Chasing the Sunset
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Zeanana says:

Yey :D
Alien, Mith, great comic! Have a great trip through Africa :D can't wait for the pictures. It sounds like a totally amazing Vacation!
Enjoy :)

ivellios says:

that analogy by feiht is fundamentally flawed they are spirits they cannot wear shinning armor, if they possess a knight they can be spirits possessing knits in shinning armor but thats about it

kickme says:

I like shiny armor!

remmon says:

So very typical of Feiht, knights in shining armour and the only thing she can say is that she likes shiny armour...

Odo says:

I really like Leaf's expression in the last panel.

Good to see that the Furies are tinting the Void again.

I wonder: Is it some attribute of the Void that makes the Furies speak so directly and openly? Rage is usually hidden from itself.

Great work as usual.


Ye gods, I swear if someone invented a shiny rat trap, the fairy population would be exterminated in a week. "Weee! Shiny! Mine!" *SNAP*

[Man at chalkboard draws an "X" through one drawing in a block of stylized drawings of fairies]

*Skittles* says:

How did the pixies get smart all of a sudden? Is it because there is nothing to distract them?

bookbook says:

Okay, so here's what the pixies can do: they get rid of the unhappiful pinkish glow around the furies, 'cause it's unshiny, and then they put the essence of the furies in suits of shiny silver armor... and then, having seen the shiny armor and forgotten why they gave it to the furies (which they did two seconds earlier) they steal it and go around trying to kill dragons, until they forget they have it on (which should take about three seconds) and try to fly with it and fall and hit their head on the floor, in which case they will take it off and go cause trouble, 'cause everyone knows how to spell trouble... it's P-I-X-I-E!!!!!
Leaf REALLY looks like a girl in panel 3.

Draconus says:

For some absurd reason, that makes a lot of sense.

Draconus says:

thewatermelon is temporarily indisposed.


Tensko1234 says:

Once you get to know the wraths there not so bad...almost human.

Osk says:

fury feith in shiny armor. armageddon is near

Nebra Reppalk says:

I see, the furies only want to hurt the people who deserve it. So, their alignment would probably be chaotic-good, and since elves share the same alignment they COULD agree on who deserves what.

Dark Dragon says:

Wow...okay, has anybody else noticed that while Leaf, Pixies, and Furies are in his head, he is wearing his tunicy dresslike thingy. However, back in "reality" where Myrhrad, Ayne, Rhyme, etc. are, he is still wearing the stuff he got from whats-his-face a few chapters back....What's going on?!?

...Is anybody interested in the adventures of Frankenfurby? (exactly like the name says....a furby built from bits of other furbies+a bunch of pure evilness.)

Osk says:

in theory he should be wearing nothing as nothing exists in the void, but im sure you're not perverted enough for that, so maybe its better to accept he has some kind of nightshirt. and the only thing i do to furbies is demolish them on sight, never read a comic about em, even not when it would be about demolishing furbies

Draconus says:

it's natural for leaf to be wearing the blue dress thing. It's what he was wearing when the furies first found him. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Did you know Furbies aren't allowed inside high-security government buildings like the Pentagon? I'm not even kidding, the government was afraid Furbies would "learn" state secrets and spill them later.

bookbook says:


Bastet says:

What's with the talk about furbies?

Sitara says:

Can't the furies just use magic to make themselves shiny armor and take over the job of gate guards from those guys who can't read travel papers anyway?

Painted Cello says:

I've just realised, these furies are androgynous rather than female. Nice to break from classical mythology a bit :)

draconus says:

What's androgynous?


Dark Dragon says:

Bastet: Explanation of Furbies: I am trying to see what the population of people who read webcomics would be interested in, as I am going to try and start my own webcomic....if I ever get around to putting it online.
Possible comic ideas are:
1) Skyskape: the comic where 4 kids get sucked into a video game with only one rule. Anything goes. makes fun of other video games. (real)
2)CactuS ComiX: 1 emo cactus, 1 ninja cactus, a bunch of regenerator (zombie) cacti, a pony, and same rules as Skyskape. Beware the happy taser. And the gnomes.
3)Frankenfurby: 1 frankenfurby, 1 useless villan called the Dumb Lord, some regenerator cacti, and some minions. All in one supervillan headquarters.

If anyone likes or dislikes my ideas plz let me know!

Nebra Reppalk says:

I liked the SkyScape idea, but I'm partial to video games. The others seemed interesting too.

Heck my quasi-webcomic, (Stick figures on looseleaf drawings uploaded onto the horror known as Facebook), is only about my perceptions of the world, highly skewed of course. And I'm continuing to take bigger and bigger steps away from reality.

Draconuss says:

noone answered my qvestions.

Ebeth says:

hey, spiffy plotishness! sorry i kind of haven't been on here for a while (hehwhoops) but the past five or six comics were all amazing as usual :D And again, as usual...

Ebeth says:

Aww, my spiffy heart didn't show up. well, yay for feiht anyway!

Lone Star says:

Woot! School's out 2day!!

Lone Star says:

Oh, and cellenjo - WHAT THE HECK DID U SAY!!!

Reinder says:

Cellenjo is a spammer from the Ukraine. Because his posts are in Cyrillic and show up as gibberish, they're hard to filter, but I'll be adding the URL he keeps posting to the blacklist now.

MoonMinx says:

uhh, one of them has pupils now? cool

MoonMinx says:

remmon, are you english? just out of curiousity?

Lone Star says:

Oh. Thx, Reinder

bookbook says:

Dark Dragon: I like the SkyScape idea too, except you don't have to make fun of other video games. It can just be its own thing. I think it would be really good just as that adventure. I would read it.

Nebra Reppalk says:

bookbook: I'm not even kidding about the Furbies. I swear to the Earth-Mother that it's true. Since Furbies "learn" words by listenening to humans speak and then repeating the words, the Pentagon was afraid the Furbies would hear officials discussing state secrets and would repeat them outside the Pentagon. The makers of Furby however, said that they only "learn" a pre-programmed dictionary, so it was impossible for the Furbies to become a security leak. Nonetheless, Furbies are still banned from high security areas.


Draconus: Androgynous means having both male and female characteristics or of ambiguous gender.
Lone Star: You're welcome. CTS gets a lot of spam posted to it, unfortunately. I try to weed it out on sight, but there's only one of me (whereas normally, Alien and Mith both keep an eye on spam) so sometimes it takes a while.
This is Reinder speaking, by the way. The form field where I can put my name didn't show up again.

Aileen-Heather says:

LOL I dont know about you guys but panel 3 is priceless with feiht using leaf's ear as a swing.

TheStratovarian says:

If ignorance is bliss, then, in the event of pixie death (however unlikely that is to occur) would then the pixie be sent to heaven? (love the shoulder pixie idea.)

Nebra Reppalk says:

I don't think pixies can die...

hkmaly says:

TheStratovarian: Only humans can go to heaven ... or hell. Thats the gift Il˙vatar gave to them - they are not enclosed in world they born in. Of course, this is not Eń, so rules may be different ... most likely there is no heaven or hell in The World That Is.

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

Furies in shiny armor. Just..... OK, this sentence has no end.

hailstorm says:


Lokitf says:

Feiht is sort of the comic relief that diffuses an otherwise dramatic scene here. I like.

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