L'union fait la force
Chasing the Sunset
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trixingee says:

w00t! *first comment dance* ^^ ahem... anyways >_> love feiht's little victory stance, complete with a standard; is awesome ^^ feiht is queen of the dog-pile! XD

The G. says:

Actually, the French saying is "l'union fait la force". :) (Unité means unit, not unity.)

Mithandir says:

Corrected, thanks.

Darkwacky says:

I love the first frame with the guy running away. I can only imagine what happened there.

SilverGreeneye says:

Let's see... use of itching powder, check; someone catching on fire, check; Ayne losing her temper, check... looks like everything is normal!

Cloudy says:

I love Myrhad in this one. We don't see him in action that often.

4WindsWanderer says:

Lol . . . ow does Feiht's flag stand for Feiht or Fight of Friend or something else entirely? Which is most likely?

4WindsWanderer says:

Read that as 'now' not 'ow.'

Nebra Reppalk says:

Hoo-rah! We finally get to the huge bridge I wanted to see. That is one impressive feat of engineering! In addition: We are finally reaching the Dwarven Lands! There's no place quite like home.

I really like the melee ensuing in this strip. A true use of irony.

4Winds Wanderer: Did you play Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker?

Arya says:

Leaf's hair grew again, plus it keeps on getting shorter, than longer.Myhrad tackle! You don't see those very often, and Fieht was in Leaf's pocket.
Thanks for the new strip, Mith and Alien.

Osk says:

very cruel, not showing what happened exactly to that poor guy

Ivellios says:

I don't know if it was very cruel not showing it seeing as if they ever break the 4th wall in this comic then there is the possibility that he did not have anything happen to him unless it was shown...

Twilight says:

I like the shot where Ayne is drawing her sword. The perspective is really good.

Val'drae says:

I can't get over the expressions in this strip! Feiht's are almost too small to see but just large enough to get some good laughs out of. I also love Ayne's expression in frame six and Myrhad's in frame one, and six, and five...

Red Shadow says:

Okay, I'm not exactly sure what happened there, but I think the basic idea is that Feiht annoyed both Anye and Myhad and successfully tricked both into missing her and tackling the other. Cool work. Give that pixie a gold star! Myhad's really just lucky Ayne wasn't Peter of Narnia, though.

Lee says:

My only gripe is that the guy running away in the first panel is a bit small in the frame. It might have been better to have made him a bit more prominent (and a bit more terrified), maybe with a smoke trail leading the eye toward him...

PS How come the submit text box only shows two lines at a time now?

AnyaDraconis says:

That is indeed an impressive piece of engineering...wow O_O

toonsinator says:

Is it just me, or in frame 6, does Leaf's boots look like they're on the wrong foot?

MajestycaFlamerider says:

Nebra Reppalk:


its just you. or is it me? if it is me, be very afraid.

Chariset says:

Heh....still doubting that soothsayer, little man?

J-Watt says:

Just finished the archives, and now I'm hooked, darn it! Why did I click that neat-looking ad? :P

Odo says:

Super comic. Teamwork, yes indeed, what a concept.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Join us, and we shall complete your training. Come! Fulfill your destiny!

Ebeth says:

myhrad moved! Feiht wins! somebody was scared! there's a freaking sweet bridge! all in all, a comic deserving of the multiple exclamation points!

Myth & Magic says:

Will it be safe to let Feiht cross that huge brigde? We all now what she can do...

Majestyca Flamerider says:

weird, my comment only showed one line. I forget what I said exactly, but it was something along the lines of
Nebra Reppalk:
No, 4windswanderer hasn't played the windwaker, but if you're talking about Zelda: Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask, the answer is yes. (I know 4winds for real)

Katara101.9 says:

YAE! I FINALY CAUGHT UP NOW! I"VE READ ALL 396 STRIPS! Now I can acctually post somthing and not feel like an outsider. thats the good news. Bad news is now I have to WAIT for the next strip like the rest of you. WAAA I liked it when the next 300 strips where right there waiting for me. What does Feiht have in her hands?

Oh yeah and I made a poem! read last strip's comments to read it!

Adae says:

wow... that bridge is awesome! good work!

Mogget's Little Sister says:

Adae: from last strip: MINIONS!!? I resent that.

Great poem, Katara!

Irish Drinker says:

Love the poam Katara, Well done :)

JuneBug says:

Feiht wins.

bowchikawowwow says:

the dragon and elf are making a striped dragonborn

The voice inside my head says:

get your thoughts away from suggestive things and please focus on what's really going on.

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