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Chasing the Sunset
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Remmon says:

First comment, by a wide margin I bet.
Yes, asking Leaf about a plan on how to find him sounds like an excellent idea, it's almost bound to ensure they find him straight away. Right?

firehazard says:

When it comes to logic, I fight unarmed!

Brilliant thinking, and nice shinyness as well. Opposite of the "black void" I keep imagining.

X-Kal says:

Drat, the curse of the gamer is that he has the occasional event that comes at the exact same time as the comic, which prevents first comment abilities... not that it matters, either way :P

I need to quote Feiht much more often. I've used lines like "Take me for what I mean, not for what I say" and "Oh, but THAT would be too easy."

I like this one. "That's just logic talking. Ignore it."

Mithandir says:

X-Cal: Remmon cheated. He was in the IRC channel where I offered a sneak preview of the next comic several days ago and he commented back then :)

Arya says:

Trivia question for all 'Chasing the Sunset' readers.Here it is:
If you were waiting for Fieht and Sohac to return, what would you do?
(a)Sit in the inn and wait.
(b) Drink some spring water and sit in the inn and wait.
(c)Make merry with the friendly nieghborhood dwarves, drink some vodka by accident, get drunk, sit in the inn and wait.
(d)All of the above.
(e)None of the above.
I love Fieht's coment, " I remember when all of this was lush forest."
Love the void, Mith and Alien.
Your artwork has improved to no end.

Osk says:

thats just logic talking, ignore it

great! just sooo GOOD! dont have more to say about this one

Remmon says:

All is fair in love and war.

But I don't think that applies here so I'll admit to it, yeah, I'm a bad boy and I cheated.

Still got first comment for the first time in my history :D

Nutty fey and logic is a bad combination, it's like physics and fey, math and fey or accounting and fey.

Pulsy says:

It looks like Nothing is very white ... that implies the Void has light ... or maybe it implies the Void doesn't even have darkness ... or ... i'm confused @.@

AnyaDraconis says:

If they're in a void, which is technically made of Nothing, wouldn't they be able to see everything else (i.e. Leaf) in it because there wouldn't be anything in their way to block their view??

Adi Sagestar says:

Sohac looks like a genie.

When is the Seven Minute War going to be updated?

"All right, this is a quick strike search and rescue. In and out again before we get bored!" funnyness


Nebra Reppalk says:

Maybe that's my problem, I listen to my logical side too much.

Oh yes, and Arya: I choose f) You are a dwarf who has passed out in a drunken stupor under the table. Hence, Feiht is no longer your problem.

Coyote says:

It's nothingness. The white you see is the color of the paper the strip was drawn on because there is NO background. :) Am I right?

Eraikei W. O. says:

Hah hah. XD "That's just logic talking, ignore it." Okay, that seriously just made my night.

bookbook says:

o-k... i have a theory for you people to criticize and/or compliment!
soooooo... let's start with the Big Bang. Before the Big Bang, there was Nothing, except the mini universe, being played with by pixies with short attention spans. Right?
Right. So, then the pixies poked it in the wrong place, and the universe started expanding. Right?
Right. But, let's get back to the Nothing. Was it really Nothing? Maybe... just maybe... it was another universe, surrounding this one! A really, really, really old and dying universe, and entropy took its final toll when our universe started expanding. So, we have the old universe, with the potential universe hiding inside it until the old one died and it started expanding.
But just think... whatif there's a potential universe inside THIS universe, waiting to expand when this universe dies?
on a totally unrelated note, who besides me loves celtic mythology?

Skreyola says:

Sounds good to me. They'll be looking for him, at least. :)

hkmaly says:

Coyote: Good idea, but no. We can see they are illuminated by nothing.

AnyaDraconis: Still didn't get it ? There is _nothing_ between them and Leaf. Elemental nothingness, as Myhrad said it.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Hehehehehehe. -insert more laughing here-
Pixies are masters of plans that don't work for long, huh?

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

And bookbook, I do agree. I think... -brain explodes- Maybe not.

Chariset says:

Wow... everything is shiny. I hope Feiht can deal with it.

Purple Pixie says:

Elemental nothingness is nothing. Simple as that. There is no light, but just the same there is no dark. There is no space so you should be able to see clearly, but yet again there is no... emptyness... so there is nothing between you and Leaf but there is... well strictly speaking there is no Leaf to be seen... There is nothing to carry the image of Leaf... No air. It is to comprehend because no one who has ever gone to a place like that has never return to explain.

He he he I get to act smart!!! :D

Purple Pixie says:

* It is HARD to comprehend.

... says:

No air to carry images?
Must be a pretty messed up universe then. In ours air is needed to carry sound, not light. (Hmm, then how can they talk...?)
Think about it: If air was needed to carry light, the sunlight would never reach Earth!

Bubbles says:

"That's just logic talking, ignore it." LOL!

Arydun says:

this is hilarious! i love it!

Silverwolf says:

The void is basically the null state, the essential quantum intermediate. It's the state between "is" and "is not," an instantaneous, an infinitessimal infinite. And it's pretty trippy.

aj26 says:

pixies and logic never worked right together.

hailstorm says:

Thats just logic talking. classic

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