Chasing the Sunset
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krazzy says:

ayne is very strong isn't she!

King of Shadows says:

Anybody is strong when they have adrenaline pumping.

the krud says:

you failed to colour properly again!

Flaming Mono says:


Jynx says:

Please, the comic is very good. If anyone messed up on the coloring, can we just leave it be? And the whole "HAHA! Leif's a girl!" thing? Both are really getting old

Squirt says:

Will you please stop spelling Leaf's name wrong! It's like the tree NOT the human!!!

the raven says:

squirt is right!!!!!

the raven says:

and jynx

Statri says:

Both names are right, but the writer spelled it "Leaf," so just spell it that way. And I'm getting sick of the "Leaf's a girl" thing too. The story has already said he's a boy; if you don't like it just pretend to yourself that Leaf is a girl and Ayne is a boy! They don't sound like gender-specific names to me.

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