Dangerous Leaf?
Chasing the Sunset
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odo says:


odo says:

Ah... But does the mysterious stranger know that Leaf is an imposter, or is he just doing his best to save his fellows? Only time will tell. :)

anonymous says:

in the second to last panel it should be "beseech" not "besiege".

Chariset says:

But with Anya, isn't it always warfare?

Chariset says:

And by 'Anya' I of course mean Ayne.

Pulsy says:

Very smart move Ayne! By the way, now that comics grew bigger, backgrounds grew more detailed... i want even bigger comics now to check out the background even more! I'm sure there's jokes inthere i'm missing...

Irish Drinker says:

I love this site. I am so glad I stumbled apon it so long ago :) Thanks for making a great comic I can just sit and read guys. Great post as alway!

Arya says:

Smart move Anye!
There was no need to wake up Fieht.
Good work Mith and Alien.

coraphise says:

I've only got this to say: ROFLMAO!! XD

Sabreur says:

This comic made me giggle stupidly for way too long. Nicely done.

Khyrhon says:

Thanks for this bit of cheering up! I love their plan, Ayne seems to be a master of diplomacy.

Khyrhon says:

Hehe, did anyone look at the news? Feiht on camera!

bookbook says:

and now is the time for Feiht to wake up and cause unmentionable chaos...
the chaos is only unmentionable because no one who was there is able to mention it.

Lil says:


Moi says:

Good plan...

Is it just me, or does Leaf look a little girly in the 3rd panel?

Awesome says:

Hehehe "besiege"??? :P

Good thinking, Ayne!

Nebra Reppalk says:

Good thinking on Ayne's part, but...a little awkward from where I'm sitting.

Tensko1234 says:

lol leaf is probably loving it inside to. good job on the strip!

Aebliss says:

*snrk* Oh, man! ^^ I never thought I'd see Ayne actually humble herself to get out of a fight! This instalment is priceless ...

Khyrhon says:

umm, Leaf always looks a little girly...

Vulpis says:

Okay, now *that* was a successful Fast Talk check.. ;-)

dragonqueencr says:

Is it just me or is Feiht's pixieness contagious?

AnyaDraconis says:

Yeah...Ayne being humble...something you really don't see every day :P

hallo123ever1123 says:

i love this strip. Just halarious.

Khyrhon says:

aren't they all.

CryptoGirl says:

Ayne? begging? something is wrong with this picture. even to get out of a fight...what is this universe coming to?

*Skittles* says:

All for the sake of acting. She may be rash, but she's smart, too.

Retiarius says:

Hmmm…I guess Ayne rolled a 20 on her Bluff check…

Sitara says:

Brilliant. I wonder if the innkeeper will be so grateful they'll get room and board free?

Mogget/Solembum's Little Sister says:

lololololololol! one of the funniest ones yet! (In my opinion)

Skreyola says:

That was awesome. :) I hope Feiht doesn't mess things up in the next scene. :)

Dragoness says:

Instead of Feiht, here comes Ayne to the rescue! Nice bit of acting there, if a bit too... well, overacted, I guess. :)

Baldric says:

Ayne kneeling before Leaf ? Never thought I'd see that one !

matire says:

my fav is the bar maid thu all that she just kept workin as if nothing happend

Nebra Reppalk says:

Sometimes problems will solve themselves; if you ignore them they'll go away.

Oh, for anyone who was interested in Medusa Mythology Exam. (For those of you wondering what the heck I'm talking about, see the previous comic's comments) Well, it's already occured for this year, but it is a NATIONAL exam, so bug your classics teachers, they'll be able to find out.

myrtle says:

So funny :D
In the thirs pannel, those huge, cute, innocent-looking eyes from Leaf. Brilliant XD

legendary gryphon says:


DMFox says:


Akyla says:

Gotta love how that "brave" guard didn't lift a finger to stop the "evil" wizard after he sounded his alert.

Skreyola says:

Hmm... Sometimes a problem is its own solution. :)

legendary gryphon says:

Freefall reference!
Remember the flood?

bookbook says:

why is "Huzzah!" coming from two empty chairs in panel 6? because even a dwarf's head reaches above the surface of the table.
uh-oh.. i think Feiht is awake again.
Viva Las Chaos!

sami_the_ghost says:

I don't know who to clap louder for, Ayne for her quick thinking or the Bar maid for working through all that.

G-R-Y-P-H-O-N! says:

If u go to google, then here, you'll notice that mith and alien have given a lamplight look yto the entire thing, making it not your average comic!

Aerinelf says:


Farel says:

well, technically speaking, Leaf might be capable of boiling their flesh with arcane fire, what type of powers do furies give him anyway?

smoak says:

think of it this way book, if huzzah was lower we wouldnt get to see the nice bar lady collecting mugs. i like the dwarf reaction, hands up in cheer at possible fight, hands up in cheer at not being utterly destroyed. i like the bar maids expression in the last panel.

legendary gryphon says:

ok...i will be as calm as i can...

Mogget/Solembum's Little Sister says:

"Huzzah!" Is coming from the two dwarves near the bottom. The ones that were hugging each other in fear in panel four. Yeah. Those. The speech bubble thingy just isn't very long.

Mogget/Solembum's Little Sister says:

Wait a sec...
Myrhad just appeared in panel six! He wasn't there in the other panels, and now he is! Just like him to show up when the trouble stops.

Still, it's freaky....

odo says:

No, Myrhad is visible in panel 2 as well, hiding between and behind Ayne and Leaf. He's hidden by the door in panel 5.

Bubbles says:

Myhrad's a tricky fellow, true!

Dark Dragon says:

Also, Myrhad would be too short to see in pannel 3, and is probably hiding behind the door in pannel 5. It seems like everytime I miss updates, the comic gets more and more brilliant. btw: I think the only thing you have to worry about Leaf doing to you is using you in one of his crazy schemes...lol...

It's so nice to get a chance to read webcomics once in a while.

Dark Dragon says:

It's also nice that no one stole my name in the time that I was gone.

Em says:

This seems to happen rather a lot.

What was that last post? spam?

Bubbles says:

Odd, I thought there were updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday- is it because of Spring break?

Alien says:

Nah, it's because drawing this inn from 5-7 different angles for every strip is more work than it looks like. I got nightmares about chairs :P

bookbook says:

nightmares about chairs... hee hee...

Bubbles says:

Chairs are very scary *shudder*

Nebra Reppalk says:

I haven't had nightmares about chairs, but I do have nightmares where everything in my life goes horribly wrong. Those have been quite frequent recently...

Mogget/solembum's Little Sister says:

Hey! I'm typing this on the Wii! Isn't it really, really cool!?! My friend, Stephanie (from the infamous 500 comment strip), has a trial internet on her Wii!!! I just think that's extremely cool!!!

Khyrhon says:

I have a Wii, but it's not connected to the internet, so I am typing this on my computer!

Khyrhon says:

Happy Easter Everyone!

Skreyola says:

Gryphon: That's where that came from. I knew I'd seen it, but I couldn't remember where. I just spent half an hour looking for it, though, and couldn't find it in the archives. Do you know the strip number?

Squirt says:

I must say, This strip is hilarious!!!!

legendary gryphon says:

Nintendo, wii have a problem with all these wiitarded puns.

Skreyola says:

Yeah. I call it "the awesome console with the really stupid name."

Lone Star says:

Raisin says:

oh dear, now im scared. you know why? cause Anye is turning into feight! THE HORROR!!!!!

Bubbles says:

w00t! Homestar Runner!

CoolHandNuke says:

I think Ayne's trying to make up for losing her "battle of wits" against Feiht

hailstorm says:

is anye actually groveling

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