Difficult Questions
Chasing the Sunset
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Chariset says:

Can't have responsible pixies. The world might implode.

Pulsy says:

Those furys look scary... they're looking at Leaf like they might try n get him back. Also, confusing a pixie may not be the best idea either.

Mithandir says:

Comments fixed now?

Sabreur says:

Maybe he'll have better luck getting an explanation out of the furies? :-)

kardinaal says:


Seems to be ok (I hope). Lovely comic once again. I like reading it :) .

MoonMinx says:

I like the drawing of Leaf in the last or second to last panel

Chakel says:

lol, pixie mad that sleep caused her to miss out on something good!

So what kind of questions do you think are easy to answer in the void?

Gossamerblade says:

The real question is: Can we get back from here? (that's probably what I'd be asking anyway!)

Painted Cello says:

Oh gosh, I asked a Pixie question in last comic's comments! I asked the very question Sohac asked first panel... Oh dear, seems I'm going to turn into a pixie after all.

Vagabond says:

Consequences of our actions. Ha ha ha ha ha. Thank you darlig you made me laugh myself to tears today.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

-dies messily-
Wow. Pixies who understand what they do, and what consequences their actions have? What is the world coming to?
On a completely random side not, I am taking my falconer's test on Monday. Woot! I hope I pass.....

bookbook says:

...i think the furies are getting closer.
space in the voic seems really distorted. when i see leaf sitting there in panel, um, either 4 or 5, i can't tell which, the furies seem close to him, but tiny. it makes no sense.

Skreyola says:

Or, How am I breathing if there's nothing here, not even air? *chokes*

Retiarius says:

Because spirits don't need to breath. Remember, Leaf's body is still in the bar. Presumably the speech is just telepathy imagined as speech.

Shweta says:

Meany indeed.
Love this strip!

Nebra Reppalk says:

I wouldn't worry too much about the universe collapsing. Over the past few months my universe has imploded no less than three different times, and chances are it will implode again. however I happily go about the task of re-ordering it as data comes in. (However the fact that females watch anime I still consider to be in doubt.)


Pick one of the following:
1) Where am I?
2) How did I get here?
3) How do I get out of here?
Only one answer per costumer. Choose wisely.

Silverwolf says:

Oh come on, the universe in which we live is a zero-temporal environment! Time is just an accident of our nervous systems. We transit a multiversal subset of causality within a superset of planar existance which we call a "universe."

I've met quite a few responsible pixies. They make excellent scouts.

MoonMinx says:

He looks so much younger in this one, was that on purpose, or just coincidence?

hailstorm says:


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