Onwards! To glory and potential fireballs.
Chasing the Sunset
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Ladyfox7oaks says:

First comment? (DANCE!) Poor Myrhad, scared of heights, AND a Pixie in striking distance even if he weren't!

Odo says:

Thank you for yet another wonderful illustration.
I loved the line about "If she points in the same direction..."
Good to see that Myhrad hasn't really changed just becauase he can occasionally blow up.

The G. says:

Myrahd's wings need to grow a bit, anyway.

Lee says:

Leaf looks even girlier with his hair down.

Khyrhon says:

Hehe! The troubles of dragons and pixies! I wonder what Feiht will do next!

Sami_the_ghost says:

Ayne has good ideas.

Arya says:

What happened to Leaf's hair in panel five? Somebody cut it. Sorry I haven't been writing in. Verrrryyy busy! Soccer five days a week now.
Love the strip, as usual. Thanks.

Midnight Bat says:

er... about the title of the comic... i think you spelled potential wrong..

Sitara says:

Striking distance? Ooh, that is scary. Is Myhrad ever going to learn to fly while Feiht's around?

AnyaDraconis says:

I wonder how long it'll take Feiht to realize they've left without her. She might get distracted by something very shiny and very far away...or maybe that's just what Ayne's hoping.

BiteMe says:


Jewelcast says:

Umm, I think the "You missed x comics" tool is malfunctioning... I came in after not reading for a while, and it told me I'd missed 2 strips. I clicked on the take me to the last one I read and it did nothing. After using back button a bit I discovered I'd missed 4 strips. Hitting the "last strip" button made it tell me I'd missed 393 strips. Likewise clicking did nothing.

Sorry if this is not the right place to say this...
Please don't eat me...

Ebeth says:

Yay myrhad! I love how leaf's hair is all swirly in the second to last panel, even though i don't really like it down.

Aww, feiht should have been allowed to blow up the world. XD

Yah, myrhad's wigs are really teensy. Do they start growing after he breathes fire or something? Or are dragons just so magical that they can fly with teeny wings?

sjon says:

Yea, flight + firebreating = accidentatly charred Feight

Espademia says:

next Myhrad will be flying! i wonder what feiht would do then?

thewatermelon says:

bird hunting, perhaps? 0_o

luckyman991 says:

Can anyone suggest link of good
link exchange network that do not leave "footprints" to search engine ? What is your opinion about linkwizard ?

Nebra Reppalk says:

I like Ayne's plan, it gets the annoyance out of the way. That's why doctors ask for hot water at childbirth, it gets the idiot out of the room.

Dark Dragon says:

My dad always says:
If you have an idiot in the kitchen and need them out of the way, tell them to get a really big pot of cold water, then tell them to bring it to a boil. Then say you need a full pot of boiling water. This should keep them busy for at least a half an hour....mwah hah hah. sjon: who says it would be an accident...lol (^-^)

On a more serious note, this is probably my last post for about a year....maybe 6 months....unless I get lucky over the summer.... (T_______T)

One last thing:
So long, and THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH!!! (^_-)

Eraikei W. O. says:

I love Leaf's hair flip in pannel five.

Mossstar says:

Awwww... well, that's really too bad, dark dragon.
Anyway, the grass really makes Myhrad look weird. A little comment... in panel 5... did Myhrad always walk on his tows like that? Or is it just me? Again, if I'm wrong, blame the pixies in my room.

4WindsWanderer says:

Why does it keep telling me I've missed 393 strips when I haven't? and then when I press the link, it disappers, but nothing else happens.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Dark Dragon: Farwell, honorable adversary. In accordance with the code of honor, I will not attack your holdings while you are absent.

*Skittles* says:

Love the hair!

Ramani says:

I worry that feiht would try to sabotage (sp?) Myhrad's flight!

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