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Prestedigitation says:

I like how Ayne is shoing a more gentile side when it comes to the welfare of Leaf. I especially like her reaction in the last panel. And I never realized Myrad's head is so flat, from having seen it from the side so often.

Prestedigitation says:

First comment? I never get first comment. The world must be ending!

Somesuch says:

Uh-oh. I think I see Feiht has a friend. Oh, and first comment, whee. :D

Myth & Magic says:

Feiht can be very helpful sometimes. Love the bard. Leaf looks a little like a lizard with that red eye.

Somesuch says:

Well I guess three of us thought we had the first one. Anyway the fact that Feiht has found another Pixie... cannot be good.

Chariset says:

I'm possibly quite unobservant, but I always assumed Rhyme was a girl. Is she?

Mithandir says:

She is. It's just that my normal shading techniques don't work on the pure red that's her shirt, so I'll have to find another way of showing relief.

Lee says:

Feiht's friend is Sohac, whom we've seen before (though I'm too lazy to search for the specific strip).

Arya says:

Hey, Leaf's eyes look a little like mine. Only, mine aren't red and filled with hate. Mine are green.
Love the sound effects, Fieht.
Great comic.
Keep up the good work.

Awesome says:

"Showing Relief" Mmmm.... LOL

I like Ayne's gentler side.

The artist did a great job of shading Rhyme's hair in the last panel.

Nebra Reppalk says:

If there's anything my Star Wars tradition taught me, it's that no matter the darkness, there is always some light. In our darkest hours a bright light appears, a light that burns so brighter against the darkness and overpowers it. There will be a light for Leaf, my heart tells me so.

Wow...I got really sentimental.

And, for some reason I feel like saying this, feel free to ignore it.

"I start fighting a war, I guarantee you'll see something new." Captain Mal Reynolds.

Pulsy says:

Boom! XD Oh and I love Rhymes red hear ^^

AnyaDraconis says:

I love Feiht and Sohac dancing in the fourth panel :D It's a funny little detail. Like the drunken dwarves in the background. Or have they just fainted from all the excitement?

Bob says:

I like the pixies dancing, and the fifth panel totally rocks!!!

I love Firefly and Mal is awesome. I wish they would bring it back...

le big honkin watermelon. says:

I'm loving it.

How come all elves look the same?

Click on my name. I dare you.

Tensko1234 says:

Don't feel to bad Rhyme, I still love you!

CryptoGirl says:

leaf's eyes are still red...shouldn't they have turned back? or maybe he's still being possessed...

Pulsy says:

Actually i think in this strip it's pretty clear who the boys and girls are. Leaf has a pretty strong jaw in panel 5 and looks very masculine if you ask me. And Rhyme is just her attractive female self :P

Bilbo says:

Curious -- why is Leaf's arm sticking up in the first two frames? Is he still semi-conscious? In the last frame, it doesn't show. Something tells me that's not a simple oversight.

Does someone have a link to the Tower reference? I don't remember the details on that one.

4WindsWanderer says:

AHHH! The furies haven't receded yet, even though he was knocked out!

Nebra Reppalk says:

Well, it's good-news/ bad news time everyone. I got my Medusa Mythhology Exam results back today. The bad news is I no longer am the highest-ranking mythology student at my school. The good news is I did better than I did last year, and I got a bronze medal this year, answering 39/50 questions corecct with a National Average of 27/50.

Also, I took the AP European History exam today. I don't know if Mith or Alien could have helped me though.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Hello? Is any one out there? HELLOO!

Oh gods! What if somebody rounded them up and I'm the only one left?!

Please...somebody be out there...

Alien says:

hi :P

grats with your medal, much pride for the clan, i'm sure!

bookbook says:

ooh! ooh! test me! test me! but only on greek mythology... i'm a bit hazy on norse, egyptian, and... you know... the other kinds that i can't remember right now.
and poor leaf! i hope the furies don't possess him permanently!
and in the third panel: "..and then we went to sleep..." "Boom!" did a boomsleep actually happen, or is this just feiht being insane as usual?

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Wow, I haven't talked in ages. Anyway, good job on your test, Nepra. It's better than what I could do...-winces- I like the red eye in panel four. It reminds me of my parrot. He has red eyes. With black pupils. Ruuuuuun!

Kalietha says:

Parrot with red eyes? Rock on! *loves birds, and occasionally feels evil*

Osk says:

sure rhime is female, its kinda hard to tell with those elves

Nebra Reppalk says:

Uh, Lightwing, you keep putting a P where there's a B in my name. Just to let you know. And, yes much honor achieved for my clan, if I had a clan....

Anyway, here's a question:
The Myrmidons were a race of men descended from what?

Raisin says:

bilbo? about the arm...methinks its propped against a wall in the first two panel and then they moved him so it fell down. Am i right, Alien?

Alien says:

That's pretty much it, Raisin. Unless Mith's noticed and started plotting world domination by arm forces, then all bets are off.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Oops, sorry, Nebra. I don't know why, cause I know how your name's spelled... anyway, I apologize.

Lone Star says:

Hey everyone! its me again im back w00!

Tournesol says:

"and then we went to sleep" "Boom!" That's so brilliantly absurd while staying true to Feiht. Thank you for making me laugh harder than I have in weeks!

aj26 says:

how can rhyme come up with rhymes on the stop like that.

hailstorm says:

Then we went too sleep BOOOOOOOOM

linkolek says:

"malign"?Rhyme really helps me which expanding my english dictionary.(It's hard to have english as 3rd language

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