You Hurt My Friend
Chasing the Sunset
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Irish Drinker says:



Retiarius says:

Uh-oh. Drinking releases the furies, so to speak. I've played in enough games to know the usual result is a vacant lot where the inn used to be.

In fact, in one game, we generally put down a deposit on the inn equal to its value just to save time, since we were often attacked by spellcasters and the place would burn down.

Vagabond says:

Or else indeed. Who knew that the most furiating spirits might make the spirits furious.

asanthai says:

..bye-bye inn...?

Ivellios says:

Those guards are lucky that Leaf is going to blast them before Ayne gets over the shock that someone was stupid enough to willingly push her over.

Mia says:

Hah, I knew this was going to be good ^^ Drunken Leaf, interesting ^^

DragonFire says:

the staff top is glowing too! oh no!.

Pulsy says:

Sweet! Leaf never looked more male then in the last panel i think. It's interesting he's glowing fury-type but the staff seems activated too. I wonder if it's the staff or the furys doing it.

JonMW says:

Aha, the furies make another appearance.

No matter HOW this one turns out, they're going to be leaving the bridge quickly, methinks.

JonMW says:

Wait, I just noticed something. The captain FIRST tells Ayne to "stay out of this" but then apparently arrests her (as he's not paying attention to Leaf).
Just seems a bit mixed up to me. No biggie, though.

4WindsWanderer says:

Oh no . . . and so the bluff, turned out not to be quite so big a bluff as we had thought.

Remmon says:

The staff was already shiny, it was just covered up by that balloon. It might be more shiny now though.

Either way, I would not want to be those guards, perhaps the furies are drunk to, so they might miss.

leg.grph.mffns says:

Furies NEVER misss-muhahahahahahaha!!!

Tensko1234 says:

I knew it, guess he not like legoles after all.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Typical, boy's first time in a tavern, gets tipsy, fight ensues, large headaches for everyone in the morning. And I don't just mean the hangover type.

zanarkrimshot says:

have you noticed evreyone else has run away now only the guards are foolish enough to face ayne and leaf ...... mhyrad is no problem he's lazy remember ^^

Arya says:

A drunk Leaf?
That is not good, elves don't get drunk that easliy.
HE will probably have what humans call a 'hangover' the next day.

Ivellios says:

hangover whats that never had one, I know people who have but I haven't even when I have drank more then the people with the hangovers I never seem to get them (I don't get many of the most infamous effects of alcohol e.g. beer goggles and hangovers)

Aebliss says:

Oh, noooo~! >.

Aebliss says:

Sidenote: Apparently Myhrad speaks Ancient Elvish. Who knew?

AnyaDraconis says:

Well...drunken furies. This should be interesting. *grabs popcorn*

Awesome says:

Anyone else notice how Myhrad dove under the table? :P

Faticia says:

Am I the only person who is wondering when Feiht is going to wake up?

Anya says:

I was just wondering about Feiht too. The guards are in big trouble.

Bubbles says:

I don't like where this is going....

leg.grph.mffns says:

i do!

*Skittles* says:

Urm... eek?

Chariset says:

Is Feiht still under the bowl?

Squirt says:

After I saw the last panel, my exact words:"oh, no!" then I tried to go to the next strip!

Skreyola says:

Of course a dragon would speak the old languages. :)
Messing with Leaf right now doesn't seem like a good idea, but I have more information than the guards.
By the way, it's probably about time for the pixie to wake up and play a little game of escalatio.

Elisel says:

Feiht is going to be so sad she missed this. After all, Furies may be mean and nasty and scary... but they make Leaf GLOW. *_*

Sabreur says:

Panic! Panic! Panic! Panic! Panic! Panic!

Oh, and Feight is going to be really sad she slept through this.

Irish Drinker says:

Yep. dragon dives under the table.. Guard pushs over Ayane, and everyone in the Tavern is fleeing... All the while the Pixie is no where to be seen.. Is she still sleeping? or playing tricks on people?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Well, let's see. The innkeeper is probably going to have to deal with most or all of their tavern being destroyed, the captain will have to make a full report, there will be a board of inquiry of course, and then the paperwork. A copy for the magistrate's records, copy for town council's records, five additional copies to various officials, a copy for the fireproof safe, another copy for if there's a fire in the fireproof safe....

Wait, why are all these ribbons of red tape surrounding me?

Bubbles says:

Leaf has a warm personality.
Sorry, I couldn't resist!

Quincy says:

Oh my goodness...!

thom"watermelon"shaw says:

red eyes, red glow, glowing staff, and a belly full of strong alcohol, this is going to be interesting! O_O

always watching always waiting.

Mogget/Solembum's Little Sister says:

Leaf- happy drunk.

Furies- ... angry drunk!



Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Ooh, the Furies stike again! Dundundun...

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Love Myhrad's little tail. So cute!

bookbook says:

vacant lot where the inn used to be?
more like smoking crater...
however! the smoking crater is not because leaf got angry.
it's because ayne got annoyed.
*hides under a table*

bookbook says:

whoa... about a billion people commented since what i thought was the last comment.
to understand my comment, see the second comment.

Chakel says:

Anyone else notice the storage space on the divider? Its not a usual setup for an Inn to have storage in the common room. My guess is its more drinks. Considering the proximity to the now burning Leaf...I'd say the interior will be redone. If I remember the exterior of the place is all brick. Generally, when a building is bricked correctly the interoir and roof burn up but the brick stays. So its just, clean, stabalize, re-decorate. Very handy in most fantasy bars/inns. I also love that its so late only the workers, elves and dwarves (known for thier ability to drink) are left in the place.

Illegal entry? for not having an adult with you? Does that mean they get to leave? I mean why would you jail an illegal entry person...just toss em out of town.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Well, in most cases illegal entry means you've gone somewhere you weren't supposed to and consequently saw secret information (workshops building war materials, exact numbers on troop strength and movement, etc., etc.) Since they can't have the trespassers running about with this information, they either 1.Imprison them, with the risk of them escaping and sharing that information, or 2.Kill them, because three men can keep a secret if two of them are dead.

However in this case, I don't think any of that is applicable, but I will say that if I learned anything from psychology, it's that humans are often irrational.

Lilycat says:

Uh oh. Not the Furies...! Leaf's party is made up of three partially unstable people(Feiht is fully unstable), and a dragon with SOME sense sometimes. Not good, especially because you'd think it would be the other way around. Why does the fury-fire make Leaf's shirt turn browner, but his hair is only a little darker?

Khyrhon says:

Is anyone else having trouble with the "you've missed x comics" thing?

leg.grph.mffns says:


... says:

Knock knock.

Who's there?

It's Leaf.

Leaf who?


Bubbles says:

Me: Hey Leaf, how'd you like The Exorcist Part 244 1/2?
Leaf: It made me furie-ous!

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

Ha! I was right!

Fionn says:

I think he's just sweating off the alcohol...which ignited on the staff.

hailstorm says:


Silverwolf says:

Alcohol-fueled fire?

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