Chasing the Sunset
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Awesome says:

Hahahaha I like this whole page, it's pretty funny. Starting to rain, too... wonder what they'll do about that.

Pav Lucistnik says:

First comment! Whee :) (Stayed up whole night watching Oscars)

Pav Lucistnik says:

So not fast enough to be teh first. D'oh.


A hundred year's war resumed in less than fifty words. Hilarious!

glennr55 says:

The dwarves are always causing wars with their thinking they can do stuff.

zonarius says:

leaf still ha the staff of Malvenicus!

Ivellios says:

I wonder how myhrad knows all that I doubt they were taught it at school and I doubt draconic powers would give that knowldge to him

Mithandir says:

Ivellios: Actually, as mentioned before (I don't quite remember which strip it was, would have to look it up myself) Myhrad has studied quite a bit while Leaf was playing, and dragons have very good memories.
Keep in mind that both are over a century old, you can learna lot in that time :)

Ozymandias says:

"Largely ruled by money"? Sounds like the real world...

Lee says:

If it's ruled by money then the "Free" part of its name would be ironic.

errrflug watermelon!!! says:

now what about muffins
? in all the history of the strip, ive never seen one reference to muffins.

Remmon says:

I'm telling you, Alien being busy is NOT my fault, I only keep her busy on sunday afternoons :D

AnyaDraconis says:

Feiht fell asleep. Ha.
That bridge really is huge. Wow. Nice use of perspective, though :)

Pulsy says:

I think Leaf only climbed the sides of the bridge so we could see the sunset. Very pretty indeed! Feiht sleeping through Ayne holding her like that is hilarious too :D

Nebra Reppalk says:

I don't see how it's the dwarves' fault for starting the war. The dwarves merely made an honest infrastructure improvement, and the humans got jealous of our superior engineering.

Jeremiah says:

Well, it doesn't look like it's starting to rain. It looks more like something in Leaf's hand is shining (He's lucky that Feiht is sleeping, though)

Been Here Awhile Never Commented says:

ACtually, if you look behind Leaf's head, you can see another raindrop. It's in the blue part of the sky so it blends in, but it's there. But it does look like he's holding something shiney, better hope Feiht doesn't wake up soon if it is.=)
BTW it's a nice comic. I will continue to read!!!

Blue River says:

This strip is witty, beautiful, cool and perspectivy. Stop me when you hear something you like :) I was waiting for you to say that Nebra. Snugglepuff likes the strip, too.

Tensko1234 says:

That's why he hadn't changed that rain?

Ebeth says:

oh noez, blank space!

I LOVE the art in this, especially the last two panels. the bridge is great. and HUGE!

BiteMe says:

I like the last panel

TehRater says:


Osk says:

very nice advertisement now please dont spoil the fun for other people.
Anyway, freestate once more shows that freedom is only cheap when you have enough money :p

Arya says:

(singing) It's raining, it's pouring, Myhrad is snoring.
(not singing) I love the new stip, though I wish Leaf would turn back into the necromancer again.

watermelon type stuff says:

Ummm, Been Here Ahwile, it's CTS, not BTW. Who told u that???

Jeremiah says:

Well, it could be rain. However, on panel 4 we see that the sky over their heads is quite clear. It doesn't look like it's going to rain. However, in that strip we can see another explanation for the "raindrop". Those seagulls are not toilet trained.

Alien says:

watermelon: btw stands for by the way. :)

Nebra Reppalk says:

At the risk of appearing completely ignoant: Arya, what does Namarie mean? you put it at the end of your comments and it has sparked my curiosity.

In regards to money/Freestate/etc: Haven't you heard of the golden rule? Those that have the gold, rule.

Blue River: what, you have a problem with me supporting dwarf culture? Beside, I think this proves you literally can BUILD a kingdom.

Lithorien says:

Namarie: A Quenya (J.R.R. Tolkien's High Elvish language) word meaning "Farewell". Also used as the main title to Galadriel's Lament, also in Tolkien's universe.

CryptoGirl says:

ozymandias, have you read the Avalon series? i love how feiht falls asleep on leaf's head. it's cute. and there's an un-inked bird i panel 3. or maybe it's a skeleton. :)

Mossstar says:


hailstorm says:

so the kings a hundred dollar bill

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