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Chasing the Sunset
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Mithandir says:

Typical ... on the day of a big ad campaign I put up a strip that requires you to know the characters to understand :)
Ah well: New people! Read the archives and you'll understand!

Myth & Magic says:

I wonder what will happen next...

Osk says:

and assume the next few comics will contain a lot of chaos and mayhem

Osk says:

doe the seer have pointy ears or am i imagining that? (3rd and 4th post! never been this early!)

Odo says:

It may take newcomers a bit to catch on, but for those of us who are caught up, it was hysterical!

Chariset says:

Heheh.... phrenology is considered the more reputable science..

JonMW says:

A male, ask for directions? Impossible!

4WindsWanderer says:

I love it! Just what I needed to make me laugh. ;) I have a final today, which can be stressful.

4WindsWanderer says:

I'm guessing Feiht is involved with the 'invisible force' . . . maybe with the colorful fire too. We shall see.

Pulsy says:

LOL this one is hilarious X-D i love how atr the start you're thinking "woah - who's that?" and at the end it all becomes clear :-D

MIa says:

This ought to be good...! Can't wait for the next one! xD

Lee says:

Phrenology? Reading ze beumps?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Dwarven males don't need to stop for directions, we have a natural sense of direction. (Seriously, my mother thought I was full of it, but my natural sense of direction has been right more than once. I've got empirical evidence backing it up.)

4Winds Wander:Yeah I have finals this week too, I don't let it get me down though. A daily helping of Warcraft III keeps me level.

Arya says:

Suilad everyone!
You can obviously tell the human doesn't believe in soothsaying. He should listen more closely.
Myhrad looks happy, probably Fieht hasn't apeared. Or is that Fieht in Leaf's pocket?
Love the stip! Namarie.

Sami_the_ghost says:

Poor guy. Fieht gunna play a mean joke on him.

RainShine says:

ROFL - Great Comic! :D

katwoman says:

I'd love to read the archives but mozilla firefox and internet explorer can't access them!

kardinaal says:

This edition once more confirms it: This is the most witty fantasy webcomic I've seen so far. The fact that it's very frequently updates is the cherry on top :) . Keep up the good work :)

Awesome says:

Katwoman, click the red eye on the lower left of the screen, and it'll take you right to the very first comic.

I'm new to this strip and I thought this one was hilarious!! :D

Dragyn says:

I've used both IE and FireFox, and the archives work fine on both of them.

elvenfairy says:

lol, me thinks that when the travelers are through with this guy he won't doubt fortune tellers ever again!

espademia says:

lol that is funny.

pepz says:

only discovered this comic today, read through it, loving it already ;) a definite bookmark ;) weeeee dusts of laughter ^^

Mossstar says:

Hey mith, what was the advertising stuff that you did? I really didn't see anything.

GAK! New people! So many.... can't breathe... gak

Mossstar says:

Too bad we can't zoom in any further to see what's in Leaf's pocket. :B

Mossstar says:

Sorry for multi-commenting, but it's good for the comic to be back on schedule again! Believe it or not, I really don't want any more 500 comment comics! We just got EXTREMELY bored! :B

Mossstar says:

Wait a sec... nevermind!

kamakaziwatermelon says:

What do yuo meen? have u found the meaning of life??????????????????

Coyoty says:

Cue the suspensful foreboding music!!!
How many "Famous last words" comments can YOU find hiding in this picture???

Osk says:


"riiiiight", "are you sure those things are working", "er", "let's ask that man for directions" and "seriously, who would believe that"

dust of laughter? itching powder

Coyote says:

Haaa! "Coyoty"... trying to confuse people, are we?

kamakaziwatermelon says:

Im confuusing! ask me a question........

AnyaDraconis says:

I love confusing people. It makes their brains hurt and I laugh. :)

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Great strip today, guys!!!
Nice twist. And yes, this particualr striped elf has very limited patience. Heehee!
And yay, more new peeplez! BTW, Anya, you like people who are confusing, or you like to be confusing? I'm assuming the latter.

Katara101.9 says:

I have been reading this comic, I had to start over from the begening (because I'm new) so that i could understand what in the world is going on so far, I like Feiht the best. Ayne the second because she is always threatening Feiht. and Myhrad because he is just plain funny. and leaf is well, I'm not sure, he is somthing else. any way I like this comic very much but I must say, Alian, you should stop being so hard on your self. your pictures are better than any thing I have ever seen.

watermelon que watermelon says:

My brain hurts. I can't imagine why...

I agree katara, Myhrad (i can't spell) realy is funny.

watermelon que watermelon says:

"Anyway" is one word

watermelon que watermelon says:

So is "yourself. Leaf is always capatalized, because it is a proper noun. You misspelled Alien, also. BAD grammar, Katara. There's others who make these mistakes, but I really think I've gone a little to far. *tsk*

AnyaDraconis says:

Did I, perhaps, confuse you, Lightwing? :P

Irish Drinker says:

Love your comic guys!! I been sending this around to a few friends of mine Spreading the word with you!!

Painted Cello says:

And phrenology is considered more reputable than tarot cards? At least tarot cards work -or at least mine do.

Mossstar says:

For the arcives: Yes, it doesn't work on my comp either, but if you go to the community button and then click on the archive button on the right-hand side, it should work. :)

Jeremiah says:

Well if phrenology doesn't work think about retrophrenology: hitting somebody on the head in order to change his bumps and thus his personality (Saw on "Men at arms", Terry Pratchett)

Mossstar (now Mogget's Little Sister) says:

Muhahahahaha! Now that I have a new favorite book series, I will change my name! Muhahahahaha!

Mogget's Little Sister says:

Tee Hee Hee.... I've been reading the archives.... again!

Coyoty says:

I would NEVER try to trick anyone, Coyote. I have never done that, and I will never do it again!

Kroh says:

Hey, I'm a new reader, came over from S*P and just finished reading through the archives. Nice comic I think I'll make this my 80th webcomic that I read (no joke, I just counted). Keep up the good work.

Katara101.9 says:

Oops so sorry about any misspellings (*spelling) especially (*spelling) Alien's name. =P

Nebra Reppalk says:

I'm...flummoxed quite frankly. Where did all these new people come from? What is everyone talking about? Did I miss something important again?

Katara101.9 says:

My cousin told me to come here, I liked it so much and o tell you the truth have never seen anything like it, so thats how I got here.

Mithandir says:

To clarify:
We ran an ad on Something Positive, a big comic, which resulted in an influx of new readers (between 2000 and 3000 new people).

I've fixed the archive problem and added a new feature, but in the process some things I'd fixed earlier have become unfixed, I'll refix those when I get home from work.

Dark Dragon says:

YES! Free period during finals! I'm working on my programs! Really! ;)Anyhoo, HOLY FREAKIN COW! 2000 to 3000 newbs?!?
Don't feel bad Kroh, I read way too many webcomics too. On the note of reading the archives, I spent 2 days last school year reading the archives while I was supposed to be studying for a math test...oops...darn you muse mag for giving me the site!

Curiosity says:

Beware striped elves for thier patience is limited... ooh, this is gonna be good. The guy should listen to the fortune teller.

AnyaDraconis says:

I got here from Muse as well. And it seems ages ago now. 2000 to 3000 IS A LOT. Wow.


Eraikei W. O. says:

Ahh... I couldn't figure out why Fieht would be considered the invisible force... But I forgot that most humans don't see pixies! This should prove to be interesting.

Jurrasic 5 says:

I've decided to go to something more serious.

Painted Cello says:

Is the person in the gallery icon image Mozart?

Blue River says:

HIYA!! OMG that ALOT of people! Anyways where did they see this guy before? The 'lost one' is Leaf, right? If so how does Leaf know this guy? COOL COMIC!!

Lightwing k\'Sheyna says:

No, Anya, I was clearing it up for others who might have possibly been confused by your statement.
*hopes mistake wasn't noticed*

Katara101.9 says:

Lol I cant wait to see that guys face when the fortune teller is right! OH OH I made this really COOL poem about this comic, well 5 poems put together actually. But I don't know if it's a very good one.

Alien says:

Ooh, we'd love to read your poem!

SteerpikeSister says:

what the hell happoned to the site? i cant find anything! :(

Pumpkin says:

LOL! omg, that poor man...

Nebra Reppalk says:

2,000-3,000 new people? um...hi? Oh! I think I left uh... I left something running! Gotta go, bye! *scurries off into darkness and hides in corner because of new people*

Elzooi says:

Well newbs are good. Some time ago I was a newb because of the add on something positive. Still define. Always say hello to new readers. "Hello"

Mogget's Little Sister says:

Hey... a lot of people came here cuz of Muse... freaky... just like me... there's hardly any people commenting anymore that didn't come from Muse... *muses* mabye Dark Dragon will come back soon... but Dark Dragon said that Dark Dragon wouldn't come back till summer or later.... oh well.

Mogget's Little Sister says:

2000 to 3000 new users?!?!?!?!?!? that is huge! humungo!

Actually, I would be really tired of Sabriel right now if I hadn't read the other two books. He really needs to write more. Anyway, I'm doing a project on Sabriel for my Fantasy Fiction class and I've got a lot of info from the other two! YAYAYAYAYAY!

Mogget's Little Sister says:

Hey people! this is my second most favorite site in the whole world! three guesses as to which ranks first... anyway, the little cartoon charaters have a new monologue every month. It's really funny! Click on my name! CLICK ON IT!!!

Oh, and to me, the soothsayer looks like a woman. Correct me if I'm wrong, Mith!

bookbook says:

um, lets see for famous last words:
"Are you sure these things are working? "
"Seriously, who would believe THAT?"
"Let's ask that man for directions!"
"My phrenologist was right."
especially the last one! never trust a phrenologist. i prefer tarot cards and dragon knucklebones, although the former are slightly easier to acquire. tarot cards you can draw yourself. dragon knucklebones must be from a dragon, and the prices these days are sky-high. shocking!
also: crystal balls are much easier to fake than tarot cards. and i love the tarot card guy's outfit! its all asian and probably expensive.
whoo! that was long. now i have to go get an egg, some string, and several sticks. go terry pratchett.

Katara 101.9 says:

Ok here goes.

Myrhad is a friend of ours he's a vegie loving dragon he's blue with orange stripes of gold, and he really isn't all that old. He's sarcastic and afraid of heights, don't worry he doesn't bite. He's a funny little baby cub, and he really likes a belly rub.

Leaf is an elf from a village far. His long blond hair blows in the wind, as Feiht puts braids and flowers in. He's a faithful friend off to find his dad, and turns red with furies when he's mad. He's rather cute and full of life, and his ears are sharper than a knife.

Feiht's a scary pixie. She's a shiny loving fix, her hobies include pixie trix and adding to the mix. I can't explain how cool she is, for when it comes to making fun, she's really quite a whiz. When ever she does somthing wrong she claims it's not her fault, then seakes off to find some shinys hiding in a vault.

Ayne is an elf who's stronger than them all, Ayne's a bit younger but she's really rather tall. Her hobies include throwing fits and having pixies within her mists (not. She's in the sisterhood of Amazons and of Leaf I think she is quite fond. She likes to blame the dragon of being rather slow, but all around her Irony seems to like to flow.

Leaf, Myhrad, Ayne, and Feiht. They make a stunning team. As they run to chace the sun's far and shiny beam. As they go they meet new friends, along the open road. Each in turn learning new, as Feiht has tryed to lighted loads. But as soon a friend they have just met, they're off to chace the sunset.

What do you think?

Kaiou says:

You gotta love the disbelief of the man. It kinda makes me feel sorry for him, when he realizes it is coming true. Especially the part about choas assualting him with laughter. I love feiht!

Nebra Reppalk says:

bookbook:Impressive, most impressive. I'm not as good with poetry, I tend to stick with haiku, easier to work with. I haven't written anything about this comic though.

Adae says:

I like the poem! a little too much rhyme but that's just me. I like the ending especially.

as for all you musers there... bwahaha! minions! *cackles* By the way, I was the one who sent you here in the first place be it by way of that one website contest or by way of the fan page, here you are!

One question Mith & Alien, why is this comment box so small?

Love this strip! ^_^ makes me laugh!

*Skittles* says:

Ok, this is my favorite so far.

bookbook says:

phrenology: reading the bumps on one's head to tell their personality.
retrophrenology: hitting one on one's head to change their personality.

Black*magick*girl says:

to Katara 101.9- wonderful job!!!!

hailstorm says:

Lol a striped elf

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