No Kids Allowed
Chasing the Sunset
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Isun says:

First post! Nice comic! Finally updated!

Unicorn says:

wonder what the gaurd will do about feit.

MajestycaFlamerider says:

Myrhad looks like he's going to breath fire on the guard's feet, or something.
Malvenicus? what's feiht have up her sleeve now?
Great strip, Alien and Mith!
(gotta love the card game!)

Chariset says:

Meanwhile, Myrhad is doing what he does best..

Dragyn says:



Coyote says:

So... humans can't see pixies, but they can hear them?

Opportunities for mischief truly abound.

Pulsy says:

LOL that silly guard sign is hilarious :-D Also i love the font Feith speaks in the last panel :D

Osk says:

just when you think feith cant be worse than she was so far...

Irish Drinker says:

Feint is awsome, She is trying her best to aid her friends to getting to wehre they are goin.g. And just causeing some havok along the way.

Mithandir says:

Coincidentally ... this is strip #400 :)

AnyaDraconis says:

This comic never ceases to amuse me :) I know everybody including me has said this about a thousand times already, but the art really has improved a lot since the first strips. Keep up the good work :)

Kibin says:

The dragon is simply sleeping. It's probably going to take a while to convince the guard to let them pass, and what sort of lazy dragon WOULDN'T lie down and go to sleep?

Odo says:

The question I have, is, how does the guard know that they are children? They're elves and by human standards, old. Wouldn't a human guard assume that any elves would be adults?

On the other hand it does give an opportunity for Feiht to get everyone into trouble...

raisin says:

maybe he dosnt know much about elves and just assumes that they are younger than him because of the fact that they are shorter than him.

Love the comic. :)

Lee says:

WOOOHOOO! 400 STRIPS!!! More than twice as many as Alpha-Shade! Almost two-sevenths as many as Freefall! Congratulations, thanks for all the great art and stories, and keep working till your arms drop off!

shineeeeeyyyyyy says:

silly guard that is right Feieht

Panitek says:

Congrats on #400

Khyrhon says:

Ah, the wonders of pixies... coincidentaly, happy day before Kradvaa day everyone! (Yes, it's me again...)

Ivellios says:

Sad, sad watermelon says:

You know what's really scary? You're right.

Mithandir says:

We're currently experiencing a spam problem. if you see a post that's more non-sequitor than the rest, don't follow any links in it. The spam is disguising itself as real (albeit non related) comments which means we have to delete them manually. I've just deleted about 10 from this page alone (and others elsewhere) as such some legitimate posts (like Ivvelios's) will not make sense anymore because they are replies to deleted ones (in this case a fake question about valentine that linked to a medicine site). I apologise for the inconvenience and am working on improving our spam filters.

bookbook says:

freestate? whats that? does it mean it's not ruled by a king, like the USA and (technically) England? 'Cause England does have the Queen, but she's just for show. but the freestate must be smaller, because no kids are let in there unsupervised and I bet I could get into mexico or canada without some weird human guard stopping me or my parents tagging along. ha!

Alric says:

No Kids Allowed? Arn't they all over 100 years old each? Their boots are probably older than the guards :D

toonsinator says:

Congrats on #400!
Excellent strip... :D

I was just wondering -- what's the blue stuff on the bridge?

Lee says:

The bridge is kinda like a Freeway or Interstate (cos it's a road), but it's also a country in its own right so it's a Freestate. Clever, huh?

Alric says:

The "Blue Stuff" on the bridge looks like a wagon in the distance. It's a big bridge, with traffic on it.

Mood-swinging watermelon!!! says:

i love toast!!!!! wahrgahamm!!!

DMFox says:

and no reaction to the dragon.

shineeeeeyyyyyy says:

no ofense Leaf but you look like a girl sorry but it is true oooo shineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy armor must be mine :)

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Loving it, and yeah- I agree that their boots are probably older than the guards.. adn I suspect Feith will do SOMETHING to "Make life interesting" for everybody...mwahahahahaaa!
Furthermore- Silly Guard is going to stop AMAZON!? ok- now he's a stupid guard...

4WindsWanderer says:

I love Feiht's sign. ;D

BurnedMuffins says:

But.. isn't the elve's governement anarchy? Even if it fools the guard, someone will notice if he goes around as "the Great Elven Magister Malvenicus!"

Arya says:

Go Fieht! Wait, what am I saying? I'm rooting for a pixie.
I think it's funny the guard thinks Leaf is a kid.
Love the new strip.
Happy Valentine's Day!

JonMW says:

I can only conclude that the guards simply don't understand something about the elven lifespan. Is it possible that this guy doesn't recognise an elf when he sees one?

bookbook says:

well, technically, leaf IS a kid. he's only about... uh... 18-21 or thereabouts.
and has anyone noticed besides me that the guard looks like he's going bald in panel 4?

Tensko1234 says:

Leaf is 143 I think, Amazon elf girl here is ten years younger than him. But they do look like kids...

watermelon type stuff says:

good point. we're all complete idiots, but we have a point

dark angel says:

happy valintimes day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue River says:

Feiht's playing tricks...while helping? storyline+artwork=HAPPY DANCE!!

CryptoGirl says:

Leaf and Ayne are probably older than that guard's parents! maybe even his grandparents...though elves do age more slowly...

Ebeth says:

yeah feiht! why are some of the cards red? and some white? and one half and half? XD

bookbook says:

happy valentines day!
over the course of the day i have recieved: a snickers bar, three hersheys kisses including that new cherry one, two Dove hearts, and a butterfly tongue tattoo.
i feel so loved *hugs self*

Witness watermelon!!! says:

Actually, i don't celebrate valentines day.

AnyaDraconis says:

Neither do I. It's very depressing for those of us who are single. Especially so for those of us who are single with friends who are not. *sulks*

Nebra Reppalk says:

Hi everyone, I'm back. Where I live it has been turned into a snowy winter wonderland so I was off school for two days. I didn't get anything for Valentine's Day either, but life goes on.

It is possible for there to be a "Magister" in elven society because its Latin root is literally "doer" but usually is applied to masters of a craft or teachers. In modern Italian "Magister" means teacher. Therefore it is possible to have Magisters in elven society considering they probably have both masters of crafts (including magic) and various teachers.

bookbook says:

que? no comprendar habla de "magister" hablar.

bookbook says:

yes, i know, my spanish grammar sucks.

AnyaDraconis says:

'Magister' means 'teacher' in Latin as well.

randomvortex says:

I think the red cards are the back of the cards, and the white ones are the front.

raisin says:

400! really? Congrats!

Mossstar says:

Wow... ummm...
400 strips?!? Awesome!

I love how Feiht is sticking her tounge out at the guard.

Mossstar says:

That means I've been at this site for about... umm... 66 strips! That really doesn't seem like a lot.

I agree, he probably thinks they're kids because they're shorter than him. Plus, they look younger.

I'm sorry, but the blue thing on the bridge looks like a car to me... but I know it's not.

Mossstar says:

And it looks like the red-and-white card was just a coloring error. Right? Right?

Rhea Hiryuu says:

Um, technically they're not kids. they're like, over AHUNDRED!!! Yeesh, stupid humans!

hkmaly says:

In czech, magistr is academic degree, something as english master.

Aerinelf says:

Ha! ;D

JuneBug says:


thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

#400! bwa-bwa-bwa-BWAAAAA!
Just when you thought they were going to have a nice, sane time....

d says:

the gared has a balled spot on the back of his head

hailstorm says:


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