happened?" Loving it, keep up the great work :)

Mossstar says:

My comment?

Mossstar says:

It swallowed my last comment, too!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAA! :-(

Mossstar says:

Fine, I will summarize this all in one line and see if it does it. If Myrad just learned how to breathe fire, that means he can fly now, right? Go Myrad!!!! Oh, and happy 2007! May this year be better than the last! (I say that every year, but oh well.)

AnyaDraconis says:

Happy New Year everybody!!!

Yes. The new design is absolutely Spiffing! :D

And now he breathes fire. This should be interesting.

PhoenixMark says:

I think letting feiht lie down would be better.

Mithandir says:

The comments should be fixed now, I hope. I apologise for the inconvenience. Feel free to post a note in the forums if not.

Qzole says:

Mossstar: No, he can't fly yet, it's just that now he can start to learn flying, but I doubt that he will have much interest ^^
And also I also hope... no, I know this year will be better then all the years before :P
So happy new year!!!

MoonMinx says:

uh, does that mean Myrad can fly now?

Lupine_Loner says:

Yay! an update.. and now he breathes fire? Uh oh...

Shadow Phoenix says:

*yawns* *Eyes widen* The comic's all... big. And it's a new one. And I can get on my computer! Life is good. I love Myhrad's expression in the last panel, BTW.

Feathers says:

ooooooooh loves it. He breathes fire!!!
Happy New Year all!

Odo says:

Yay for the New Year. Yay for a new comic for the New Year. Yay because this means that Mith and Alien aren't sick any more.

It's not clear that Myrhad can completely breathe fire yet. It seems to have been accidentally caused by his coughing due to being buried, and that looks more like a backfire than a fire. He looks *very* surprised by what happened.

Hmmm... Does this possibly mean that Myrhad is coming into puberty?

AnyaDraconis says:

True. But it's still fire. Coming from Myhrad. It's a start, even if it was an accident...

glenr55 says:



Great New Look for the site.

*Skittles* says:

Fire + Feiht = uh oh

*Skittles* says:

Happy 2007 everybody! I tried to get this layout the *secret* way, but it didn't work.

Lee says:

Myhrad said that dragons learn to fly after they learn to breathe fire. Didn't say how long after, though....

Sabreur says:

The expressions are just priceless!

Chakel says:

ok, so the only one that doesnt get a 'poor lil' before their name is Leaf.

Now, has anyone else noticed that if you leave your pointer on the commic an arrow will pop up to move you back? Very nifty, very useful, I love it!

Dark Dragon says:

yeesh....I leave for Holiday break and everything MUSHROOMS!!!!!!!!
I don't trust the owl in the background of pannel 5....
maybe it was bunnies!!!!!!!!(sorry...Buffy the Vampire slayer

LadyPhoenix says:

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The site looks great! Yay for firebreathing dragons!

Riverting says:

Wow! This new site is sweet! I love how big the comic is now - I get to see all the cool little details. ^_^

vlad says:

for some reason, the scroll bar on the comment thingy doesn't work for me :-(.. And also, is there some way to make the comic smaller for us poor n00bs who have screens set to 800 x 600?

X-Kal says:

Oooooh neato! I've been so newb that I didn't notice the arrow button or what it does. Yup, this layout is way better! ^_^

Hiya LadyPhoenix! ;)

Mithandir says:

Yeah there will be an 800x600 version soon, as well as a low-javascript version.

AnyaDraconis says:

Dark Dragon:
The evil owlses have come to steal the PRECIOUSSS!!
Of course, in this case, precious = shinies :P

I love how Feiht's little bed is just floating back there in panel 5 :)

smoak says:

when she sleeps she goes all out, night gown, cap, bed, the whole bundle. how much time passed between first and second panel? myrad is a lot less muddy than the other two were when they got out

Pulsy says:

Sweet, Go Myhrad! i wish i could blow up stuff by breathing at it :P Or at least set it on fire lol ^^

SuperCat says:

Whoa. cool bang!

BiteMe says:


Midgee says:


Mossstar says:

Myrad looks a little ragged in frame three...

trixingee says:

heehee! just noticed feiht getting ready to sleep, complete with a tiny floating bed! ^^ so awesome!

Somesuch says:

At a guess, Myrhad wasn't expecting that.

And I'm sure he didn't think he'd learn to breathe fire around swamp gas either. Bang is right!

Nebra Reppalk says:

Hello everyone, Happy 2760!(A.U.C.)

Wow, everything's like...big... Impressive, most impressive. And now Myhrad can breath fire O.O This is going to get interesting...

Mithandir says:

I added a forum post elaborating on dragon flight here.

Dark Dragon says:

*mutters furtively* evil owlsessss....we musssst stop them preciousssss.....
i think they should just leave Feiht before she finds out Myhrhad can breathe fire....bwah hah hah

Dark Dragon says:

I just noticed this....
Is Feiht supposed to be Goldilocks in pannel 3????

Elemnar says:

I guess the bang will have woken Feiht and stopped Leaf from finishing his plan XD

The new site rules! :D

Some Guy says:

The page is to wide to see with my favorites box open.

AnyaDraconis says:

Woah.......goldilocks! Interesting idea...I thought it was a cap. Hmmmmmmmm

Somesuch says:

You know, I wonder if the explosion will make Myrhad as scared of fire as he is of heights?

Ebeth says:

Yay! Shiny layout. And myhrad breathed fire! *cheers*

themosthighwatermelon says:

bada boom, bada bing, bada BANG!!

watermelon says:

xfbtgczxdfncjyzxgykxgb!!!!!!!!! AAAAUGH! intruders! excuse me for a moment

Feathers says:

Hope your feeling better and the doctor could help ..

Sami_the_ghost says:

Feiht is adorable in the third panel. I guess Myrahd will be flying soon.

Zela says:

Myhrad is so adorable!!! Poor thing! And then to get startled like that... Awww!

notawatermelon says:

Adorable, *cough*, sort of. I mean, come on. He's a DRAGON. Cute? Never! I solemly swear that there is NOT a single reptile on earth that is classified as "cute". And don't you forget it!

Nebra Reppalk says:

I believe if you check previous posts I put forth an argument that dragons cannot be reptiles because empirical evidence suggests they're not cold blooded. Sorry to burst your bubble there watermelon...

Dark Dragon says:

I think lizards and other such reptiles are cute....
Please let us not (i stress not) start an argument about dragons's getting old.
I think Feiht could be Goldilocks because you can see pigtails...(the hairstyle, not the animal
I wonder what Leaf shall do with the bones....
Perhaps attempt to ressurect the dragon...

AnyaDraconis says:

My humble opinion:
Dragons are mostly not cute, especially not when they're really, really mad....not fun, trust me...but they can be. Especially the little ones :)

Ebeth says:

myhrad's certainly cute but that firey one wasn't...although it was pretty dang sweet XD

elvenfairy says:

hmmm, a fire breathing friendly dragon, the humans are going to love that! (sigh) they grow up so fast! lol happy new year evryone!

Kalietha says:

Hmm. Methinks I liked the old layout better...but oh well.

Love the new strip! Muahaha. Now myrhad has to decide whether to remain friends with the others, or roast them for a tasty meal...

halfawatermelon says:

Ha! You try to eat Ayne, Kalietha!

dragonqueencr says:

yay new site. a bit more crowded but I like so far

LEit says:

Osk says:

congratulations to myrhad

Dark Dragon says:

Zela says:

Sorry, I didn't intend to start an argument about dragon 'cuteness'. (I said adorable anyway) How's handsome? Is handsome okay? Myhrad is handsome. Even when he's coughing terribly.
I think Ayne now has three problems: Leaf's inventiveness, Feiht's prankyness, and a dragon that's just learned to breath fire! Sure, maybe the bang will distract Leaf, but then Feiht will wake up, I know it! And I forgot: Ayne has her own anger management problem! Problems everywhere! ^_^7

AnyaDraconis says:

Handsome works :)

the lone power says:


firesofchaos says:

Cool look to the site.

Love the expression in the last panel.

espademia says:

New Comic and a New Year!

the warlock says:

just came across this site ,,, loving it,, looking foward to come here again

Bastet says:

Myhrad can make fire!!!

bookbook says:

i also preferred the old layout...


Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Great new layout!!!!!!! So shinyyyyyy!

Mossstar says:

Yay! A newbie! Go Warlock!!!!!!!!
ummm.... maybe I should stop now.

Mithandir says:

You can now turn off the Hint Windows using the "Other" tab of this panel.

kamakaziwatermelon says:

what's a Hint Window? WhAt'S a DoG?

Bastet says:

BTW, hows Myhrad gonna fly if hes afraid of heights?

Mossstar says:

Hint windows are the things that pop up with Feiht on them, like on the buttons on the top (Just wave your mouse over them.) I guess if you think that's annoying, you can turn them off, now.

it wasn't me says:

AWW, little Myhrad can breathe fire! Leaf must be so proud!

it wasn't me says:

lone power: have you read "so you want to be a wizard?"

it wasn't me says:

i cant get to pixie forest

it wasn't me says:

is anybody here?

it wasn\'t me says:


it wasn't me says:


AnyaDraconis says:

That's a good book. Good series, actually.

Lone Star says:

? ?? ??? ???????? ???? ??? ?? ?? ??!!!!!!!!

Lone Star says:

What the...writing in Greek doesn't work!!! Oh, well, alea jacta est.

AnyaDraconis says:

Alea IACTA est, you mean. :P We've been over this

blackbird says:

yay for myhrad!

the fire looks cool

Aerinelf says:

Oooh... fire. Wow. By the way, Ayne and Mhyrad both look really look cool in the last four panels.

Bubbles says:

MYHRAD BLEW FIRE! Let's hold him a party!!

And the next one to breathe fire will be Leif!

JuneBug says:

Myhrad learned how to breath fire!
Now I want to! :P

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

ZOUNDS! Myhrad has made FIRE!
~~~~~~~~~ tildas are fun. tilda tilda tilda~~~~~~

hailstorm says:

YAY he can fly soon WHEEEEEEEEEE

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